D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
House Spa: Come to your Senses
Our spa is a light and uplifting rural outside-in space, a little bit heavenly with quite a bit
of fizz. House Spa is a place of sensual contrasts. We have names to make you smile and
aromas that provoke happiness and a seriously joyful sense of wellbeing.
Luxurious face and body treatments are by Temple Spa. Our massages are master-classes
in meeting your needs. Enjoy these treatments in quiet and stylish treatment rooms,
including a beautiful double spa suite for sharing with friends and romantic others.
The grand finale is our glossy grooming Veuve Clicquot Champagne Nail Parlour, offering
butter London manicures and pedicures for a perfect finish.
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
A Swift tour of the Spa
The heart of House Spa is The Greenhouse, a light-filled
lounge that offers tranquility, comfort and delicious food,
along with magical views of the Cotswolds. We serve a
healthy and delicious menu alongside all sorts of treats for a
calorie-neutral day out! At House Spa, we encourage you to
be both naughty and nice. When evenings and winters draw
in, the welcoming fireside transforms The Greenhouse into a
cosy retreat.
For Spa members and hotel guests, we provide the ultimate
in Personal Training – a studio gym where you pre-book
for a completely personal service. The Studio has state-ofthe-art equipment and experienced Personal Trainers who
offer a ratio of 1 to 3 or better, helping you to attain your
fitness goals and use your exercise time to the max. There
will also be the opportunity to form small, exclusive groups
for private classes.
Bathe in style at House Spa. Stretch your limbs in the
spectacular candlelit indoor Infinity Pool – a 16m heated
swimming pool for lengths and lazing. Curl up poolside in
comfort with a good book and lots of natural daylight. Or
take a dip in The Bubble Bath, our outdoor hydrotherapy pool,
with warm water jets to relax you even on frosty winter days.
Hotel guests and Spa members also have access to a 24-hour
gym with a range of cardio and other equipment. Unlike The
Studio, you can just turn up: no need to book.
Get into your thermals any time of year! Choose from the
gentle warmth of the Lavender Infusion Sauna – sourced from
Cotswold lavender fields – or the dry heat of the Hot Juniper
Finnish cabin. Try the Salt Steam room, the cooling Drench
Showers and the Ice Experience and tell us if you don’t feel
invigorated and ready for another day.
Within House Spa, there is a private inner sanctum for taking
treatments with friends and partners. Our wonderful Rasul
Mud Room connects to a fully-equipped and double-loaded
private spa treatment suite. Waft between rooms and
escape the world. All our Spa Collections and Glorious Mud
treatments can be taken in groups of two, three or more.
We don’t think life should be all rest and no play, and
that’s why we’ve created the House Spa/Veuve Clicquot
Champagne Nail Parlour. Where better to spend some time
on a combination of glossy grooming and a little bit of fizz? A
chance to reconnect with the lighter side of life.
We have six lovely treatment rooms and a menu of treatments
to soothe every bone and warm your heart. Read on – you
won’t be able to resist…
Barefoot luxury
Spa Days
To make the most of your time, we have
created collections of treatments that offer
real benefits and a fuller spa experience. Each
Spa Day collection begins with a Foot Ritual,
which really asks you to leave your daily life for
a moment.
To make the most of House Spa, choose from one of the Spa Days or Spa Bubbles on the following pages.
Spa Days are available Monday to Friday and allow you all day in the Spa
A complete day of Spa treatments that covers all the bases:
relaxing, refreshing, nourishing and grooming. Fully immerse
yourself in the Spa for a day, with thermal bathing and a light
Champagne lunch.
Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
60 minute facial (Repose or Mediterranean Marinade)
30 minute Outer Glow body scrub
60 minute massage
60 minute manicure or pedicure Treatment time: 3 hours 45 minutes
SPA NOIR - Men’s Spa Day
A gents’ spa day that can be used to recharge: with treatments
from “his” perspective and time to spend. Light lunch is also
on the menu.
