Pisa, Italy: Study Abroad Summer 2015

 Office of Global Initiatives
121 Hofstra University
Hempstead NY 11549-1210
T: 516-463-4547
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Pisa, Italy: Study Abroad
Summer 2015
Sunday, May 17 to Saturday, May 30, 2015
Co-sponsored by the Maurice A. Deane School of Law and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Name_______________________________________________________________ Male
Social Security No._______________________ Birthdate_______________ Hofstra I.D. #_________________________
Street Address___________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code_______________________________________________________________________________
Phone (day) _________________________ (eve) ________________________ (cell) ___________________________
E-Mail_____________________________________ Law School Attending____________________________________
My law school’s official mailing address (Office of Registrar) for transcripts: _________________________________________
I authorize Hofstra Law to report my grades to my home institution.
How did you learn about the Program? __________________________________________________________________
Do you have proficiency in a foreign language?
If yes, please describe: __________________________________________________________________
All students will be enrolled in the following courses:
Introduction to International Commercial Dispute Resolution (2 credits), and Alternative Dispute Resolution in an Information Society (1 credit)
Application Deadline: Friday, April 24, 2015
Law school years completed by April 2015:
1 Year
2 Years
I am a part-time student and have completed the equivalent of _____ years or course work.
Graduation Date ________________________ Overall GPA____________________ Last Semester GPA____________
Hofstra Law students must have a 2.20 GPA or better to be in good standing. Good standing at other law schools is determined by the
home institution.
Yes No Are you in good standing and eligible to participate in the program?
Yes No Have you ever been subject to academic probation or discipline, including warnings, suspensions and/or dismissal at
any institution of higher education?
If yes, please provide details on a separate sheet of paper.
Yes No Have you ever been charged with a violation of law resulting in probation, community service, and/or a jail sentence?
If yes, please provide details on a separate sheet of paper.
Tuition and Program Fees:
Tuition: $2,752.50 (3 credits at discounted rate)
Program fee: $2,172.50 (includes housing)
Non-U.S. Law Students:
350 Euros
For U.S. Law students, a non-refundable registration fee of $300 is due upon submission of the application. The fee is applied to the
total amount owed for the program. The balance of the program fee and tuition is due no later than April 24, 2015 and will be billed
directly from Hofstra University. Please see terms and conditions for rules on cancellations.
I have enclosed a check or money order for the registration fee of $300 (U.S.)
o Please make all checks payable to “Hofstra Law School”
I would like Hofstra to charge my credit card for the registration fee of $300 (U.S.)
o Please note credit card payment is subject to 2.75% handling fee
Name on Credit Card___________________________________
Card No._________________________________________ Exp. Date _______________________
Cardholder’s Signature____________________________________
I certify the information on this application to be correct and understand that on becoming a participant in the Pisa Summer
program I shall be subject to Hofstra and Hofstra Law School regulations and programs guidelines. I confirm that I have read and
agree to the terms and conditions of the program. I understand that Hofstra Law School reserves the right to require withdrawal of
any student as a result of unsatisfactory academic performance or behavior.
Signature _______________________________________Date_______________________________
Page 2 of 4 HOUSING SELECTION (please print clearly)
Name_______________________________________________________________ Male
I request to room with: _______________________________________________________________________
I request a single occupancy room (Single occupancy rooms may be available upon request. Additional fee of $800 will apply.)
 I would like assistance in finding a roommate. (If seeking a roommate, please complete the following questions.)
I am a:
light sleeper
heavy sleeper
I prefer roommates who:
keep late hours
 do not keep late hours
My level of neatness is:
 high
 moderate/ low
When studying:
 I prefer quiet
 I prefer to have music or TV on
I specifically do not want to live with____________________________________________________________________
Please indicate anything else we should know about you to help us place you.________________________________________
Although we make every effort to honor individual preferences, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your choice. Hofstra Law
maintains the right to make the final roommate and housing arrangements for the participants. Hofstra University does not
discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, creed, national origin, gender identity expression, or sexual orientation.
