This week in the field: 21-04-15 Practitioners, researchers, literacy

This week in the field: 21-04-15
Practitioners, researchers, literacy outreach coordinators and others involved in literacy and learning in BC
are invited to submit proposals for presentations, workshops, and panel discussions for the provincial literacy
conference, Making Sense of the Modern World, to be held in November in Richmond. Learn more.
April is Mathematics Awareness Month.
Upcoming Events
April is National Poetry Month.
The Collective Impact Summit will be held in Vancouver from September 28th –
October 2nd. Learn more.
Decoda is offering a Getting Started on Twitter webinar on May 29th. Learn more.
“iPads, E-Readers, and Early Literacy: Emerging Research From AERA.” Read more.
In the News
“Buzz grows for Spelling Bee.” Read more.
“Winter is coming, and the donor-centric fundraising model must evolve.” Read more.
“Literacy and Essential Skills spending.” Read more.
“Science literacy isn’t a silver bullet.” Read more.
“Our top 50 education apps,” from the Irish Times. Read more.
“32 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad.” Read more.
“Could free online courses improve financial literacy?” Read more.
Friday Fun: Punctuation. Learn more.
VIDEO: Making a Big Impact in a Small Community. Learn more.
Learn Some New Google Search Tricks. Learn more.
Four short videos on self-regulation. Learn more.
Unesco’s Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges report provides a
complete assessment of progress for reaching the Dakar Framework’s goals.
Join the
Mapping Out Digital Inequalities: Navigating the Spaces of Home, School &
Community will gather researchers, teachers, non-profit agencies and community
members on May 15th at UBC to discuss how the digital inequalities of access and use
in the Lower Mainland impinge on people’s daily lives. Learn more.
That’s it for this week. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, questions and ideas! | @decodaliteracy |
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