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Honda GC Series
Honda Engines introduces the Honda GC Series – quiet, efficient
engines specifically designed for home-use power equipment
applications. A number of innovative design features – including the
world’s first internal timing belt on an engine of this kind, a tough
nylon overhead cam and uniblock construction – make the GC
engines lighter and more compact than other engines in their class,
with significantly reduced noise, fuel and oil consumption. Combined
with Honda’s innovative DuaLube™ lubrication system, the result is a
DurationCR Controlled-Release Fertilizers
simple, sophisticated design that minimizes the number of parts and
Koch Agronomic Services, LLC’s Duration® family of controlled-
can reduce some potential maintenance needs.
release fertilizers features advanced, polymer-coated technology that
reliably releases nitrogen, continually feeding turf for up to 180 days
HS720A and HS720AS models
per application.
Honda Power Equipment introduces the all-new HS720 series
Duration CR® fertilizer releases nitrogen gradually throughout
of premium residential snow blowers. The Honda engineering
the growing season, eliminating plant stress and producing healthy,
team integrated several key feature updates into the HS720A and
green turf that’s more resistant to weeds and diseases. Its annual
HS720AS models to provide excellent snow throwing performance
cost per square foot is less than conventional fertilizers, and, with
and convenient operation in a compact package for homeowners
fewer applications, nitrogen use is reduced by up to 40 percent.
and commercial users. Powered by a lightweight OHC Honda GC190
Fewer applications also leave more time to provide other services to
engine, the HS720 models deliver excellent fuel economy with optimal
more properties for greater productivity. And, because plants take
power output. The GC190 premium residential engine maintains its
up more nitrogen, less is lost to leaching and volatilization, making
reputation as a quiet, easy-starting, durable engine within the HS720,
Duration CR® a more environmentally friendly alternative.
even in the most frigid conditions. The new HS720AS model adds an
easy to use electric start with a 120 volt AC electric starter.
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