A therapeutic thermal bathing experience is
also included, which takes you to our beautiful
thermal rooms, hydrotherapy and infinity
pools. And of course there’s time for lounging,
Champagne and lunch…
Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
60 minute Skin Investment facial: Need a Spring Clean?
75 minute massage
60 minute hand or foot treatment, with attention to nails
Treatment time: 3 hours 30 mins
TWICE AS NICE - for two people or more
A full day to share with friends or someone special. The use of
our beautiful Double Room treatment suite and connecting
Mud Rasul make this a privately social occasion.
Light Champagne lunch included.
Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
Rasul Mud Treatment – allow 30 minutes
60 minute facial (Repose or Mediterranean Marinade)
60 minute spa massage
60 minute manicure or pedicure
Treatment time: 3 hours 45 minutes
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
Half Days
Available Monday to Friday, giving you up to five hours in The House Spa
TWICE LIGHTLY - for two people
A lighter version of our full spa day for two: for when you’d like
to relax in company but have a little less time. Includes breakfast
or light lunch. Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
30 minute Outer Glow body scrub
60 minute facial or body massage
60 minute manicure or pedicure
Treatment time: 2 hours 45 minutes
If you want a heavenly body, this is the treatment for you.
We have put together the perfect combination to cleanse
and detoxify. We start by exfoliating the whole body. Then
the hips, thighs and abs are treated to a detoxifying infusion,
followed by a stimulating marine and earth mud wrap. We
finish with an invigorating and energising full body massage,
using lymphatic drainage techniques, to leave you thoroughly
rejuvenated and supported in your quest for good health.
A complimentary Temple Spa Detox Plan is included, along
with a healthy lunch to set you on your way.
30 minute Outer Glow
60 minute Massage
75 minute Go Figure
Treatment time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Just mooching around promotes a profound feeling of calm.
This is a beautiful combination of relaxed treatments to create
that “busy doing nothing” feeling. Light lunch included.
Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
Rasul Mud Treatment - allow 30 minutes
30 minute Outer Glow body scrub
90 minute body and face massage
Treatment time: 2 hours 45 minutes
NIGHT OWLS If you are natural Night Owl (or just busy in the day), you
can still enjoy the full House Spa experience. This way you
can relax at the close of the working day and then enjoy an
early supper. From 4pm Monday to Thursday, escape into the
spa and emerge pleasantly refreshed and ready to dine in The
Potting Shed.
60 minute spa treatment of choice
30 minute manicure, pedicure or Mixer massage
Supper in the Potting Shed – allowance of up to £25 per person
Reservations in the Potting Shed must be confirmed at the
time of booking and are available for Night Owls between
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
Half Days
Available Monday to Friday, giving you up to five hours in The House Spa
Dormy House signature treatment
Travelling and daily stress interfere with our sleep patterns.
The aim of this treatment is to restore the body’s natural
bio-rhythm and deeply relax the nervous system. You will
enjoy a gently-uplifting brush treatment with carbon gloves.
Warm Drift Away oil is then buffed into the skin and contains
high levels of Lavender and Camomile which, as they become
warm, coax the body into rebooting depleted energy.
A facial pressure-point massage and an hour-long back
massage will leave you feeling delightfully re-calibrated. You
leave with a gift of Drift Away treatment oil and a Lavender
Sleep Pillow containing local Cotswold lavender: the perfect
recipe for good sleep.
Foot ritual with lavender infusion 15 minutes
Outer Glow body scrub 45 minutes
Head Start head massage 30 minutes
60 minute massage of choice
Treatment time: 2 hours 30 mins
We do not recommend heavy use of the thermal cabins with
this treatment.
Double Truffle is the ultimate indulgence package. Skin is
expertly brushed, buffed and massaged using luxurious
Body Truffle Cream, leaving it feeling intensely hydrated and
nourished. To follow is our Champagne and Truffles facial,
which contains black truffle, silk and diamonds to leave
your skin plumped and youthful looking. What a wonderful
treatment for anyone in need of some extra TLC!
