Prevention eBulletin 04.2015

April edition
This e-Bulletin includes information on CO-OPs Vulnerable Communities training evaluation
findings, Introduction to Systems Thinking, as well as upcoming events and links to
resources, publications and websites that may be of interest. We welcome your input, please
contact your PCP IHP Coordinator if you have any feedback or some information to share.
Renata Spiller, Bec Murphy, Clare Schultz and Jay McGough
We want your ideas!
Hume Region PCP Coordinators are beginning to plan for another Community of
Practice to be held later this year and are seeking your input on potential topics.
Evaluation from previous events tell us that participants find the networking and
information sharing very beneficial, as it offers the chance to learn about what is
happening in other areas across the Hume Region and beyond. So if you have an idea
on a health promotion topic you would like to know more about, please contact
your PCP IHP coordinator.
CO-OPS Engaging with Vulnerable Communities training - Evaluation Report
On Tuesday 10th February, 24 participants from across the Hume Region participated in the
CO-OPS Engaging with Vulnerable Communities training with a focus on obesity prevention.
Pre and post-evaluation was conducted and summarised in an evaluation report. Key
findings highlighted:
*25% increase in ‘completely confident’ in current ability to engage and work with
vulnerable communities
22% increase in ‘very good’ understanding/knowledge of Health behaviours and
*28% increase in ‘very good’/’excellent’ (combined) understanding/knowledge of
Principles to reach and engage vulnerable communities
*36% increase in ‘very good’/’excellent’ (combined) understanding/knowledge of
Approaches and strategies that engage vulnerable communities in obesity
prevention initiative
*t-test significant difference between pre and post responses
Broader evaluation findings from national Vulnerable Communities training conducted in
2014 have been captured by CO-OPs in this infographic: Engaging the Vulnerable.
Introduction to Systems Thinking
In March, PCP IHP coordinators participated in a half-day workshop on Systems Thinking as
part of PCP IHP Statewide Network meeting held in Melbourne. Facilitators Dr Christine
Siokou (CEIPS) and Rebecca Morgan (Inner East PCP) provided an overview to a systems
approach before participants practiced drawing their own map that identified the broader
links and causes. Click here for powerpoint slides. For more information, please contact
Clare Schultz ([email protected]) or Renata Spiller
([email protected]).
If you would like to read more on systems thinking, see this interesting article: '6 ways to
make your work more effective, from entrepreneurs who want to change the
world'. How many apply to your health promotion work?
Building a Local Food Future – Forum
Friday 1st May @ The Cube, Wodonga
A community forum to explore local action around sustainable food production and
availability and affordability of healthy food. Registration details: click here.
Nutrition Australia Webinar: Unpacking the Health Star Rating
Presented by Jane Martin, Obesity Policy Coalition
Monday 4th May, 7pm. Registration details, click here
Research Skills Workshop Program, Semester 1, 2015
Rural Health Academic Centre, University of Melbourne, Graham St, Shepparton.
Tuesday 5th May. Topic: Questionnaire and Survey Design
CO-OPS Collaboration National Workshop – FREE
19th & 20th May 2015 @ Melbourne.
Theme: Obesity prevention, complex but conquerable
Population Health Congress 'One Vision, Many Voices' - Registrations now open
6th - 9th September 2015 @ Hobart, Tasmania.
Four of Australasia’s leading health professional organisations working together to
strengthen the focus on population health in the region.
How can governments support healthy food preferences?
A useful infographic developed by the Lancet, demonstrates how government policies can
affect all parts of the food network.
Community Food Guide
The City of Melbourne has produced this guide that contains information on 122 food access
programs across their municipality and surrounding suburbs. Click here to access the
Healthy Change: Stakeholder Resource Kit
Healthy Together Victoria have recently launched a Healthy Change campaign, that aims to
mobilise leaders across our communities to create healthy change in the places where we
live, work and play. To access the kit, click here.
Open Access - Healthy Food Procurement Policies and Their impact
A systematic review found that implementation of healthy food procurement policies in
schools, worksites, hospitals, care homes, correctional facilities, government institutions,
and remote communities increase markers of healthy eating.
Food Matters Website
Food Matters is a UK not-for-profit national food policy and advocacy organisation, whose
goal is to create sustainable and fair food systems.
Characteristics of Community-based Obesity Prevention Initiatives in Australia
The CO-OPs Collaboration have released a report that details the range of obesity prevention
initiatives being implemented across Australia, highlighting promising practice and planning
Central Hume
Healthy Eating Implementation Group
Second Wednesday of the month 9.30am - 12.00pm
Contact: [email protected]
Goulburn Valley
IHP Working Group - Wednesday 20th May 10.00am - 12.00pm
IHP Network - Wednesday 10th June 10.30am - 12.30pm
Contact: [email protected]
Lower Hume
HP Collaborative Meeting - Fourth Tuesday of the month 11.30am - 1.30 pm
Contact: [email protected]
Upper Hume
Last Tuesday of the month
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