Artists and Collectors open their Homes for Major Larson Gallery

Artists and Collectors open their Homes
for Major Larson Gallery Guild Event
The home of Terry Abeyta and Denielle Beaulaurier
It’s almost that time of year—mid-May—when the Larson
Gallery Guild puts on one of its most popular fund-raisers:
the Annual Tour of Artists’ Homes and Studios—this year the
16th annual Tour is on Saturday May 16. Additionally, as it has
in the past few years, the Tour will include collectors whose
home itself is described as a “beautiful piece of art”.
Terry Abeyta and Denielle Beaulaurier will open their
City Reservoir Road home, designed by Seattle architect
Michael Canatsey and built in 2006. It celebrates Yakima
light and landscape and showcases their fine art collection of
predominantly Yakima Valley and Northwest artists. “People
will flock to see it,” photographer Rob Prout says. “It has
settled into its location, and blends with the basalt and shrubsteppe setting.” Their art collection includes pieces by Leo
Adams, Tom Hausken, Delma Tayer, Carol Hassen, and Bob
Says Jackie Prout, co-chair of the Tour: “This is a signature
event of the Larson Gallery Guild. It grows every year and this
year’s committee will grow it some more!”
As he has for all the 15 years of the Tour, Adams will anchor
it in his Ahtanum Ridge home and will be joined by several
artists/friends for the day. His home, too, is a highlight of the
Tour and is usually described as “an ongoing work of art”.
Adams’ home and art were recognized in the fall 2013 book,
“Leo Adams/Art.Home”. (The first printing sold out almost
immediately; a second edition is now available.)
Here are the other artists on the 2015 event:
–Timm and Sarah Wauzynski, he a sculptor in metalsmithing,
she a painter in egg tempera. They have lived their entire
lives in Central Washington “and have been influenced by the
geography and agricultural nature of the region. Art for us
Photo by Rob Prout
captures the creative force of the artist,” they note. “That force
of energy enriches, enlivens and rewards our lives. . .”
–Dan Peterson, who creates art with found objects and also
paints with watercolors.
– Michelle Wyles and Yakima Potters’ Club, ceramics artists
who will gather with their work, including yard and functional
art, at Wyles’ Tieton home: Jane Gutting, Carol DeGrave,
Jane Fassel, Mike Hiler, Loren Sundlee, Gary Dismukes, Janice
Buckler, and Wyles.
–John Barany, wood artist, in his new large studio on Laban
Avenue, who returns to the Home and Studio Tour, and, like
the other artists, will have many of “his collaborators” on hand
to show their art.
Jane Gutting, president of the Larson Gallery Guild, is co-chair
of the Tour with Prout and they have rounded up a corps of
volunteers, as in previous years, to assist at the various homes
for three- to four-hour shifts. This is the second year they have
signed up “hosts/site managers” who will be in one location
for the entire day: Lincoln Briney and Tom Hausken, Frank and
Teresa Pritchard, Linda C. Brown, Sandy Dahl, Sue Berg, and
Lucy Stevens.
All artists will have their work for sale, Prout emphasizes, and
the “sales will be totally theirs—no commission, no fees. They
will, as they have in past years, all have a worthwhile day with
Tickets for the Artists’ Tour—10 am to 4 pm-- are available at
the Larson Gallery, Oak Hollow Frames, and The Bindery and
are $20, with a special $5 fee for students. The ticket is actually
a brochure with a map of the tour and complete information
and pictures of the homes to visit. As always, balloons, flags,
and signs will mark the street locations of the hosting homes.
Dancing With Delma at 91
in celebration of Delma Tayer’s 91st birthday
April 12, 2015
at the home of Leo Adams (3205 S. 62nd Avenue)
1:00 - 4:00 pm
$10 fee at the door (Cash only)
Late into the Night by Delma Tayer
Photo by Harry Thompson
Dancing With Delma at 91 is an extension of a new type of art
show sponsored by LGG this year called One-Day PopUP Art
Show Series. The Guild wanted to extend its programs beyond
the YVCC campus and partner with a local business to feature
the work of local artists. Oftentimes at art shows an artist will sell
much of her/his work during the opening reception. The Guild
wanted to see if the public, and our members, would respond to
one-day shows downtown, and if the featured artist would sell
his/her work. Gilbert Cellars Winery generously provided their
basement to use as a “gallery”, and in return LGG brought over
85 people to their venue who would otherwise not have visited
on that particular day. Each one-day show was held from noon
to 8:00 p.m. on the second Thursdays of November, December,
February, and March. The featured artists respectively were
Mike Hiler (ceramics), Penn O Shelton (painter), John Barany
(wood) and the Cowiche Canyon Jewelers, and Rob Prout
(photography). In addition to showing new works of art, each
artist gave a half-hour talk in the evening. The series was a huge
Delma Tayer’s “Dancing Series” will be featured.
success with all artists selling much of their work, and the public
appreciated hearing directly from the artists about their process
and experience in creating art.