Foot Ritual - 15 minutes
90 minute facial
(Champagne and Truffles or Skin Investment: Need a Miracle?)
60 minute Truffle Body
Treatment time: 2 hours 45 mins
It’s everything a mother-to-be needs to make her feel
healthy, gorgeous and pampered.This treatment is specially
designed to enable your whole body to be massaged
and treated without having to lie on your tummy. Your
full body massage is followed by a delicious facial, packed
with wonderful natural ingredients. Finally, your legs will be
revitalized with our Leg Energiser treatment, just perfect
for swollen ankles. Thermal bathing is not permitted when
pregnant, but a gorgeous swim and light lunch are included.
60 minute New Beginnings Massage
60 minute Mediterranean Marinade
30 minute Aaahhh! Foot Treatment
Treatment time 2 hours 30 minutes
Ladies who lunch
Spa Bubbles
Spa Bubbles do not include lunch or the use
of the thermal suite, but you are welcome to
change your mind once you are here – just ask
about availability. Thermal bathing is offered at
a special price for spa bubblers.
Our Spa Bubbles are for those who want to immerse themselves briefly, gain a lot in a little time and then float away!
Available Monday to Thursday
Power Breakfast facial 30 minutes
Head Start 30 minutes
Mixer Massage 30 minutes
DETOX BUBBLE Allow 2 hours
Private Rasul 40 minutes
Outer Glow body scrub 30 minutes
Mixer Massage 30 minutes
GLOSSY GROOMING BUBBLE Allow 2 hours in The Nail Parlour
Lovely Champagne Breakfast or Lunch
butter London Manicure 60 minutes
butter London Pedicure 60 minutes
SOUL BUBBLE Allow 2 hours
Aaahhh! Loving care for hands and feet 30mins
Back massage 30mins
Face mask and scalp massage 30 mins
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
High performance skin truffle facials by Temple Spa
CHAMPAGNE AND TRUFFLES Crème de la crème – instant radiance
90 minutes
Good for all types of skin, great for guys
60 Minutes
A stunning treatment and a serious celebration for the skin,
with unique, action-packed ingredients such as champagne,
silk, diamonds, gold and, of course, black truffles. Techniques
that reveal fresher skin include a warm melting mask to help
iron out wrinkles, a specialist lifting massage to strengthen and
tone, and an iced blend to reduce puffiness. The final flourish
is an application of Temple Spa’s award-winning product SKIN
TRUFFLE to leave your complexion glowing, plumped and
youthful looking. An instant skin rescue.
This TRUFFLE NOIR facial is seasonally balanced, so whether
your skin needs a spring-clean, a summer soothing or winter
protection, it will invigorate, calm and strengthen as required.
We include an ultra-deep cleansing treatment using micro and
galvanic currents to flush out toxins – and special drainage
techniques to calm the skin. Exfoliating masks prepare the
skin for the intense nutrition of TRUFFLE NOIR. Aching
neck muscles will be massaged, worry lines smoothed and
headaches soothed. You’ll have clean confident skin and feel
glad you gave us an hour of your time!
A miraculous, non-surgical, non-invasive skin lift
90 minutes
Treat your skin
Skin Truffle and Truffle Noir skin creams, with
their potent blends, have cult status for the
visible and uplifting results they achieve.
Temple Spa have created some very special
facials that lift, firm, tighten and tone the skin
(and yes, that would be instantly!) using truffle
creams and their array of expertly-blended
This divine treatment with SKIN TRUFFLE, created to speed
up cellular activity, helps increase collagen production and reeducate and lift the muscle fibres. It includes an AHA micro
peel and a super-boosting mask to re-texture and brighten
the skin. Instead of invasive procedures, we use the Skin
Investment Cell Communication machine, a computerised
device with a nine-stage process that helps to build new
tissue, lift sagging skin and give immediate dramatic eventready results. This treatment will sculpt facial contours while
working on wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, acne and sun
damage. Recommended prior to a special occasion or as a
maintenance treatment.
