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Vitiligo Center
Professor Ulrich Amon, MD
Dr. (Univ. Istanbul) Raul Yaguboglu
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,
We would like to welcome you at our
International Vitiligo Center in the
DermAllegra Clinic for Dermatology,
located in the Europaen MetropolitanRegion Nuremberg!
The main goal of our vitiligo concept
is to find the underlying causes of
your pigmentation disorder for
subsequent development of an
individual treatment plan.
We deeply hope that you feel well in
our center. We thank you for your
Professor U. Amon, MD
Dr. (Univ. Istanbul) R. Yaguboglu
Patients suffering from vitiligo visit our center
from different areas of the world. We have
developed a proven treatment concept for vitiligo.
In most cases there is a very good chance for
significant improvement of this skin disease.
before ...
... and after treatment
Different types and variations of vitiligo require
individual treatment concepts!
Central aspects of our vitiligo concept are ...
... specific lab investigations for the cause of
pigment loss
... Measurement of pigment content using a
specific skin test center
... minimal erythematous dose for UV-B light
... skin examination by using Wood‘s lamp
examination by Wood‘s lamp
... black light measurement
... digital video documentation
... narrow band UV-B treatment
... Excimer 308 nm laser and
Excimer 308 nm phototherapy
...antioxydative capsules
... specific topical double-layer treatment
... ointment-occlusion
... pigment cell transplantation
before ...
... and after Excimer treatment
Quality of life in vitiligo is often reduced
significantly, and patients suffer strongly
from their disease. In close cooperation with
our patients we work out a treatment plan
depending on duration, cause and intensity of
disease. Therapeutic strategy is based on
new scientific knowledge.
antioxydative capacity containing
superoxide dismutase and
application is combined with
anti-oxydative VitiCaps as
food supplement.
Fur further information for ingredients and supply
Stimulation of pigment cells
following combined treatment of
topical double-layer treatment
Excimer 308 nm laser or Excimer 308 nm
phototherapy induce a strong stimulation of
pigment cells. Treatment intensity depends on
the type of your disease. A combination with
narrow band UV-B phototherapy exerts
syngergistic effects.
before ...
... after 10 x Excimer laser sessions
Pigment cell transplantation (PTx) is our most
innovative treatment option for patients with
stable disease. PTx is based on a method used in
burn surgery and was further developed for
patients with vitiligo by Professor Amon.
Pigment-activity of
transplanted pigment
cells normally starts
within 3 to 6 months
following UV-B and
Excimer stimulation.
PTx is performed in local
anesthesia. Pigment cells
are isolated from healthy
skin to be transplanted
(sprayed) on vitiligo spots
having been treated by
dermabrasion before.
before ...
... 6 months after PTx
Example for pigment cell transplantation
International Vitiligo Center
DermAllegra Clinic for Dermatology
Am Markgrafenpark 6
(Pegnitztal Shopping Area „PEZ“)
D-91224 Pommelsbrunn/Hohenstadt
European Metropolitan-Region Nuremberg
phone +49-9154-914056 • fax +49-9154-914058 •
[email protected]
Coming by car:
(Lauf/Hersbruck) turn right direction
„Hersbruck“ on B14. At the 1st roundabout take
the 1st exit! Passing Hersbruck on B14 take exit
„Neuhaus/Hohenstadt“. In the roundabout take
exit „PEZ/DermAllegra Klinik“. Then 1st street
left until the end of the street light yellow
building on the right hand side: medic-center.
DermAllegra Clinic 1st floor. Important: the new
street „Am Markgrafenpark“ has not yet been
included in all navigation systems. For your
orientation: our center is located roughly 40 km
northeast of Nuremberg.
Further important informations:
Since many patients travel long distances to
our center we strongly recommend to book a
hotel: (very
close) or
(nice town to visit).
If we may offer you help finding a
accomodation for you, please don‘t hesitate to
contact us (see above).