The PopUP series was scheduled to end in March. However,
after one of the Guild’s board members visited Delma’s studio
and saw a series of 12 of Tayer’s very large and vibrant dancing
paintings, it was decided to invite Delma to do a special one-day
show, and to celebrate her birthday at the same time. This large
body of work has never been shown as a complete collection
and this is the only time the public will have access to all of the
pieces in the series. Leo Adams generously offered his home for
this show which coincides with Delma’s birthday. This will be
a small fundraiser for the Larson Gallery and is hosted by four
of Delma’s long-time friends: Carol-Anne de La Chapelle, Ruth
Dolsen, Virginia Hislop, and Peggy Lewis. Paintings will be for
sale, refreshments will be served, and there will be a $10 fee at
the door to enter the show, which runs from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. on
Sunday, April 12th.
Notes from the LGG President
It is important for every art organization at times to
take pause and reflect on their accomplishments and the
emerging needs within the community for which they serve.
Larson Gallery Guild is doing just that, and has completed a
one-day retreat as the first step in creating the new vision
and mission for the organization. We are proud of the quality
art exhibits that are currently being offered six times a year,
and are free to the public, as well as our programs and
workshops. Our partnership with YVCC is strong and honors
the vision of the Larson Family, as we continue to provide
a gallery on the campus and promote art education across
the curriculum. In keeping with the history of our programs,
Larson Gallery continues to reach out to our K-12 education
community and we enjoy connecting with hundreds of
students, and their teachers, who come to visit our shows.
Many people in our community are first exposed to the arts
through Larson Gallery.
The Guild does not want to lean on the campus community
as the only venue for our services. We are looking at
innovative ways to reach across the community to bring
workshops and art shows to our members. The PopUP
By Jane Gutting
John Barany PopUP at Gilbert Cellars
Series was a wildly successful experiment to help us see how
community partnerships could play a key role in offering
new art experiences, while keeping administrative costs to a
minimum. We have several planning meetings scheduled to
continue this important conversation, and we look forward to
sharing our results with you soon. Stay posted.
Annual Gift for Art On Its Way
The Annual Gift for Art provides a look at the past year
and serves as an annual report of the Larson Gallery
Guild. This booklet shows the state of the endowment,
attendance, review of exhibitions, and impact on
students. Through exhibitions, special events, and
programs, you can see how the Larson Gallery and the
Guild have provided that spark of inspiration, ideas, and
love of art.
The Annual Gift for Art also provides the opportunity
to support the Larson Gallery in addition to your
membership. Your donations provide much-needed
funds for staffing, exhibitions, jurors, events, receptions,
and special programs.
Thank You To All Of Our Larson Gallery Guild Members
Your support is inspiring!
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Love the Art in New York City
The first thing I did after arriving
in New York was to buy a wool cap
from a street vendor. The weather
was freezing there in early February,
just after a huge snowstorm that
fell primarily on Boston. The reason
for my visit was the 103rd Annual
College Art Association Conference,
thanks to an Exceptional Faculty
presented by Yakima Valley
LOVE by Robert Indiana
Community College.
This conference, I found out, consisted primarily of Master
of Fine Arts students and art professors. One of the
outcomes of this conference was the privilege of attending
a panel taught by a group called the Community College
Professors of Art and Art History. The focus of their talk
was about ‘flipping the classroom’, the idea of challenging
the idea of a structured lecture style class, and trying new
approaches. One idea was to have students create a script
and digital film based on a work of art, rather than a research
paper. Another spoke about using the class time primarily for
one-on-one and discussion, and having students responsible
for reading lecture material beforehand.
I found myself a new member of this group with a breakfast
meeting the next morning, hosted by Prentice-Hall, one of
by David Lynx
the textbook publishers. A few of these faculty members also
ran the college galleries.