Skin Specific facials by Temple Spa
There is a facial for every skin and our expert therapists will guide you to the treatment best suited to your needs.
Rehydrating facial for thirsty skin
75 Minutes
REPOSE Aromatic, indulgent holistic facial for all skin types
60 Minutes
A lavish facial designed to leave dehydrated or neglected skin
looking radiant and fresh. Combining powerful antioxidants to
help fight the ageing process and loss of elasticity in the skin,
this luxurious treatment includes our intense eye therapy and
a rather special secret remedy to encourage deep hydration
and eliminate fine lines.
There’s nothing like stress for ageing the skin and nothing
like relaxation for improving it! This indulgent aromatherapy
facial is infused with generous anti-inflammatory ingredients.
It concentrates on relaxing taut tense face muscles and
will soothe, calm and nourish a tired, irritated or unhappy
complexion. Pure Bliss.
Divine eye treatment
30 Minutes
Perfect for when you look tired, this treatment gives special
attention to the delicate area around the eye. Using intensive
formulations and specific eye massage techniques, we will lift,
smooth and revitalise to put the sparkle back into your eyes.
A calming skin soothie for sensitive or delicate skin
60 Minutes
Redness be gone! This facial, with the fresh ingredients of
Manuka honey, organic yoghurt and multi-vitamins, will leave
the skin deeply relaxed and visibly reduce the effects of sun,
stress and fatigue. Following gentle deep cleansing, your skin
is softened with our unique marinade and a calming massage,
finishing with a skin-strengthening serum for good measure.
POWER BREAKFAST A fast facial for all skin types
30 Minutes
If you are looking for fast results, need to look your best and
don’t have much time, this is the one for you. We have taken
wholesome ingredients – oats, honey and fruit juices – to
create a revitalising facial that power-cleanses, massages and
settles the complexion. After this Power Breakfast, you’ll be
ready to put on a fresh face.
Marvellous massages
Brilliant strokes
House Spa therapists have devoted time to
honing their massage techniques with Beata
Aleksandrowicz, an international massage
expert who has evolved a style of treatment
based on many years’ experience.
We aim for a deeper level of understanding
of mind, body and spirit to ensure that this
classic and enduring treatment brings you
whatever your body needs most.
60 minute full body massage, or
90 minute full body, face and scalp massage
Created by Beata Aleksandrowicz
60 minutes
Using the skills of our therapists and the alchemic blends of
our essential oils, this treatment relaxes body, mind and spirit
in a luxurious and nourishing way. If you have a little longer, we
can include a face and scalp massage with an aromatherapy
resting balm.
This facial massage is a step beyond a skin treatment, improving
the appearance of facial contours and removing facial fatigue.
Relaxing and invigorating techniques are combined to
release toxins and address tension in the jaw, neck and scalp.
Headaches, poor skin texture and even sleep patterns are
improved with its de-stressing approach. You will feel calmer,
fresher and ready to face the world.
60 minute full body massage, or
90 minute Wake Up Call full body massage
This dynamic massage encourages circulation, tones muscles
and stimulates the whole body, restoring energy. Skin brushing
can be included if you wish, along with a rejuvenating mask to
leave your skin feeling radiant.
Deep Warm full body massage
60 minutes
Using a combination of warm oils and targeted deep tissue
massage to suit your needs, this treatment will untie your
knots, release the tension and instill calm among troubled
This massage is beneficial for both men and women and may
be taken daily over several days to improve dull skin and signs
of aging. Jane Scrivner products - Nourishing cleanser and
Rose Gold facial oil - bring an extra-special indulgence to this
already stunning facial. A treatment not to be missed.
60 minutes
Pregnancy is a most wonderful time that requires treatments
designed just for you. Now you can enjoy a full-body massage
without the need to lie on your tummy. Our therapists know
exactly how to work those sore tired muscles while ensuring
you are completely comfortable and relaxed. We think your
little bambino will enjoy the sense of calm too.
