MODEL 2520
7/8” Warm Edge Technology Insulated Glass
Double Fin-Pile Weatherstripping
2 LITE Version: XX
Take-Out Sash for Cleaning and Maintenance
Adjustable Brass Rollers at Both Sashes with
Stainless Steel Axles
Integral Extruded Pull Rails at Both Sashes
Full 3 1/4 ” Frame Depth
Option with 10 PSF water test pressure
Available in standard White and Bronze paint
& Clear Anodized
Custom Colors upon special request
3 LITE Version: XOX
All testing conducted by a recognized independent testing laboratory as approved by the American Architectural
Manufacturer’s Association and as CERTIFIED by AAMA in testing and production.
Complete test report available upon request.
Structural Performance Class per AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 HS-C50
Water Test Pressure
Structural Test (Interior & Exterior)
Air Infiltration @ 1.6 PSF
7.5 PSF
75.0 PSF
0.10 cfm/ft
Test results are based on independent laboratory testing of sizes prescribed by the corresponding
AAMA test procedures. Actual field conditions, locations or variations in window size may introduce
some deviation between these results and actual installed performance.
Customization and alternate details can be provided to fit your specific needs.
Speak to your NORTHERN sales engineer for further information.
Model 2520 Horizontal Slider
111 Central Ave., Teterboro, New Jersey 07608
Tel. (201) 943 – 6400 Fax (201) 943 – 1282
All aluminum windows of the type and sizes shown in the plans and/or as called for in this
specification shall be furnished with all necessary hardware, anchors and miscellaneous
equipment as herein specified and manufactured by Northern Building Products, Inc.,
Teterboro, NJ.
Aluminum shall be of commercial quality aluminum alloy 6063-T6, free from defects impairing
strength and durability. This thermal window shall be constructed from specially designed,
heavy gauge, extruded sections split with a structural thermal break in accordance with
Northern Building Products Inc. standards and drawings. Frame sill shall have a nominal
thickness of not less than 0.078”. Master frame shall be no less than 3.250” in depth. Insert
vertical sections shall be of tubular design, and shall be no less than 1.280” in thickness and
1.760” in height. The aluminum extrusions for main frame and sash sections shall be of 6063T6 alloy and shall have a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 22,000 P.S.I. and a yield strength
of 16,000 P.S.I.
All joints of the sash and master frame shall be butt-type construction, and shall be secured by
means of screws into integral screw ports, two (2) screws per corner. Sash shall interlock at
center meeting rail. Outer sash shall have an extruded push/pull handle rail. Inner sash shall
have an extruded push/pull cavity designed to eliminate interference with window treatments
and to improve aesthetics.
Sill shall be a minimum of two inches (2”) in height, and, on the exterior, contain a minimum of
two (2) weep slots at least 1” x 1/8” in dimension, and be covered by hinged weep flap covers.
Interior of the sill shall be covered by a rigid vinyl track with a minimum of two (2) 1” x 1/8” weep
louvers, designed to reduce air infiltration into the inside of the window.
Each sash shall be independently supported by two brass rollers with pre-lubricated stainless
steel axles. Roller assemblies shall be contained in injection molded housings designed for field
replacement without the use of tools, and for field adjustment for proper alignment without the
use of tools. All fasteners, screws, rivets and other miscellaneous fastening devices shall be of
aluminum, stainless steel or other non-corrosive material compatible with aluminum.
All exposed parts of hardware shall be of aluminum, stainless steel or zinc die cast with a barrel
plate in accordance with ASTM specifications A164-71 or A165-71. All latching arrangements
shall be easily repaired or replaced without disassembly of sash members.
The exposed surface of the aluminum members shall be clean and free from serious surface
blemishes. Standard finish shall be Durocron or Polycron electrostatically applied acrylic
enamel finish, baked on for maximum durability. White and bronze are standard colors.
Custom finishes are available upon request.
Weatherstripping shall be dense polypropylene reinforced with a mylar strip running through the
center of the pile. Weatherstripping shall be located on all four sides of both sashes to insure no
metal-to-metal contact.
Model 2520 Horizontal Slider
MODEL 2520
Horizontal Slider
Grade Level HS-C50
MODEL 2520 - Horizontal Slider
Model 2520 Horizontal Slider
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The thermal insulator shall be poured in place polyurethane. The polyurethane shall be selfadhering to the adjacent aluminum surfaces. After the polyurethane becomes solid, aluminum
sections shall be debridged, preventing any contact between interior and exterior metal. There
shall be a minimum of 3/8” separation between the interior and exterior metal surfaces after the
debridging process.
Both operating sashes shall operate freely and be removable when in an unlocked position, for
ease of window cleaning. All operating sash surfaces shall be completely separated from
metal-to-metal contact through the use of woven pile, vinyl, or nylon.
Manufacturer shall furnish an affidavit of certified test report from an independent testing
laboratory indicating that the window has satisfactorily met the performance requirements for
HS-C50 of AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 for windows and doors.
Sash shall be glazed with 7/8” sealed insulating units. Triple insulating glass is optional. Glass
shall be set in channel type gaskets (marine glazing), which shall be of material compatible
with aluminum, and shall be resistant to deterioration by all forms of weathering, and shall be
suitably retained to maintain a watertight seal between glass and surrounding frame. Flexible
vinyl to be of commercial standard.
Glass shall not be less than “B” quality. Standard factory glazing shall be single strength, 7/8”
insulating glass. Triple insulating glass units shall also be available. Insulated glass shall be
created by the use of Warm Edge spacer.
Exterior panning, where used, shall be extruded aluminum of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, 0.062”
thick. Aluminum section shall be one piece designed to lock around the entire window frame,
shall completely cover exterior of the window frame, and shall be a completely weather tight
connection, but shall allow unrestricted expansion and contraction of panning members and
window frame. The panning section shall be secured at the corners with screws into extruded
Snap trim, closures and angles shall be extruded shapes. Snap on trim dimensions shall vary
according to job conditions.
SCREENS: (Optional)
Screen frames shall be of extruded aluminum. Half screen shall be designated to fit in the
outer track of the window. Screen cloth shall be fiberglass, 18 x 16 mesh. Screen frame shall
fit into step-down at sill of master frame to assure proper closure.
All window frames shall be set square and plumb, in accordance with manufacturer’s
recommendations, without springing, forcing, or distorting. Head and sill shall be aligned
parallel and square with jambs. A non-hardening sealant compatible with aluminum shall be
provided by the window erector, and supplied in sufficient quantity to provide a watertight seal
and surrounding construction.