During one afternoon, a group of us were led by a local
professor and toured eight galleries in Chelsea. This entailed
taking the New York subway, which is a cultural experience
in itself. Most of the gallery workers were very young, and
generally wore all black, and had the tendency not to interact
with the public. The galleries, though, were surprising,
with many containing a large installation, and only a few
objects that might have been for sale. Two galleries had
large standing theatre areas that enable the visitor to watch
short films created by the artist including one that featured a
shattering glass vase of flowers.
In addition to smaller galleries,
I enjoyed touring the Museum of
Modern Art and the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. At the close of
this conference, many of the
graduate students and professors
spread their work out on tables,
and I was able to find one as an
exciting prospect for an upcoming
Larson Gallery exhibit, which I
hope will be an exciting surprise in
our future.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Women Painters Visit
Visual Voices: Women Painters of Washington, an
exhibition of paintings by members of Women Painters
of Washington, was on display in the Larson Gallery
from January 15 to February 21, 2015. The exhibition
catalog, Visual Voices, by David Lynx, translated by
Ricardo Chama, was provided free to 637 students of
Spanish, English, Art, and Humanities.
From left to right (artists who came for the reception)
Mia Schulte, Rita Gesinger, Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield,
Judith Heim, Elizabeth Kincaid, Beverly Shaw Starkovich,
Nancy Rothwell, Helen Drummond, Marsha Lippert,
Marilyn Webberley, and Carol Barrer.
39th National Juried Photography Exhibition Now On View
From March 7 through April 18, 2015 the
Larson Gallery is home to the 39th National Juried
Photography Exhibition. This exhibition includes 84
works from 67 artists from across the United States.
For the first time, a video artwork is included in the
exhibition by Jennifer Saracino, YVCC photography
instructor. David D. Johnson, who won Best of Show in
2013, and has participated in 14 Larson Gallery photo
exhibitions, juried this exhibit. He recently retired after
37 years of teaching photography for Pierce College
and for the University of Washington Professional and
Continuing Education program.
A total of 397 photographs were submitted from
across the United States to this juried exhibition
through an online submission system called The advantage of this online
submission system is the ease with which artists can
submit their work. In the past, artists submitted
actual work. This process was then changed to slide
submission and then eventually to digital submission
on compact disc. With the online submission process,
it makes it easier for artists to submit, and for less
handling by the gallery staff. Entries are forwarded
Best of Show: LakeView #1 by Lloyd Greene, Beavercreek, Ohio
to the juror online. Although he selects works from this process,
prizewinners are determined by on-site review.
Missed LIGHT NIGHT? There is still a Party at Hackett Ranch
One of the auction items offered at Light Night was a
ticket for a Moonlight Dinner on May 15, 2015. Join
us for a private party at Hackett Ranch. Enjoy a casual,
acoustic blues set performed by Shoot Jake, wine, and
tacos. The 300-acre Hackett Ranch is where you can
breathe in the view of vineyards, orchards, and lavender.
The former cattle ranch is now home to Gilbert Cellars
“Cave” and the lawn style amphitheater–the perfect
music venue. Tickets are still availabe for $75 per person.
Contact the Gallery at (509) 574-4875.
Highlights of Light Night, held February 28 at the
Season Performance Hall. Photos by Lonny Smart
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(unless otherwise noted)
April 12
Dancing with Delma
Through April 18
39th National Photography
May 5 - 30
YVCC Student & Faculty Exhibit
May 15
Party at Hackett Ranch
May 16
Tour of Artists’ Homes & Studios
May 22
Entry form for Member Show DUE!
June 3-5
Artwork for Member Show DUE!
June 12 - July 2
LGG Members’ Exhibit
June - July: Workshops to be announced
Muralist here during Latin Music Festival
On Friday, May 1, 2015,
José Luis Soto will be visiting
art classes at Yakima Valley
Community College. Soto is a
muralist from Morelia, Mexico,
and will be visiting the campus
in conjunction with the YVCC
Latin Music Festival. For the
past few years, the Larson
Gallery has worked with the
YVCC music department to
offer a visual arts component
to the festival.
This year, with funding made
possible through the 20132018 Title V Hispanic Serving
Institution Cooperative Grant
in conjunction with Heritage
José Luis Soto, courtesy of the artist
University, Soto will be visiting
the campus.
On Monday, May 4, during the Latin Music performance outside
on the campus grounds, he will be demonstrating his skills on
canvas for students and the public. Please join us in welcoming
‘El Maestro’, observing his talent as a muralist, and enjoying music
performed by YVCC musicians.