Fast, effective treatment for inflammatory skin conditions 28 Years of Laser Innovation.

Fast, effective treatment for
inflammatory skin conditions
Designed and developed by
28 Years of Laser Innovation.
Fast, effective treatment for
inflammatory skin conditions
Chromogenex has developed a truly novel
laser technology, RegenliteTM Transform, that
enables the management of inflammatory skin
conditions without any discomfort, downtime
or residual cell necrosis.
Regenlite Transform is clinically proven to
treat a number of common inflammatory skin
conditions, including
• Acne vulgaris (all grades)
• Psoriasis
can support downregulation of any localised
inflammatory cascade and resolve active
dermatological disorder. These cytokines,
which can increase by up to 1500% above
normal tissue levels, have been measured
as soon as 3 hours after the laser treatment,
demonstrating the ability for rapid relief of
these inflammatory conditions.
This unique biostimulatory effect in the tissue
enhances the skins wound healing response
over and above the normal levels of response
without having to create a trauma unlike the
mechanism of most laser and light therapies.
• Eczema
• Rosacea
• Wound healing
• Scar Improvement
RegenliteTM Transform can also be used for
other applications to include vascular lesions,
warts verrucas, molluscum contagosum and
skin rejuvenation.
Biostimulatory effect
Using a unique and patented laser cavity
design, laser parameters are produced that
can initiate a biostimulatory effect in the
tissue, stimulating important cytokines that
Data from reference 1. n=8; p=0.093 (3h), p=0.012 (24h).
Reference: 1. Seaton ED et al. Investigation of the mechanism of action of nonablative pulsed-dye laser
therapy in photorejuvenation and inflammatory acne vulgaris. Br J Dermatol 2006; 155(4): 748-755.
SmartpulseTM Technology
Regenlite Transform 585nm laser light is preferentially
absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, creating a minute low-grade
heating of the microcapillary walls. Fenestration of these
walls releases inflammatory mediators such as TGF-ß.
585nm laser light is preferentially absorbed by
SmartPulse technology maximizes collagen stimulation
without causing long-term impairment. Regenlite Transform
requires less energy and is less painful than other aesthetic
devices in treating a wide range of skin conditions.
With Regenlite SmartPulse, 80% of the energy is delivered in
the first 150μs
The importance of TGF-ß in the dermis
TGF-ß is the messenger that stimulates the fibroblast cells for neocollagenesis.
In tissue where an inflammatory cascade is active, TGF-ß downregulates this cascade, quickly resolving the inflammation, such as found in
active acne lesions or underlying psoriatic plaques.
TGF-ß has a pivotal role in acquiring an immune response in the tissue, which can allow the re-establishment of the skin’s normal negative
feedback mechanism to cause normal lesion resolution rather than the progression into inflammatory acne. It is this mechanism that is overstimulated or faulty as a result of increased androgen levels, and why a teenager can develop acne. The ‘re-boot’ of this mechanism can
prevent microcomedone formation prevent future acne outbreaks.
In non-inflammatory tissue, the TGF-ß is able to use its full potential in fibroblast stimulation, creating new collagen production to remodel the
dermis where unwanted lines or scars are present. This collagen remodelling occurs without detriment to existing healthy connective tissue
fibres as is often seen in other ‘thermal’ light based methods.
50% Reduction in acne lesion counts
A single Regenlite Transform treatment on
acne vulgaris has been shown to decrease the
average number of acne lesions by 50%.
Improvement has been observed to last longer
than 12 weeks after a single laser session.
Acne studies
87% of patients demonstrated substantial improvement
58% exhibited greater than 50% improvement
The most rapid improvements were seen in first 4 weeks
There were no reported side effects
Improves and prevents scarring, as well
as clears acne.
“Over 92% of patients reviewed after a single
treatment had a significant improvement”
Seaton, ED et al. The Lancet Vol 362, 2003
Scientific evidence published in the British Journal of
Dermatology showed RegenliteTransform treatments:1
• Stimulates fibroblast activity to produce new collagen
• Rapid wound healing
• Improves wrinkles & scarring
• Induces regulatory T-cells
• Reduces inflammation
• Initiates an immune response
• Prevents further outbreaks of acne & other conditions
Regenlite Transform significantly increases
collagen production
30 days later
30 days later
59 year old before
after 2 treatments
48 days
Rosacea – blood image before/after 2
treatments 48 days
After 1 treatment
61 year old before
after 2 treatments
Eczema – blood image before/after 5 treatments
20 year old before
After 3 treatments
Before treatment
After 4 treatments
Before treatment
After 2 treatments
Before treatment
After 2 treatments
3 months after 8 treatments
After 2 treatments
Regenlite Transform is easy to use. Treatments can be delivered simply
and quickly with minimal intra-operative discomfort or post-operative
effects, enabling fast patient turn-around times.
Good for Patients
Rapid results
No side effects
Pain free – no need for analgesia
Treats all skin types
Effective in cases resistant to
traditional medications
Great for Practices
• Easy to use (touch-screen controls,
ergonomic handpiece)
• Fast patient turnaround times
• Excellent versatility
• Proven effectiveness
• Highly profitable system for your clinic
• Extensive patient recruitment PR and
Marketing campaign
“The biggest breakthrough in acne in
the last 30 years.”
Prof. Chu, Dermatologist, Hammersmith Hospital, UK.
“As awareness for laser treatment of scars continues
to grow with patients, the quest for laser treatment
of scars also increases. When used in the early stage
of wound healing, the Regenlite has proven to
prevent further abnormal scar proliferation and to
effect speedier improvement.”
Dr. Christine Dierickx, Dermatologist, Belgium
“Regenlite is one of the most used lasers in my
practice. We have also conducted our own clinical
studies and found the laser to be both versatile
and effective with minimal side effects. Its unique
mechanism allows us to achieve impressive results
with inflammatory skin conditions as we well as
vascular and viral skin conditions.”
Dr. Tokuya Omi, Dermatologist, Japan
“The most versatile laser you
will ever purchase.”
Dr. Steve Shapiro, Dermatologist, University of Miami
“Bottom line for my practice: It works. The Regenlite is also
painless, affordable to a greater variety of patients, and has
become a workhorse that exceeds my expectation.”
Dr. Edward Zimmerman, Las Vegas, NV
The Company
Chromogenex Technologies Limited has been manufacturing lasers for the
medical industry since 1986. We are a global business offering expertise in
clinical training, design and development, manufacturing, research and
customer support.
Commitment to Quality
Chromogenex devices meet all product, system and regulatory requirements
for a worldwide market. We apply a Medical Device Quality System that meets
United States FDA and GMP Medical Device Regulations.
“Better results than my fraxional
laser and without the side
Dr. Kopleston, Dermatologist Beverly Hills, CA
“Regenlite is a paradigm shift, using
low fluence laser to treat inflammatory
disorders such as acne and psoriasis”
Dr. Steve Eubanks, Dermatologist, Denver, CO
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