Graduate Program Criminal Justice Regional Service Network

Department of Justice & Regulation
Graduate Program
Criminal Justice
Regional Service
The Regional Service Network
within the Department of Justice
& Regulation are now seeking
applications for the 2016 Graduate
Recruitment and Development
Scheme. This 12 month development
program offers graduates the
opportunity to learn about the
department and contribute to a
variety of government initiatives.
Applications now open.
To apply visit
The Regional Service Network coordinates
frontline operations across four
geographical service areas. It engages local
communities to deliver responsive and
inclusive justice and regulation services.
Opportunities are now available in the
following locations:
• North West Metropolitan Region
• South Area (Dandenong)
• West Area (Geelong)
• North Area (Bendigo)
Regional graduates will be based in one
of our offices across Victoria, and will
gain exposure to the operations of our
business units. These include prisons
and Community Correctional Services,
Births, Deaths and Marriages, Infringement
Management and Enforcement Services
and Consumer Affairs Victoria.
What we look for We are focused on
recruiting graduates with a passion for the
Victorian Justice and Regulation system and
how it serves the community.
The graduate program Throughout the
12 month development program you will
undertake rotations to other business units
across the region. You will also be part of a
formal learning and development program
during the course of the year with an ongoing
position in your home business unit upon
successful completion of the program.
Benefits We offer our graduates an attractive
and competitive salary, along with a range of
benefits enjoyed by the Victorian Public Service.
Eligibility Graduates must have completed a
minimum of a three year undergraduate degree
to be eligible for the Regional Service Network
Graduate Recruitment and Development
Scheme. Applicants must also be an Australian
citizen, Australian permanent resident or a
New Zealand citizen with a valid passport.
If you are a Koori Graduate contact (03) 8684 1765.
For more information call (03) 8684 1284 or email [email protected]