Series 8700/8800 Replacement Sliding Window...

Series 8700/8800
Sliding Window...
These windows are ideal
for many applications,
particularly when space
limitations prohibit the
use of projecting
windows. The Series
8700/8800 Replacement
Sliding Window is available in three different styles to
ensure a contemporary solution for all your decorating
Series 8700/8800
Sliding Window
Whether space is limited, or you would like to give
your home a contemporary appearance, the Series
8700/8800 Replacement Sliding Window, with its
abundance of convenience and performance
features, is the perfect selection to satisfy many of
your remodeling needs. Customize your home
with a choice of three slider styles and a multitude
of available options.
Improve Energy Efficiency: The Series 8700/8800
features standard 7/8" insulated glass for superior
comfort and energy savings. It is ENERGY STAR®
compliant in all four climate zones with optional
LoE2 Glass for maximum energy savings.
Optimize Performance: Welded vinyl frame and sash
creates a strong, durable, weather-tight window.
Double weatherstripping helps eliminate air, water
and noise infiltration. Tested and certified to
nationally recognized AAMA standards for strength
and durability the Series 8700 achieved a design
pressure rating of 40. A specially designed rolling
track allows sashes to glide with ease.
Virtually Maintenance Free: Sashes and screens
can be removed from inside the home, making
cleaning a breeze. The vinyl frame can be easily
cleaned with soap and water, keeping your windows
looking new for years to come. Unlike wood, vinyl
will never rot, peel, or warp and as a result, they
will never need painting.
Personalize Your Home: Choose from a 2 lite slider,
3 equal lite slider, or 3 lite slider with picture window
center. Many grille styles are available and are
conveniently sealed inside the glass for carefree
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Custom Sizes
Made to fit existing openings
within the ranges shown below:
8700 - Two Lite Slider
Width: 22" to 72"
Height: 14-1/4" to 59-3/4"
Maximum: 132 United Inches
8803 - Three Lite Slider
Sashes are approximately
1/3 of window width
Width: 48" to 108"
Height: 14-1/4" to 59-3/4"
Maximum: 168 United Inches
8804 - Slider, Picture Center
Flanker sashes are approximately
1/4, center sash is approximately
1/2 of window width
Width: 48" to 108"
Height: 14-1/4" to 59-3/4 "
Maximum: 168 United Inches
Glass Options
Silver Line offers several types of glass for just about
any requirement. From energy savings, to sound
control, to privacy, one of our many choices is sure
to meet your needs.
Energy Saver LoE² Glass - Reduces heating and cooling
costs while keeping your home more comfortable all
year long. Also reduces fading to window treatments,
furniture and floor coverings caused by harmful UV rays.
Other Glass Choices Include:
• Tempered Glass
• Tinted Glass
• Obscure Glass
• Laminated Glass
• Argon Filled
Grille Options
Maintenance-Free Grilles - Grilles are sealed
inside the glass unit, providing the look of
muntins without the difficulty of cleaning
them. Choose from two different grille types:
flat or contour grilles. Several grille patterns
are available, including Colonial, Prairie and
Diamond patterns.
Beige Flat
Color Options
All Silver Line vinyl windows are available in white
and beige. The color is consistent throughout the
vinyl window frame and sash, making scratches
virtually invisible.
For color matching purposes, request a color chip.
Colors reproduced here as closely as printing will allow.
White Contour
Series 8700/8800
Features & Benefits
These windows are ideal for many applications, particularly when
space limitations prohibit the use of projecting windows.
construction for
a strong, weathertight window
Multi-Chambered frame and
sash provide increased rigidity
and energy efficiency
Attractive colonial profile
Hardware features
simple, unobtrusive
designs and is color
coordinated to blend
with the window
7/8" insulated glass
with Intercept® WarmEdge Spacer. ENERGY
STAR® compliant with
optional LoE2 Glass
Sashes can be removed
from inside the home
for easy cleaning
Vinyl is virtually
maintenance free never needs painting
Brass rollers with specially
designed rolling track ensure
smooth easy operation
Dual weatherstripping
provides an energy efficent
weather-tight seal
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When Shopping For Windows, Look For . . .
...ENERGY STAR® rated windows.
Windows that are ENERGY STAR®
rated are deemed to be energy
efficient by the US Department
of Energy.
Series 8700/8800
Vinyl Sliding Window
7/8" LoE2 Insulated Glass
U-Factor (U.S./I-P)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Visible Transmittance
Air Leakage (U.S./I-P)
Manufacturer stipulates that these ratings conform to applicable NFRC procedures for
determining whole product performance. NFRC ratings are determined for a fixed set of
environmental conditions and a specific product size. Consult manufacturer's literature for
other product performance information.
The Series 8700/8800
Sliding Window with optional
LoE2 Glass with Argon Gas is
ENERGY STAR® compliant in
all four climate zones.
The NFRC label provides the U-factor
and solar heat gain coefficient
ratings of a window. The lower the
U-factor, the more you'll save on
heating bills. A low SHGC rating
will help save on cooling costs.
The Series 8700/8800
Sliding Window has
been tested and certified
to NFRC standards for
energy efficiency.
AAMA is a nationally recognized
authority, developing voluntary
standards to test and validate the
structural performance of
windows, doors and skylights.
Window Size
The Series 8700/8800 has
108" x 48"
been tested and certified to
72" x 63"
AAMA design pressure (DP)
standards. The higher the DP
rating, the stronger the window.
Glass Type
DP Rating
©Silver Line 2005. Silver Line cannot warrant that inert gas infills (such as Argon or Krypton gas), sealed in the insulated glass unit at the point of manufacture, will not dissipate over time. The very gradual
migration of the inert gas infills is a natural occurrence. Silver Line reserves the right to change product designs, specifications, details and pricing at any time without prior notification.