15 / 30 minutes
45 minutes
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
A massage that’s designed to take the weight off your
shoulders, loosen your knots and put a spring in your step!
What needs most attention? Is it your face, your neck, back or
shoulders, hair and scalp or feet? Bring us your stresses and
strains and we’ll make them all better using your preferred
essential oil. Just let us know where you’d like the emphasis
and we’ll mix it up…
Temple Spa treatment oils
…have been formulated to work hard at every level for body, mind, emotion and spirit. Temple Spa uses a range of beautiful pure
base oils. For instance jojoba, which is anti-ageing, restores the skin’s elasticity, absorbs beautifully and works on all layers, leaving a
rich velvety after-feel. Our other base oils are grape seed for anti-oxidant nourishing, olive for soothing and Vitamin E oil for extra
intense skin support.
Drift Away
A blend to bring instant calm and comfort, Drift Away is ideal for ironing out stress, allowing you stop, breathe and unwind. It
contains lavender to relax muscles, black pepper for physical warmth, bitter orange for comfort and myrrh for encouraging relaxed
A stimulating and refreshing oil designed to lift and energize the spirit. Contains a beautiful blend of nourishing base oils with
uplifting essential oils including orange and lemon, ginger, bergamot, peppermint, geranium and black pepper.
A clarifying and stimulating massage oil formulated to aid focus and concentration. Containing base oils of sesame, avocado, jojoba
and grape seed, fused with clarifying essential oils of sandalwood and cedarwood. Other oils in the mix are lemon, lime, patchouli,
rosemary, basil, thyme, peppermint and cardamom.
It’s All Good
A kind, nurturing, nourishing oil, for when you want to be naturally fragrance free.
Relax, you’re in House Spa
Mud, mud...
For one or two people
45 minutes
GO FIGURE A firming, toning, tightening body detox treatment
75 minutes
A private steam Rasul and warm soothing mud experience
for one or two people. Paint healing mud combinations onto
your body and let them mineralize in the deep heat. This
is a delightfully cleansing experience that will nourish your
skin and relax and restore your muscles.The treatment stands
entirely on its own merits or can be interwoven with other
spa treatments, to leave you feeling… well, just how you want
to feel.
Your treatment begins with relaxing brushing and sloughing
movements that stimulate lymphatic flow and reduce fluid
on the hips, thighs and abs. This specialist detoxifying massage,
using targeted techniques, is followed by an intensive marine
and earth mud wrap that works hard to resolve pockets of
wobble. Finally, a friction rub with Go Figure anti-cellulite gel
invigorates and firms your body. All in all, clothes should be
that bit looser. One treatment is fab; a course of six is amazing!
TURKISH DELIGHT – for two people or more
Body Buffing, Hot Mineral Mud and Really Relaxing Massage
90 minutes
Skin conditioning & detoxifying mud wrap
60 Minutes
Using our Calming Aromatherapy Cleansing Bar and organic
linen exfoliating cloths and natural brushes, your body will
be lathered, buffed and smoothed in warm mud. Following a
hot steam Rasul and blissful, warm Drift Away Oil massage,
you will feel soft, smooth and totally balmed. If you’ve ever
wondered what it would be like to be rubbed, scrubbed and
lathered-up Turkish style, this is the treatment for you.
Using the finest blends of ingredients for detoxifying and
purification the body, this treatment starts with top-to-toe
body brushing to encourage lymphatic flow. Your skin is then
smoothed with warm vitamin and mineral rich mud to nourish
and purify. Once cocooned in a cosy wrap, you will find your
relaxation is taken to another level with a glorious face and
scalp massage. Wallowing in mud is simply wonderful…
Scrubs, Wraps and Infusions
Totally unique face and body treatment using only brushes
90 Minutes
Loving care for legs and feet
30 Minutes
Imagine the sensation of being stroked top-to-toe by brushes
of different sizes and textures. This treatment stimulates
the skin, drains toxins and allows us to smooth delicious
preparations onto the face and body. Once lavished in rich
warm body oil, you will be wrapped and - while you doze treated to a Repose facial. Heaven! Light lunch included.
