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Limbs for Life to host Welcome Picnic
for UCO Endeavor Games
We are a proud member of Community Health Charities.
The UCO Endeavor Games are a unique multi-sport competition for disabled
athletes held annually at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. LFL is
proud to support the games again this year and will host the Welcome Picnic on
June 11 at UCO. Plans are underway and volunteers are needed to help. To
learn more about the Endeavor Games or register to participate, visit their
website at
To volunteer or help Limbs for Life at the event
email Shelley at [email protected]
Uniting Donors in the Workplace with our Nation’s Trusted
Health Charities
CFC Code # 49794
Adrianne Haslet-Davis (L) Stacy Friedman
Donor Spotlight
We would like to acknowledge and thank these
foundations for their recent gifts to support
prosthetics care for those we serve:
 Fired Up Foundation
 Merrick Foundation
 Oklahoma City Community Foundation iFund
Access to Health Care grant
 Wegener Foundation
To donate, visit our website at or mail your
check payable to Limbs for Life in an
envelope. Please include your name
and address for receipt. Thank you
for your support!
9604 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
We’re not asking for much…Just an arm and a leg
Limbs for Life News
Boston Marathon Runner Supports
Limbs for Life for 2nd Year
Stacy Friedman will run her third Boston Marathon on April 20, 2015.
This will mark her second run to benefit Limbs for Life as Stacy ran
last year in honor of Adrianne Haslet-Davis. The Friedman Family
has been involved with the Boston Marathon for many years and her
brother, Dan, ran to support a friend and LFL in 2008. Following the
bombing at the 2013 marathon, Stacy vowed to support those impacted
and her city by running her second Boston Marathon. Her friendship
with Adrianne prompted her decision and training began.
Adrianne Haslet-Davis is the professional dancer who lost her
right leg below the knee in the bombing. She and her husband, Adam,
were enjoying the marathon from a sidewalk café and were both
injured in the blast. We are happy to report Adrianne and Adam are
doing exceptionally well. Her journey has been chronicled on
Anderson Cooper 360 and many other network and local media
outlets. Adrianne partnered with Limbs for Life last December to
launch our first #GivingTuesday campaign. To date these two vibrant
young women have generated over $50,000 through their efforts for
Limbs for Life.
The 2015 Boston Marathon will celebrate the recovery of the
Boston community and many of those injured in 2013. We are
honored that Stacy Friedman will again lend her talent and tenacity to
help others waiting for a limb through Limbs for Life.
Fan Us / Follow Us: and
Support Stacy and Adrianne
and other amputees with
your donation. Visit our
website: and
note “Boston Marathon” in
the comments section to help
their cause.
Stacy Friedman runs the 2014 Boston Marathon for LFL
April is National Limb Loss Awareness
Month. There are approximately 2 million
Americans currently living with limb loss and
over 500 people in the U.S. lose a limb each
day. Limbs for Life has been providing fully
functioning prosthetic care for amputees in
need for 20 years.
Amputations result from congenital limb
difference or loss, diabetes, peripheral vascular
disease, other diseases including cancer, and from
traumatic accidents and warfare. With diabetes
and vascular disease being the leading causes of
limb loss, studies show 60% of limb loss is
preventable. The number of amputations per day
will double by 2050 unless a major public
awareness campaign is launched and key
prevention initiatives are put in place to reverse
this pattern.
Prosthetic devices help restore a person’s
basic motor skills, mobility, and independence,
but many amputees lack the financial resources to
obtain adequate prosthetic care. Limbs for Life
provides prosthetic limbs and replacement
componentry, in partnership with local prosthetic
clinics, to hundreds of amputees each year giving
them the opportunity for a productive and
independent lifestyle.
Additionally, Limbs for Life accepts
prosthetics that can no longer be used by the
original client. Technicians and volunteers help
recycle componentry to provide new limbs for
other amputees. Accessories are also accepted.
Items that cannot be reused in the United States
are shared in other countries through various
A Note from Director, Lucy Fraser:
Run Across
Caitlin Adams, a student at Towson
University and cross country runner
from Preston, Maryland will run
across Maryland beginning May 23
to benefit Limbs for Life. Caitlin
started early and with support from
donors and friends, she has already
raised over $8,000 to fund
prosthetics for three amputees on
the waiting list.
"I want to make a
difference and make
other people’s lives
better. The thought of
someone who hasn't
been able to be active
for quite some time
finally getting that call
that they can get a
prosthetic really warms
my heart because I
know how important
exercise is to me," said
"I love Limbs for Life because I
love how it does not have any
limitations on who it helpsveterans, people who were born
without limbs, people who got in
accidents, there aren't any
The run distance is just over 305
miles and will take about four
weeks. Caitlin’s father plans to
travel with her to provide support
and supplies. Your gift will help
the next amputee on our list and
encourage other young athletes
like Caitlin Adams.
You can support Caitlin’s “Run
across Maryland”.
Visit our website at
Note “Run across Maryland” in
the Comments section.
Or visit:
And the importance of
Students from Cimarron Middle School in Edmond, OK recently learned
about Limbs for Life Foundation through a research project.
The students selected a charity of
interest to them and studied the
programs and services of that
organization. We received
wonderful letters of support that
showed how the students were
impacted by the project.
“You improve amputee’s lives.
At Limbs for Life, you give
people hope that they can
achieve things.”
