Useful Links - The Happy Healthy Challenge

Here are some useful links for you to browse through…
1. – an awesome health and wellness website and a go-to
for healthy inspiration and advice or tips.
2. – a great website if you are looking for information on medical
conditions. The articles are easy to understand and thorough.
3. – Ella Woodward is taking the raw living and Vegan worlds
by storm. She has healed herself of chronic illness with food, much like our very own,
James Kuiper of – never have vegetables ever looked this
4. – For wellness products delivered directly to your door!
I’m honoured to be a Wellness Ambassador and really love this place… like a lot!
5. – I’m a sucker for natural beauty products! LUSH products are
handmade, made of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables and don’t test on
6. – If you’re looking for a quick at-home Yoga sequence
to follow, Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is a great option. She has tons of offerings in
the form of short and sweet Yoga video’s to follow.
7. – for a monthly subscription you can pick and choose the
virtual Pilates class of your liking and follow along in the comfort of your own home.
Pick teachers from all over the world and any level of class.
8. – Brendon Burchard is many things but most notably, if
you’re looking for some inspiration to start living a more meaningful life, he’s your guy!
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