Oh-so-good instant relief for tired, over-worked feet and limbs.
We begin with skin brushing to help eliminate excess fluids,
continue with our Mediterranean Scrub, a warm oil massage
that will leave you tingling and finally apply an invigorating
rub with Aaahhh! A cooling, soothing balm with extracts of
dandelion menthol and eucalyptus.
A safe tanning treatment with a sugar buff
75 minutes
‘Prepare to bare’ with this fabulous treatment that will imitate
a few days in the sun and give you a beautiful golden glow
– safely of course. We will smooth and buff your face and
body with a double exfoliation and luscious envelopment of
hydration, followed by a skilful application of Temple Spa SOL
MATE. A mini vacation indeed.
Not to be taken in tandem with heat treatments.
I’LL BE BACK A facial for the back
45 Minutes
Following an invigorating skin exfoliation with our
Mediterranean Scrub, warm purifying mud is smoothed all
over your back for a deeply cleansing treatment. Heated
fragranced mitts are used to remove the back mask before
enjoying a stimulating massage, leaving you energised and with
a back to be proud of.
Face & body sugar exfoliation
45 Minutes
A gently uplifting Sugar Buff body scrub to polish your body
and a Breakfast Smoothie face exfoliation make this an
invigorating and refreshing all-over treatment, leaving the
skin top-to-toe soft, revitalised and hydrated. The perfect
preparation to begin your vacation or special event. Go and
30 minutes
Full body brushing to remove dead skin, leaving you invigorated
and silky smooth. Includes softer brushing on the face and
décolletage. Softening balm is then buffed and polished into
the skin.
Head massage and hair treatment
30 minutes
This relaxing and vitalising acupressure head massage releases
fatigue and tension. You’ll experience an invigorating scalp
scrub and vitamin rich hair mask to feed, strengthen and
thicken the hair.
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
Your Champagne finale
by Veuve Clicquot and butter London
House Spa’s hand and foot treatments include
cuticle grooming, filing, clipping and buffing
along with moisturizing massages. They are
therapeutically effective and are the perfect
base for your perfectly-applied nail colour.
Options include French finish or a naturally
buffed shine.
Did we mention the Champagne…?
A sparkling glass of Veuve (or two) can be
served with any of the treatments overleaf.
Nails and Toes and Veuve Clicquots
30 minutes with polish
Lavish your hands with vitamin-infused cream of Green Tea, a simple
classic manicure using innovative products that require no soaking.
45 minutes with polish
A nourishing treatment for hands in need of a little attention.
Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Shea Butter and Vitamin E calm and
soften over-exposed skin and reduce splitting nails. Expect silky-soft
hand recovery.
45 minutes no polish
60 minutes with polish
A therapeutic hand treatment and manicure using nourishing cream
of Mango Peach and a warm hand mask for super hydration. All
followed by deep hand massage sequences. We ease and relax overused hands, helping to reduce fine lines and poor circulation.
45 minutes with polish
A pedicure with dreamy foot creams and a hard skin remover that
requires no soaking – all finished with a perfect toe polish.
60 minutes with polish
A deeply-moisturizing pedicure to soften dry, cracked skin. Marine
salts soften soles, oils effectively re-hydrate and revitalize: a delicious
foot massage finished with butter London Stiletto stick for cracked
heels and perfect polishing.
60 minutes no polish
75 minutes with polish
A luxurious, intense foot massage and pedicure. Begin with a
refreshing salt footbath to encourage the removal of dry skin. We
buff with nourishing sweet almond oil and vitamin E creams, massage
your feet and then apply a warm revitalizing foot mask to reduce
wrinkles and improve circulation.
Sometimes you need a little extra help to improve your nails. The
Gelish nail system allows you to have glossy nails that last and last.
