Here`s what you can expect at Gaylaxicon/Bent

Gaylaxicon 2015
Lambda Sci Fi: DC Area Gaylaxians is the proud host of
Gaylaxicon at Bent-Con 2015.
Location: Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel and
Convention Center (Burbank, California)
Dates: November 6 – 8, 2015 (Friday thru Sunday)
Membership: $60 weekend rate (daily rates available)
NOTE: Bent-Con is a Tax-Exempt Corporation. Your
Membership purchase *is* tax deductible.
Here are some handy links:
The Bent-Con website:
Membership (on-line registration):
Hotel info & reservations:
Progress Report # 1 (with lots of helpful information about Gaylaxicon and Bent-Con:
Here’s what you can expect at Gaylaxicon/Bent-Con 2015:
 Meet and talk with artists, costumers, writers, publishers, directors,
actors, and producers who create works targeted directly to LGBT
 Attend presentations, interviews, formal panel discussions, and/or
workshops conducted by these creators and contributors.
 Visit the extensive dealers’ room to purchase graphic novels, comics,
films, books, and related merchandise.
 Join in the fun in the game room, costume shows, “game shows”, a
dance, a pool party, and other great events.
Bent-Con is a 5-year-old convention
showcasing comic-book, sci-fi, fantasy and
horror artists, writers, creators, publishers,
directors, actors, and producers who create
media targeted directly to LGBTQ audiences,
as well as to the larger realm of underground
and mainstream pop-culture.
Since 1988, Affiliates of the Gaylactic Network
have hosted Gaylaxicon, an “almost annual”
science-fiction/fantasy/horror convention for
LGBTQ fans and their friends.
This year, Gaylaxicon is hosted by Lambda
Sci-Fi: DC Area Gaylaxians, a 25-year-old
club for LGBTQ fans and their friends.