Please mail printed or typed application and non-refundable deposit to:
Joanne Masci, Hofstra Law, 121 Hofstra University, Suite 203, Hempstead, NY 11549
Phone: 516-463-4547, [email protected]
ELIGIBILITY: All 2L, 3L, 4L and LL.M. students in good standing HOUSING: Housing will be provided at a local hotel in Pisa, are eligible to participate in this program. Italy. Two students will share each room. You will be asked to fill out a “Room Selection” form but Hofstra reserves the right RESPONSIBILITY: Hofstra Law School offers this summer to make the final decision of placement in the housing.All
program as a co‐sponsoring organization with Scuola Suprior studentsspecificallyrequestanotherpersonofadifferent
Sant’Anna and Approved by the American Bar Association. gendertolivewith.
Hofstra Law School and its co‐sponsoring legal institutions shall not be held liable for (A) any damage to, or loss of, property or injury to, or death of, persons occasioned directly INCUDED IN PROGRAM COST: Accommodation for 14 nights (see above), emergency medical insurance, on‐site or indirectly by an act or omission of any other provider, administration, specified meals and coffee breaks with snacks including but not limited to any defect in any aircraft, on class days, academic field trips to legal institution, opening watercraft, or vehicle operated or provided by such other reception and farewell party. provider; and (B) any loss or damage due to delay, cancellation, or disruption in any manner caused by the laws, NOT INCLUDED: Air transportation to/from Pisa; regulations, acts or failures to act, demands, orders, or baggage/accident/cancellation insurance; living expenses interpositions of any government or any subdivision or agent including all meals, books and miscellaneous costs. thereof, or by acts of God, strikes, fire, flood, war, rebellion, terrorism, insurrection, sickness, quarantine, epidemics, theft, TERMS AND CONDITIONS: For U.S. law students, a non‐
or any other cause(s) beyond their control. The participant refundable registration fee of $300 is due upon submission of waives any claim against Hofstra Law School and/or all other the application. The balance of the program fee is due no later co‐sponsoring legal institutions educational for any such loss, than April 24, 2015. Accepted students who cancel damage, injury, or death. Hofstra Law School and its co‐
participation before April 24, 2015, will not receive the sponsoring legal institutions reserve the right in their sole registration fee of $300 refunded, but are not required to pay discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any the balance of the program fee. Students who cancel participant from the program. Baggage and personal effects participation after the April 24, 2015 deadline are required to are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant. pay the program fee balance. If you apply for financial aid but do not receive the aid by the deadline, Hofstra will accept a CLASSES: Participants earn 3 credits by taking courses taught letter from your school stating that you will receive financial by Professors Julian Ku and Giovanni Comande. This year’s courses are: Introduction to International Commercial Dispute aid for the program. The balance must be paid as soon as you Resolution (2 credits), and Alternative Dispute Resolution in an receive your financial aid. For E.U. law students (excluding those at Sant’ Anna), please include payment for the entire Information Society (1 credit). program fee of 350 Euros at the time of submitting the application. Please make checks payable to “Hofstra Law GRADING POLICY: The Maurice A. Deane School of Law at School.” Students must apply by April 24, 2015. Upon Hofstra University’s grading standards applies, and Hofstra submitting the application and non‐ refundable $300 deposit, transcripts will be sent out. Acceptance of credits earned students will receive an acceptance letter that permits them during the program is subject to the determination of your to move forward with the financial aid process. Students will home school. Grades are based on an examination in each be accepted in the order of application. All 2L, 3L, 4L and LL.M. course. The grading policy in the program is the same as in the regular course of study at Hofstra Law. The grading scale is: A, students in good standing are eligible to participate in this program. Hofstra Law School and its co‐sponsoring legal A‐, B+, B, B‐, C+, C, C‐, D+, D and F. institutions reserve the right to increase trip cost or cancel the trip because of inadequate enrollment that makes the trip ITINERARY CHANGES: The itinerary presented is subject to economically infeasible to operate or because of good‐faith modification and change by Hofstra Law School or its co‐
concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the sponsoring legal institutions. Every reasonable effort will be participants. If the trip is canceled prior to departure, you will made to operate programs as planned, but alterations may be provided with a full refund of monies paid. We will not be still occur after final itineraries are sent. Any changes to the responsible for any refund for associated trip costs including, itinerary will be communicated to participants as soon as but not limited to, nonrefundable airline tickets or for any reasonably possible. airline tickets purchased by the passenger directly from an airline or travel agent. Page 4 of 4