“I learned much about this
charity. Thank you and keep it
“Your charity has impacted my
life and how I think of amputees.
The stories of Josh and Robert
made me take a new perspective.
Thank you for giving me a new
and better way to look at these
“The most touching piece of
information I found was that you
help people who can’t afford a
prosthetic and you give them
one. This is amazing to me!”
“I read stories about your
patients and it touched my heart.
I hope someday I can maybe
help out. You have one of the
most important charities in the
Componentry was recently shared
with San Felipe Hospital in
Honduras. “A huge thanks to the
wonderful people at LFL. Wow!”
read the note we received from
Richard Seivert, Director of the
Mission Honduras LeMars. Six of
the nine patients were there to
begin the process for fitting the
new limbs. “Even though the
pictures are a little dark, I think you
can see the joy in the faces of those
recipients,” said the Director. “In a
country where earning $350 a
month is a good average pay,
buying a new prosthesis for over
$12,000 is impossible! You gave
nine patients a second chance at
working, walking and living. This
is a happy day for sure!”
Planned Giving---It’s
easier than you think!
Have you considered Planned Giving but don’t
know where to start? Planned Giving is the
decision and directive to make a charitable gift
through your will or trust. It’s an easy decision
when you can support organizations that are
important to you. A few simple lines can add a
bequest to your will or trust and benefit Limbs for
Life. Simply add language that notes the amount
or percentage you wish to donate and list Limbs
for Life Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK as the
beneficiary. The attorney or professional who
helps prepare your will or trust can assist you. Just
ask, and your gift will support the Limbs for Life
mission to provide prosthetics to amputees without
other resources to obtain a limb. Another simple
option allows the contribution of stock now or at a
future time. Won’t you consider a charitable
bequest or stock gift to Limbs for Life?
For more information, contact Shelley Dutton at
Spring has finally arrived! During April, Limb Loss Awareness
month, we are launching a new collaboration with the DAV
(Disabled American Veterans) of Oklahoma to collect prosthetics
across our state.
As you may know, LFL recycles gentlyused prosthetics for use by our U.S. clinic
partners as well as for mission work both
within and outside the states.
“Veterans understand the life altering
impact prosthetics can have on
someone’s quality of life,” says DAV
Oklahoma State Commander Craig
Vance. “Through the DAV Veterans
Transportation Program, DAV volunteers
are bringing veterans from across the
state to their medical appointments at the
Oklahoma City VA Medical Center every
week. It makes sense for us to help LFL
by collecting and delivering used limbs
for them. We see this as another service
to our veterans, our communities and to
the foundation.”
Deliver your used prosthetics and
new soft goods to your local
Oklahoma DAV office, complete a
Limbs for Life donor form, and you
will receive a tax acknowledgement
letter from LFL by mail. Find your
local DAV office at For more
information about donating used
prosthetics, call us at 888-235-5462.
Would you like to host a “Limb
Drive” in your state? Email me at
[email protected] and let’s
start that conversation.
Numbers you should know:
Our current waiting list for a prosthetic limb numbers over 200 individuals.
Support for Limbs for Life has a direct impact on these individuals and their families.
Donations from businesses, individuals, and other organizations are the lifeline of
Limbs for Life and allow clients to move from disability to ability with a new limb.
Numbers served:
Calls referred to another agency – (provided referral
Clients paid and/
or Applications processed
Estimated International clients assisted
Total served
Cost of a new prosthetic to general public:
$10,000 and can be up to $80,000
Limbs for Life pays:
$2,500 for below knee limb/$3,500 for above knee.
Connect w/ Your LFL Team!
Lucy Fraser / Executive Director / [email protected]
Shelley Dutton / Development Director [email protected]
Rose Young / Client Services / [email protected]
Gayla Junk / Finance Office / [email protected]
Kyla Proe / AmeriCorps Member / [email protected]
Just one of 9 recipients and his very happy
family from Mission Honduras LeMars
The Board of Directors
Erik Salazar | David Johnson | John Allgood |Denielle Taylor | Doug Brooks | Holly Brooks | Steve Horton |Amy Gallegos
Daryl Osmus | Kristen Colby | Jerry Isbell
To receive the LFL Newsletter via email, send a
request to Shelley Dutton
Save the Dates!
5K Blaze is August 8th!
The 13th Annual Blaze 5k for Limbs for Life
will be held Saturday, August 8th on the
Oklahoma River Trails beginning at the
Chesapeake Boathouse. The event will be part
of the “Run This Town” series for the second
year. The series includes three 5k events on
consecutive Saturday evenings in August.
Registration is $35 per race of $90 for all three.
The Blaze is the second in the series. Watch for
more details and registration links coming soon
on our website.
Annual Golf Tournament
is October 19th
Gaillardia Country Club will again host the Scott
Sabolich Prosthetics Golf Tournament for Limbs
for Life. Last year’s event sold out the field and
raised over $85,000 for the charity. The 2015
event will be on Monday, October 19th with a
shotgun start at 11:00 a.m. Save the date and
plan now to join us. For more information,
contact Shelley Dutton at 405-286-5027 or
[email protected]
Perk Place supports
Limb Loss Awareness
Perk Place Café located at 1649 W. 33rd Street in
Edmond, OK will support Limbs for Life during
Limbs Loss Awareness Month. Stop by for
morning coffee, breakfast, or a fantastic lunch
throughout the month of April. Donations and a
portion of proceeds benefit LFL.