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Singapore, November 2007 – Plagued by stubborn dandruff, accompanied by an
itching scalp? Not anymore with PHYTO’s new PHYTHÉOL Anti-Dandruff Range! Using
an arsenal of botanical active ingredients, PHYTHÉOL Range has an unprecedented
100% success in eliminating dandruff in just 4 weeks! Unlike conventional antidandruff shampoos, PHYTHÉOL provides much welcomed relief from irritation
caused by dandruff and it is little wonder the range has become a savior for dandruff
Dandruff is one of the most prevalent scalp problems that affects as high as 70% of
the population. The causes of dandruff can mainly be attributed to a microscopic
yeast-like fungus called Malassezia which is present in even the healthiest scalp.
In a normal skin renewal cycle, skin cells die and are replaced by new cells. This
process usually takes 28 days for new cells to move from the lowest layer of your
skin, where they form, to the outermost layer, where they die and scale off as flakes.
Because cells renew themselves slowly, and the cells are microscopic in nature, the
resultant flakes are not visible to the naked eye.
But on scalps where Malassezia thrives, the cell renewal cycle accelerates to as little
as 7 to 11 days. The fungus feeds on the sebum produced by the hair follicles, which
causes further irritation that leads to increased cell turnover. The result is a large
number of dead skin cells at the surface of the scalp. As the cells fall off, they tend to
clump together with sebum from your hair and scalp, making them appear white,
flaky and all too visible.
This undesirable proliferation of yeasts is often further aggravated by hormonal
imbalance, menstrual cycle, heredity, lack of rest, indigestion, excessive use of styling
products and stress.
Furthermore, harsh chemical treatments such as coloring, perming and rebonding
have an extremely detrimental effect on the scalp which may also cause dandruff and
scalp irritation.
In spite of their benign nature, dandruff condition is unsightly and can be socially
embarrassing and is often accompanied by discomfort and itching due to a highly
irritated scalp.
Improvement in “dandruff and
flaking score”
• In 1 week for 74% of subjects
• In 4 weeks for 100% of subjucts
PHYTHÉOL Force 1 Intensive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (100ml) SGD$40
A highly effective anti-dandruff shampoo formulated with Zanthoxylum extracts,
an East Asian shrub traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve itching and
irritation. It also contains Fenugreek, Shiitake and Weeping Willow extracts to soothe
and purify irritated scalp caused by dandruff. It uses a powerful formula of antidandruff agents comprising of Salicylic acid, Ichthyol and Piroctone Olamine that
eliminates the fungus Malassezia while rapidly and effectively exfoliate the scalp to
remove dandruff. PHYTHÉOL Force 1 shampoo is clinically proven to eliminate 100%
of dandruff within 4 weeks of treatment and 84% effectiveness in reducing itching.
PHYTHÉOL Force 1 is effective against any dandruff problem.
(Before) : The scalp image shows that the subject
experienced severed dandruff problem.
(After) : The scalp image shows 100% elimination of
dandruff after using PHYTHÉOL Force 1 for
only 3 weeks
PHYTHÉOL Force 2 Anti-Dandruff Maintenance Shampoo (200ml) SGD$40
PHYTHÉOL Force 2 contains the same goodness of PHYTHÉOL Force 1 shampoo with
an addition of a gentle cleansing base made from Castor and Coconut Oils to maintain
the scalp’s natural balance. Its moisturizing properties give softness and shine to
beautify hair while caring for the scalp. PHYTHÉOL Force 2 gentler formula helps to
prolong the effectiveness of PHYTHÉOL Force 1. PHYTHÉOL Force 2 Maintenance
Shampoo can be used throughout the year for a healthier scalp, or may be alternated
with PHYTHÉOL Force 1 Intense Treatment Shampoo if persistent dandruff reoccurs.
PHYTHÉOL Deep Cleansing & Soothing Lotion (100ml) SGD$40
This non-rinse cleansing lotion combines the anti-dandruff active ingredients
Pirotone Olamine and Fenugreek, a plant widely recognized for its regenerating and
stimulating properties, with Vitamins PP and B6 to deeply cleanse, balance and soothe
the scalp. Nasturtium extracts has a tonic effect on the scalp and effectively fight
against yeast and bacteria infestation. PHYTHÉOL Lotion’s invigorating action leaves
hair feeling pleasantly fresh, soft and supple all day long.
PHYTHÉOL Lotion is highly recommended as a no rinse scalp cleanser and anti-irritant
lotion for post partum women who are not permitted to wash their hair during their
one month confinement period.
PHYTHÉOL Force 1, PHYTHÉOL Force 2 and PHYTHÉOL Lotion retail at $40 respectively.
They are available at all Robinsons, John Little, Sa Sa, selected Watsons and Guardian
and the Beauty Shop @ 17 Eng Hoon Street #01-05.