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Making a World: African American Art and Art-Making from 1945 to 1985
Summer Seminar for High School Teachers
July 21 – 24, 2015
Washington University
Application Form
The Washington University African and African American Studies Program and the University
Libraries invite St. Louis-area high school educators to study the history of African American
Arts. Led by university faculty, this 4-day seminar will provide an in- depth exploration of
Washington University's renowned special collections with emphasis on Henry Hampton's
documentary series I'll Make Me a World: A Century of African-American Art. Examining the
period between 1945 and 1985, curriculum topics will include the Black Arts Movement,
feminist influence on African American literature, Black Theater, and a variety of musical
generes, including jazz. Teachers will have the opprotunity to engage with primary source
materials and development lesson plans that highlight the struggles and creativity of African
American artistic experession.
To apply, please submit the following to Nadia Ghasedi, Head of the Visual Media Research Lab,
by July 1, 2015:
• A completed application, including a statement describing your interest in the seminar and
how your participation will impact your students
• A résumé, including two references
If accepted, participants will receive a $300 stipend. Please direct questions to [email protected]
Home Address
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Subject(s) taught
Grade(s) taught
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Years of experience
Using the space provided, please describe your interest in the attending the seminar and how your
participation will impact your students.