Naenae Book Club Food Glorious Food March

Naenae Book Club
Food Glorious Food
March 2015
Rosewater and soda bread / Marsha Mehran
A year ago, the beautiful Aminpour sisters, Marjan, Bahar and Layla, sought refuge in
Ballinacroagh, winning over the townsfolk with their café serving delectable Persian
cuisine. A mysterious young girl has literally washed onto Ballinacroagh's shores, and
though she won't talk, it soon becomes apparent that she has a dark secret that
alienates much of the strict Catholic town.
The sweetness of forgetting / Kristin Harmel
The North Star Bakery has been in Hope's family for generations, the secret recipes
passed down from mother to daughter. But at thirty-six and recently divorced, with
rebellious daughter Annie and elderly grandmother Rose to care for, Hope is less than
enthusiastic about carrying on the family legacy. When the bakery runs into financial
trouble and Rose takes a turn for the worse, Hope's delicate balancing act is in danger
of crumbling entirely.
Season to taste : how I lost my sense of smell and found my way / Molly
From a young chef who suddenly lost her sense of smell comes this personal
exploration of this most nebulous of senses and the role it plays in how we eat, how we
perceive the world, how we remember the past, and how we attract each other.
The chef / Martin Suter
As the financial crisis tightens its grip on Europe, the gilded world of Zurich's leading
restaurant, Chez Huwyler, seems immune to plunging stock markets and collapsing
banks. But behind the scenes, even the rarefied world of haute cuisine is feeling the bite
and so Maravan, a Tamil dishwasher and undiscovered culinary genius, and Andrea, a
stunningly beautiful waitress, find themselves out of a job and needing to find another
way to survive. After Maravan seduces Andrea by cooking her a dinner that fuses the
aphrodisiac recipes of his ancestors with the necromancy of molecular gastronomy,
Andrea hits upon a business idea: romantic catering for couples.
The secret book of Frida Kahlo / Francisco Haghenbeck
Haghenbeck imagines that, after Frida nearly died when a streetcar's iron handrail
pierced her abdomen during a traffic accident, she received one of the notebooks as a
gift from her lover Tina Modotti. Frida called the notebook "The Hierba Santa Book" (the
sacred herbs book) and filled it with memories, ideas and recipes. Haghenbeck takes
readers on a magical ride through Frida's passionate life: her long and tumultuous
relationship with Diego Rivera, the development of her art, her complex personality, her
hunger for experience, and her ardent feminism.
Naenae Book Club
Food Glorious Food
March 2015
The colour of food : a memoir of life, love & dinner / Anne Else
When Anne Else got married at 19, she had never cooked a meal. Despite a shaky
start, she went on to become an enthusiastic cook - with a little help from Nancy Spain,
Katharine Whitehorn, Elizabeth David, and the Duchess of Windsor. In this captivating
take-you-there memoir, Else tells of her life- marrying young, becoming a mother,
becoming a feminist, divorcing, remarrying, finding her birth mother, and forging (in her
60s) a lively community of new friends through her food blog. Delicious recipes from
every era of her cooking career are included.
The kitchen daughter : a novel / Jael McHenry
After the unexpected death of her parents, painfully shy and sheltered 26-year-old
Ginny Selvaggio seeks comfort in cooking from family recipes. But the rich, peppery
scent of her Nonna's soup draws an unexpected visitor into the kitchen: the ghost of
Nonna herself, dead for twenty years, who appears with a cryptic warning ("do no let
her...") before vanishing like steam from a cooling dish. A haunted kitchen isn't Ginny's
only challenge. Her domineering sister, Amanda, (aka "Demanda") insists on selling
their parents' house, the only home Ginny has ever known.
The hundred-foot journey / Richard C. Morais
Lively and brimming with the colors, flavors, and scents of the kitchen, it is a succulent
treat about family, nationality, and the mysteries of good taste. Born above his
grandfather's modest restaurant in Mumbai, Hassan first experienced life through
intoxicating whiffs of spicy fish curry, trips to the local markets, and gourmet outings with
his mother. But when tragedy pushes the family out of India, they console themselves
by eating their way around the world, eventually settling in Lumière, a small village in
the French Alps.
More books related to theme:
The food of love cookery school / Nicky Pellegrino
The recipe box / Sandra Lee
Angelina's bachelors : a novel, with food / Brian O'Reilly
Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams / Jenny Colgan
Fool for love / Beth Ciotta
The travelling tea shop / Belinda Jones
The restaurant of love regained / Ito Ogawa
Dinner at mine / Chris Smyth
Easter bunny murder : a Lucy Stone mystery / Leslie Meier
Non fiction:
Mastering the art of Soviet cooking : a memoir of love and longing / Anya von Bremzen
My two heavens : a life in French food, from Martinborough to Montjaux / Jo Crabb
A home-grown cook : the Dame Alison Holst story / with Barbara Larson
The dirty chef : from big city food critic to foodie farmer / Matthew Evans
Never order chicken on a Monday : kitchen chronicles of an undercover food critic / Matthew Evans
The new patissiers / Olivier Dupon