Communications Coordinator, Library (University Relations)

Communications Coordinator
Queen’s University Library
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 2, 2015
The Communications Coordinator is a Queen’s University Relations position, reporting
to the Vice-Provost and University Librarian. The Communications Coordinator is
primarily responsible for the development and implementation of strategic and targeted
communication initiatives for the Library, and brand management activities designed to
highlight Queen’s and profile the Library to both external and internal audiences.
 Identify, develop and implement strategies and plans for integrated and consistent
external and internal communications to promote and communicate the success
stories, services and resources of the Library. This includes assessing, developing
and executing new communications opportunities to support new initiatives, such
as the Library and Archives Master Plan, and to advance the reputation of the
Library. This will involve collaboration with individuals and groups within the
Library, University Communications, Marketing, and other partners and
 Write and edit content for various media, and arrange for production of collateral
as appropriate, including: website content, news stories, social media initiatives,
videos, brochures, annual reports, information kits, letter’s and
fundraising/advancement materials.
 Liaise with all departments in Advancement and support the Vice-Provost and
University Librarian in working with Development staff assigned to the Library and
others involved in Advancement initiatives.
 Coordinate event planning for both internal and external initiatives undertaken by
the Library, drawing upon other staff as appropriate.
 Collect, analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data for various reports
as required by the Vice-Provost and University Librarian and provide support for the
development of various proposals. Continually monitor and document progress
towards the Library’s goals and objectives in order to report on achievements.
 Ensure timely preparation and publication/distribution of announcements and
success stories. Write drafts or summaries for news items for dissemination
through the Queen’s News Centre, myQueen’s, Queen’s Gazette and the Alumni
Review, and for News and Media Services. Collect and maintain a database of
success stories highlighting the Library’s strengths, including users’ experiences and
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Form Effective as of October 2014
staff expertise. Coordinate and oversee the development and design of success
stories for submission to news channels distributed by such bodies as the Council of
Ontario Universities (COU), the Association of University Councils in Canada (AUCC)
and key library associations.
Prepare speeches, reports, briefing notes and presentations for the Vice-Provost
and University Librarian and for others in support of Library initiatives.
Identify library experts for proactive and responsive media relations in collaboration
with News and Media Services to maximize exposure for the Library and University
in the national, international, regional and local media.
Represent the Library on committees and special projects in support of University
Undertake and implement special projects and other duties as assigned.
 Minimum undergraduate university degree.
 Superior demonstrated writing and editing skills.
 Superior demonstrated skills in developing productive working relationships.
 2-3 years relevant work experience.
 Experience as a user of the services of a university library.
 Experience with communications via social media and the web.
 Experience in a university setting considered a strong asset.
 Consideration will be given to an equivalent combination of education and relevant
 Project Management Skills: Ability to identify opportunities to align and coordinate initiatives with similar objectives. Manage and execute projects, monitor
and update project tasks/timelines and budgets.
 Communication and Strategic Marketing Skills: Superior written and oral
communication skills. Capable of writing for various audiences (i.e. internal and
external) on various platforms. Understanding of how web users read online and
social media terminology.
 Interpersonal Skills: Ability to work with many different individuals across the
university and to build/nurture strong relationships (senior administrators, faculty,
students, media and government offices). Must be an excellent team player and
have the ability to work simultaneously with many individuals and departments to
accomplish tasks.
 Time Management Skills: Ability to effectively manage and prioritize multiple tasks,
ability to stay focused on high impact initiatives. Results oriented: must be able to
work independently and with minimal supervision.
 Technical Skills: Excellent computer skills and ability to readily learn new
applications. Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint.
Experience working with content management systems for web publishing.
 Research Skills: Research and analytical skills in order to collect, process, and
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Form Effective as of October 2014
summarize data.
Social Media: Following the Queen’s Social Media Guidelines, the ability to
recommend strategies for strategic brand management and engagement initiatives
in response to cultural and social trends, especially as they relate to social media.
Comfortable creating and distributing content specific to the various social media
Creativity: Ability to effectively develop and recommend creative and innovative
strategies to promote the success stories and activities of the Library.
 Determine which stakeholders need to be consulted in arriving at decisions
regarding communications. Given the high interdependency of this role in working
with individuals and groups within the Library, and with University
Communications, it is important that necessary constituents are consulted in
arriving at decisions.
 Determine most efficient process in developing identified communication
 Determine appropriate sources for researching and collecting background
information that will be used as a basis for writing marketing and communications
 Determine timelines and logistics for planning successful events.
 Determine when to take issues and decisions to the Vice-Provost and University
Librarian or University Communications and when to act independently.
How to apply: see Queen’s Human Resources web site.
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Form Effective as of October 2014
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2. Does this position support a research project?
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For the positions that are direct reports, answer the following questions:
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3. You are responsible for handling disciplinary matters including issuing written warnings
4. You are responsible for conducting performance appraisals
Department Head/Director or Designate
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