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My Home
Ruqaiyyah Kazi1
Have you ever noticed your father or mother acting differently
around people who they have studied with? That twinkles around
the corner of their eyes seeming to sparkle more than usual, and
how someone above 45 automatically turns into someone in their
twenties? If the answer to all the questions above is 'YES,' it is only
because your parents are reminiscing the best years of their lives.
This is no anti-ageing cream, but simply a scientific belief that
deems every face is etched with memories; sorry kids, apparently
that look turns into a grimace once you show up. What they cherish
is not having to feel young (partially), but the memories being
young. Most tales begin with "When I was in University..." and
hence, so will this.
Once you are done graduating high school, a thrill wrecks your
spine with countless chills for a new beginning. After all, how
many times do we encounter new beginnings? It's the time of the
year where you resolute to yourself to be better in whatever you
The author is a student of LL.B.(Hon’s) under University of London at the
London College of Legal Studies (South).
International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ)
will do compared to when you had been in high school. University
- a place to become someone worth it.
I was stuck in a world of anonymity after high school with faces
covered in masks. I remember choosing Law with no hesitation and
just listening to the whispers of my gut; finally learning to
distinguish between the whale-like stomach growls and well, my
gut. Yes, surprisingly there was no "deep" reason to pick Law.
Don't judge me; I was only 15 when I had decided to become a
lawyer. So, out of the big check list that I had created for myself,
"finding a course" had a big tick mark beside it and that gave rise to
the next "big thing" - friends.
"A real friend is one who walks in, when the entire world walks
out" - Walter Winchell I was challenged by Walter Winchell to find
someone like that and my response was, "Challenge accepted!" and
let me tell you, Walter, I became friends with the very first person I
had an argument with. Beginner's luck? The fact is, law schools are
occupied with filthy rich kids whose parents are either politicians
or lawyers. Everyone was aware of what they were doing but my
family had no history of politicians or lawyers, so I was an alien.
Yes, you may conclude that it was indeed, a beginner's luck. This
raised doubts but my mind was just playing table tennis with itself
- the ball reflecting my thoughts and bouncing against all the walls
without a solution. Was it the right decision to satisfy my glutton
gut? Now what?
International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ)
I gave myself a shot and paid attention to what the teachers
uttered. I understood the concept of Euthanasia, why DPP Vs
Morgan was abolished, how Lord Denning made a revolution, how
a Claimant won against all odds and lastly, how Boston Legal
became more interesting because I could finally decode it. Now, I
understand why my gut directed me towards Law. But of course,
decoding was not achieved solely by me. I was guided by teachers
who understood the notion of these twisted laws and incorporated
it with the changing Society - mastering the art of associating law
with the relevant facts; the lesson we are taught throughout the law
school. The best part about my teachers is that, they make
themselves available 25/8, despite their busy schedules, and I am
not exaggerating this one pinch. For instance, a teacher made
themselves available via Skype, and all other contact means to
resolve doubts before exam. Who does that!?
But don't be mistaken that a University life is only about academics.
This is the phase where you explore your interior talents and try to
implement them accordingly. If you're an athlete, you'd be
welcomed with a warm heart to our Sport's club which facilitates
football, cricket, badminton and table tennis - ensuring to
participate constantly in the tournaments held nationally. But there
is a catch; you need to be someone who goes by the rule - "early to
bed, EARLY TO RISE," I CANNOT stretch the latter half enough.
For those of you who do not like the spotlight, you can participate
International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ)
in community services via the Community club. The Community
club is always active with non-stop projects that revolve around the
very basics of humanity - helping one another. Lastly, the traits that
all lawyers need to have, is practiced in the Debating and Mooting
club. Debating and mooting helps your thought process to elevate
to such an extent where you'd want to end your comeback with
"Owned!" The club members have participated internationally and
have debated with high spirit all the way.
The fun does not end here. We have conducted Fresher's night
where the freshers (obviously) and the graduates are welcomed
with a rock show, followed by other eventful programs such as
fashion show, drama and whatnot. Every year there is an annual
picnic which helps everyone release stress through the fresh
environment, away from the City life and its dilemma.
Consecutively, a trip outside the country is also held immediately
after the end of exams. The perfect time to rest your mind and
occupy it with cultures that you've never thought of; welcoming
yourself to explore outside the barrier that you have created for
Well, I believe you have finally grasped the enigma about your
parents' "sparkly" faces. But times have changed and currently,
before stepping into the competitive world, we are taught to be
attackers and always on defence because everyone is striving for
the same goal - a secured future. In the process of securing a picture
International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ)
for ourselves gazillion years later, we forget to live the instant
moment that has taken birth just for us. We become too busy in
being that shark, who will only think about trampling (in the shark
scenario, "biting") others, rather than thinking about selfimprovement. Little do we know that if we continue being this
way, we will all become drones, or that shark that ends up alone?
However, if you see the way my institute is living; it's all about
THIS moment, not next. Through its ways, I have learned to live a
drone-free life and have achieved so much over time. I have
achieved a goal that drives me to exert effort every day, various
friendships that will help me smile on my death bed, teachers that
have believed in my abilities when the odds were against me, and
the multiple events that have tested my talents. I may not live up to
it, but now I know they are worth fighting for because it's all about
THIS moment, and not next.
So, I would like to welcome you to my home - London College of
Legal Studies (South). Finally, I know 20 years from now; I will be
that person with a twinkle around the corner of her eyes,
embracing the memories of my home.