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How to prepare for a DBA in World History?
Things to keep in mind:
All classes have standards that must be mastered BEFORE a DBA.
Mastery occurs when you read the entire lessons and have completed your Travel Journal notes with accuracy
(in your own words)
Please see below to find the standards for World History (standards are also the Objectives for each lesson):
Step 1: Click on Course Information
Step 2: Click on “Standards”
Step 4: View/Identify the standards for
each lesson
Step 3: Click on the Module Title
(whichever module you are working on)
See table below
You should be able to answer the sample questions below before calling your instructor. All sample
questions = the objectives in question format.
Please note, the sample questions below are not necessarily the questions you will be asked; however,
these questions should help guide your thinking/studying
Module 2
•compare the economic, political, social, and religious
institutions of ancient river civilizations
•summarize the important achievements of
Mesopotamian civilization
•determine the impact of key figures from ancient
Mesopotamian civilizations
•analyze the relationship of physical geography to the
development of ancient river valley civilizations
•summarize important achievements of Egyptian
•determine the contributions of key figures from ancient
•explain the role of the Nile River in the growth of the
Egyptian civilization
•describe and identify traditional and command
economies as they appear in different civilizations
•describe traditional economies of Egypt and elements
of those economies that led to the rise of a merchant
class and trading partners
•compare the similarities and the uniqueness of the
river valley civilizations
•discuss the significance of tribal migrations on Indian
•identify important individuals and key beliefs of the
Israelite civilization
•identify examples of mediums of exchange
•explain why international trading requires a medium of
Objectives in question format
-What was life like for the Ancient River Civilizations in
terms of their economy, politics, social life, and religious
-What were the most important things that the
Mesopotamians did/created?
-Who were the most important people from the
Mesopotamian civilizations that you learned about and
what did they do?
-Why did you notice about the ancient “river”
civilizations in terms of their geography? (hint: water
-What were some important inventions created by the
Ancient Egyptians?
-Who were some important people/leaders from Egypt
and what did they do during their reign?
-Why was the Nile river so important to the Ancient
Egyptians? What benefit did it serve?
-What is the difference between a traditional and a
command economy?
-What is a traditional economy and how did this affect
the merchant class?
-What did the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Indus
Valley all have in common and what made them
-What was the impact of the Aryans on the Indus Valley?
-Why were people like Abraham and Moses important?
-How does the bartering system work? Why was this
-Why were coins preferred for trading as opposed to
simply bartering? Why did bartering not work for
international trade?