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Volume 2 • Issue 1
in the END TIMES?
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How to find peace in
From Pete Sumrall
to You
By Pete Sumrall
ny quick glance at the news
today shows a world in
turmoil: Natural disasters are
increasing… Christian persecution
is at an all-time high… the world
economy is at the breaking point…
and the nation of Israel is under
constant attack. Seeing these things,
you can’t help but wonder... Could
this really be the end?
Christ in Isaiah 53:5 about the
sufferings He would endure…
Let me first begin by saying that
however hopeless the situation looks
around the world, when Biblical
prophecy is fulfilled, it actually
reveals that God is in control. Take,
for example, the amazing prophecy
written hundreds of years before
But He was wounded for our
transgressions, He was bruised for our
iniquities; the chastisement for our
peace was upon him, and by His stripes
we are healed.
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These end-times
prophecies being fulfilled
are all part of God’s plan.
He’s in control!
Jesus was intimately acquainted
with the Old Testament, so He knew
when He read those words that they
were talking about Him. Imagine
living your entire life knowing the
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Are we living in the end times?
fate that awaited you… to die a
gruesome death on a cross.
Yet when that plan began to
unfold, it was the fulfillment
of prophecies like this one that
gave Jesus the confidence in
His Father’s plan to say in Luke
22:42, “… not My will, but Yours,
be done.”
concerned with economic
instability… and when Israel is
attacked again and again… we
can both weep and have hope
at the same time. That’s because
these end-times prophecies
being fulfilled are all part of
God’s plan. He’s in control!
God isn’t worried about the
calamities we see happening
today. He doesn’t flinch in the
Jesus wasn’t consumed with
worry about the crucifixion He
face of terror. He’s not anxious
would face. The visible evidence about the economy. And He
knows about every single attack
of fulfilled prophecy gave Him
all the confidence He needed to Israel faces and will continue to
trust in the Father’s plan. And it protect His people!
can for us as well!
Are we living in the end times?
The amazing fulfillment of
When you and I see wars and
prophecy we’re seeing tells us
rumors of wars… when we’re
we quite possibly are. Yet that
fulfillment of prophecy should
give us confidence in God’s
plan and assurance that our
involvement in His Kingdom
work is a critical as ever.
So as the clock of history ticks
closer and closer to the day
when Jesus will return, let’s
continue to strive to take the
message of salvation to the
untold billions yet untold!
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fulfillment of end-time prophecies
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Pete Sumrall shares, “The Bible comes to life for me every time I walk the
streets of Capernaum, the headquarters of Christ’s earthly ministry. I get
goose bumps when I visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest site
in all of Judaism. I’m in awe as I feel the coolness of the very tomb where
many believe Jesus Himself was buried. And when our tour members get
a chance to be baptized in the Jordan River, there’s simply nothing like it!”
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‘Panorama of Prophecy’!
ars… violence… plagues. Calamities shake our world today,
causing fear and anxiety and leaving many people wondering,
“Will there ever be an end to these troubles?”
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But the truth is, God is at work right now fulfilling Biblical prophecy.
And when you look at the hardships our world is facing through the
lens of God’s Word, you’ll find that even in the midst of so much
uncertainty, you can be certain God will come through!
In his eye-opening book, Panorama of Prophecy, Dr.
Lester Sumrall takes you deep into God’s Word and
shows you how today’s calamities point to the final
chapter of history. You’ll learn what it means that the
last century has seen an unparalleled fulfillment of
Biblical prophecy… and how the unfolding of history
we’re seeing impacts you today.
We’ll send you Panorama of Prophecy to say thank you for your
renewed financial support to help reach the untold billions yet
untold with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your
generous support as we launch into a new year of ministry
verything changed for the
Jewish people in the year
A.D. 70. Jerusalem, the religious
and political center of Jewish
life, was sacked by the Romans
and completely laid waste. Its
inhabitants, at least those who
weren’t killed, were scattered
throughout the world. Jewish
life was over as they knew it.
which says, “For I will take
you from among the nations,
gather you out of all countries,
and bring you into your own
land.” Few people ever expected
Israel to come alive again, but
prophecy was fulfilled and
proven true!
It’s because of prophetic
fulfillments like this one that we
But in 1948, everything changed trust the fullness of God’s Word.
once again. After nearly 1,900
So instead of letting the state
years dispersed throughout the of the world today make you
world, the Jewish people were
anxious, trust in the hope and
again given a land in which to
peace the Bible promises will
live, fulfilling Ezekiel 36:24,
come for those who are in Christ!
“Trust in the hope and peace the Bible promises will come for those who are in Christ!”
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From Pete Sumrall to You
Dear Friend,
It was Dr. George Sweeting who once estimated that one out of every
four verses in the Bible—that’s 25 percent—was predictive prophecy.
Throughout the Old Testament, the first or second coming of Jesus Christ
is mentioned over 1,800 times. And in the New Testament, there are 300
references to the second coming of Christ.
Not only that, but Jesus’ fulfillment of every single prophecy of His
first coming was extremely unlikely. It’s been estimated that the odds of
one person fulfilling even eight of the major prophecies about the Messiah
is about 1 in 100,000 trillion. That’s statistically impossible!
This is why prophecy is so important to our faith. The accuracy of
Biblical prophecy outweighs that of any other faith. It absolutely confirms
the Bible is true! So when we struggle and toil in this world, we take hope
in the promises that are still to be fulfilled.
Just think… God has
promised you and me a
day when all our tears
One of the prophecies that has personally given me so much comfort
in my life is Revelation 21:4, which says,
will be wiped away
“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no
more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the
former things have passed away.”
forever. And because
He’s been entirely true
But the truth is, many people are going to miss out on this unless
we reach them. That’s why your renewed support of LeSEA here at the
beginning of the new year is just so important. With your help, we’ll
extend the lifesaving hand of the Gospel to the untold billions who are
without hope every day through avenues like Spread the Word and our 24-hour Prayerline.
to His Word up to now,
you and I can have
every confidence this
will be a reality for us So thank you for your prayers and renewed support to help make this
outreach possible. I’m grateful!
if we’re in Christ!
Yours for the untold billions yet untold,
Pete Sumrall
Pete Sumrall
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