Lip Sync Registration Form

On Friday evening, April 10th, Lifeteen SMASH will sponsor a Lip-Sync contest
beginning at 6:30 p.m. The show will be held at St. Mary’s Parish Center. Lipsyncing is acting out and performing to your favorite music (from the 50’s to the
present) with costumes and props.
All students in Grades 1-8 are invited to enter. You may perform as an
individual, a duet, or as a group. The goal of this lip-sync is to be original, as
well as entertaining, so be creative. We will limit the number of acts to 33 for the
If you are interested in entering an act, you may pick up an application form in the
Saint Mary’s Parish Center or in the LifeHouse. Fill out the application and
return it as soon as possible to Mike, (but no later than Friday, March 27th), with
a $10.00 application fee per act. All acts will be assigned a rehearsal date and
time when you hand in your signed application with the entrance fee. Since we
want to have a good variety we may need to move acts around.
Acts will be judged in three categories: Lip-Sync, Originality (including
Choreography) and Costume
Prizes will be awarded for the best performances. Since this is a family evening,
please choose appropriate music, costume and props. There is a limit of two
performances of any particular song in order to keep the show interesting. Make
sure you get your application in early so that your song can be your first
preference. Each performance is limited to a two and half minute maximum.
All parishioners, family and friends are invited to come and join the fun.
Application Form
Name of Leader
Tel. No.----------------------------------------------------
Will you perform as an Individual or Duet (1 or 2) or a Group (3 or 4)? Circle One
What is the name of your song?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who is the artist?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name(s) of performer(s)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Parent’s Signature-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Student’s Signature---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Things To Remember
1. First prize: $100.00 in gift certificates, second prize: $75.00 in gift
certificates, third prize: $50.00 in gift certificates and fourth prize:
$25.00 in gift certificates
2. Every act will be judged in 3 categories: a) lip-sync, b) originality
(including choreography and c) costume.
3. Judges will be from the entertainment community.
4. All applications are to be returned to the Parish Center, NO LATER
$10.00. No application will be accepted without fee.
5. The show is scheduled for Friday evening, April 10th, beginning at
6:30pm in St. Mary’s Parish Center. Refreshments will be sold.
6. All music must be available on a CD at rehearsal. We will keep the
CD until the show so be sure to have a copy for yourself.
7. There will be a rehearsal for all acts on Wednesday and Thursday,
April 8th and 9th in the Life House, beginning at 3:30pm (you will
receive rehearsal time after applications are in). Order of appearance
at Lip Sync will be determined at rehearsal.
8. You should spend as much time as possible practicing between now
and April 10th.
9. Please keep the THINGS TO REMEMBER portion and return the
application section of this form with your fee and signature. Thanks!!
10. Since this is a family evening please choose appropriate music,
costume, and props.