VÄRDE Freestanding Kitchen Units BUYING GUIDE

Freestanding Kitchen Units
Mikael Warnhammar.
The worktops have been factory
treated with one coat of oil.
To ensure that the worktop
retains its durable surface for
many years to come, it should be
treated with BEHANDLA wood
treatment oil 3–5 times a year.
When necessary, stainless
steel surfaces should be wiped
with a sponge or a cloth and
detergent after use. Always wipe
VÄRDE is made of solid wood.
This is a good material both
from the point of view of
quality and with regard to
the environment. Wood is a
renewable resource.It is also
recyclable and bio-degradable.
None of our solid wood products
are made from timber taken from
intact natural forests.
IKEA works constantly at
improving the standards of forest
management and availability of
certified wood. Year after year
we increase substantially the
share of certified solid wood for
the production of solid wood
Choose VÄRDE freestanding units to complete your kitchen. Each unit
is complete in itself and just like any other piece of furniture – easy to
plan for and easy to buy. You can also move them any time you want
to change your kitchen to reflect your needs, moods or taste or take
them along if you move house. You also don’t have to buy everything
at once – you can start with a few units and add more as you go.
VÄRDE has many practical details. To name a few: the adjustable
shelves that help you make room for both tall cans and short ones,
and the adjustable legs that make the units stand steady, even on
uneven floors. Yet more smart solutions: the white-lacquered cabinet
backs that enable you to place the units in the centre of a room.
VÄRDE is made of light materials, like solid birch, white melamine,
stainless steel and birch veneer. This freestanding kitchen is robust and
durable, which makes it suitable for use in other rooms at home or the
office. VÄRDE can also be combined with our fixed kitchen, FAKTUM,
with matching doors. All handles and knobs are included, but you can
also buy them separately to create a fully co-ordinated kitchen.
All the products (shown here) may not be available at the store. Please contact the staff or look at www.ikea.co.uk
for more information. For more detailed product information, see the pricetag and the Internet. All units require assembly.
Wall storage has never been smarter. Fit cabinets singly or
in combination with others. The tempered glass shelf is
adjustable to optimise the storage of plates, glasses, dishes,
etc. The folding door takes up very little space when open.
VÄRDE glass door wall cabinet £140
Matching kitchen wall shelf
VÄRDE wall shelf is a smart assistant in the kitchen. You can
hang utensils on the hooks and tea towels on the rail, put
spices and other important things on the shelf – and it matches
other products in the VÄRDE series, too, of course.
VÄRDE wall shelf birch £30
Conjure up a dining area. Combine VÄRDE base cabinet with
a somewhat wider worktop – and you’ve conjured up both
a pleasant dining area and a practical extra work surface.
In the four drawers you can keep napkins, candles and other
things you want close at hand.
This combination £400 (198.680.10)
Cabinet for built-in oven/hob with worktop.
Birch/birch veneer/stainless steel. Worktop in oiled solid
birch; can be sanded and surface treated as required.
2 adjustable shelves.
176x65x90 cm
398.259.96 £339
Glass-door cabinet. 120x37x61 cm.
Space-saving folding door and 1 adjustable shelf of
tempered glass.
601.583.99 £140
901.584.11 £140
Base cabinet. Birch/birch veneer/white.
1 adjustable shelf.
176x65x90 cm
146.316.07 £300
Shelf with 5 hooks. 140x21x50 cm.
800.942.45 £30
502.413.37 £35
Shelf. 50x21x140 cm.
Base cabinet with worktop. Birch/birch veneer/white.
146x65x90 cm
398.680.09 £350
Drawer unit. Birch/birch veneer/stainless steel.
106x65x90 cm
900.492.00 £275
Shelving unit. Birch/birch veneer.
146x37x90 cm
801.584.16 £180
100.942.44 £30
102.413.39 £35
Worktop. Oiled solid birch; can be cut to length, sanded
and surface treated as required.
146x65x2.7 cm
900.149.22 £50
146x100x2.7 cm
001.584.15 £100
176x65x2.7 cm
900.534.71 £80
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