Gelish Foundation Gel has adhesive properties that attract to the
keratin in the natural nail, not causing any depletion, but acting as a
two-sided tape to adhere the polish to the nail itself. Go as glam or
as naturally nude as you like, knowing that your manicure won’t chip
or fade away.
A nurturing removal for gel nails. A treatment that aims to improve
nail moisture and smoothness, ensuring tip-top conditioning after
gel removal.
15 minutes
The quickest of fixes to paint pre-prepared nails or repair chipped
polish perfectly. No gels.
Ask us about:
Full Leg
Half Leg
Bikini Line
Bikini Line Brazilian style
Under Arms
Face Wax
Back Wax or Chest Wax
Eyebrow Wax
Eyelash & Brow Colouring
House Rules...
For bookings and enquiries, please call us on 01386 859910 or e-mail us at
[email protected]
Swimsuits are required for all bathing areas and The Thermal Suite. Please
bring your own. Robes, slippers and towels are provided.
Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment. You will need to book
for treatments, use of the Thermal Suite, Bathing Room and Personal Fitness
Studio. The Double Room treatment suite can be requested at the time
of booking and is subject to availability. For non-resident bookings, we will
require your full address, telephone number and debit or credit card details.
If you are having a treatment without bathing, you would normally keep
some underwear on - your therapist can provide you with disposable briefs
if you prefer. Our therapists are professionally trained in draping techniques
to ensure your privacy and comfort at all times. Shampoo, conditioner and
shower gel are available to use in our changing rooms. It is advisable to leave
jewellery and valuables in your room or at home.
Cancellation is required at least 24 hours in advance of your treatment/s or
Spa Day. Groups of six or more need to give at least 72 hours’ notice. If we
are unable to resell your booking, a charge will be made on your debit or
credit card.
At the start of your spa day you will complete a medical questionnaire. It
is important for us to know if you are pregnant or have undergone recent
surgery. We also need to know about any medical issues such as high blood
pressure, heart problems, varicose veins, allergies or other serious condition.
Please let us know at the time of booking so we can ensure that your
treatment is suitable for you. All treatments are booked subject to medical
status. Suitability of treatments will be reconfirmed on arrival at the Spa.
If you fail to notify us prior to your visit of pregnancy or a medical condition,
we reserve the right to refuse offering treatments and charge for the
treatment time reserved.
Please don’t drink alcohol before using the thermal suite, garden hydro pool
or infinity pool. Thermal bathing and the hydro pool are not suitable for
pregnant guests.
Thermal bathing, The Bubble Bath and treatments are only available to guests
of 16 years and over.
We advise you to arrive for your first appointment 15 minutes ahead of time,
to allow you to complete your health questionnaire and relax. If you are late,
your treatment time may be shortened and the same treatment price will
apply. To make the most of your treatment, you are welcome to take time to
unwind in the relaxation areas.
HOTEL GUESTS – for your comfort and convenience, you will find a robe
and slippers in your wardrobe. Please change into them if possible before
coming to the Spa. You can access the Spa from first floor bedrooms without
having to pass Reception.
Out of courtesy to all our Spa guests, we appreciate you leaving your mobile
phone switched off in your locker or in your room.
Gift Vouchers are available for all our treatments. We can send them directly
to you or the recipient, or deliver them to your room for your arrival. We will
be happy to create a bespoke Spa Collection for you. Please visit the website or call us on 01386 859910
The Temple Spa products used during your treatments are available for you
to purchase. To order your favourite products, or to discuss your individual
needs with a therapist, simply call 01386 859910 or email [email protected] We will happily post products to you, or deliver them to your room.
All details in this brochure are subject to change and availability at time of
Twitter: @dormyhouse
Facebook /dormyhousehotel
D O R M Y H O U S E . C O. U K
We are open...
Monday to Saturday
Club, Studios & Thermal 7am to 9pm
Spa Treatments 9am to 8pm
Club, Studios & Thermal 8am to 7pm
Spa Treatments 10am to 6pm
For bookings and enquiries, please call us on 01386 859910
or e-mail us at [email protected]
Dormy House Hotel
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