Insulate Your Windows this Winter

March 24, 2010
Insulate Your Windows this Winter
There is a lot written about insulating walls, ceiling and floors to ensure that your
winter heating is more effective, however studies show that glazing is often the
weakest link when it comes to winter heat loss. Formal studies show that
between 21-30% of the heat lost is through windows. Why? Because heat
moves towards cold, so in winter the heat inside your home will try to go
through a window to the colder outside. As the heat reaches the window it cools,
falls to the floor and then creates a cold draught as this air circulates back into
the room.
Creating a warm, dry, draught free home is extremely important to the health of
you and your family. A recent University of Otago study showed a significant
improvement in the self reported respiratory health of families whose homes
were well insulated and draught free.
To reduce winter heat loss through windows it is necessary to trap a layer of
insulating still air between the window and the room. This can only be achieved
with a tight fitting window covering and if you make the correct choice then
savings of up to 40% can be achieved.
Two products that have been shown to greatly increase the thermal efficiency of
windows are Shutters and Thermacell Blinds. All insulation is measured in “R”
value which is a measure of the materials resistance to heat flow. The higher the
“R” value the better the insulation it will provide for you and your family. (Please
note all R values used are American values). A typical window has an R value
ranging from 0.9 to3.0.
When a Thermacell blind is fitted inside a window jamb it fits tight to the top of
the jamb, falls flat onto the sill and has a minimal gap of 3-5mm at the sides.
This is the tightest fitting blind or curtain you will find and so it will form an
efficient layer of still air. As well as the air between the window and blind the
cellular structure of the blind then creates another insulating layer.
Our Thermacell Blinds have R values ranging from 3.78 to 4.19, the highest
being the 12mm Double Cell. Two fabric types, 3 cell sizes, 3 cord pull options
and over 35 modern colours are available to ensure they will suit any decor. You
can choose from the Spun Lace fabrics which will illuminate your home with a
lovely soft light, while providing complete privacy or our Blockout range which
will instantly plunge any room into darkness.
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Our blinds all meet the worldwide Child safety standard with break apart safety
tassels to prevent child strangulation, or if you prefer not to see cords then two
of the cell sizes have cordless operation.
Shutters are another product that gives great thermal insulation. Our Woodlore
range of shutters has an R value of 4.11 and reduces heat loss through the
window by 30% when installed in a tight fitting frame. When the blades are
closed the shutter is the equivalent of boarding up the window however you now
have all the features of one of the most flexible window treatments available,
fantastic lightblock and thermal insulation when the blades are closed plus
privacy, lightfiltering and UV protection when you rotate the blades to the
desired position.
Not all shutters are however equal. Santa Fe’s shutters have unique framing
systems that means we can effectively block heat loss from escaping between
the shutter and jamb in out of square windows. One of the hardest windows to
efficiently insulate with a window treatment is the double hung sash windows in
old villas, however our unique Facemount Hangstrip frame is the ideal solution to
prevent any heat escaping from these notoriously draughty windows.
Insulate your windows now so that you create a warm, healthy and draught free
home for your family this winter and remember when the hot summer rays start
to beat back though in 6 months time then you also have two of the most
effective window treatments to keep the heat out and your home cool for
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