2015 Kentucky Science Student survey Note to Instructors: If you

2015 Kentucky Science Student survey
Note to Instructors: If you would like to use this survey in your classroom it may be
administered as a ScanTron (using the large form report with % of each answer rather
than using an answer key); Please send answer forms by mail so that we can enter
participating students in a drawing for Tshirts.
It may also be administered using clickers: please ask for % breakdown of each
answer, and collect data into Excel if possible.
Please send results of the survey by May 30 2015 to [email protected];
727 W. Main St. Louisville KY 40202. (859) 227-2837. Thank you!
Greetings Kentucky Science students:
Thank you for sharing your views on science, science
education and science careers in Kentucky. As a
gesture of appreciation for your participation we will
be doing a drawing to give away 10 KAS Tshirts to
science students who participate in this survey.
Please include your contact information on the form provided to you and
write in your preferred Tshirt size & color (black or gray).
1. I am:
You’re entered in a drawing for one of these snazzy Kentucky Academy of Science Tshirts when you complete this survey. Thank you!
a. An undergraduate in a public college or university in Kentucky
b. An undergraduate in a private college or university in Kentucky
c. A graduate student in the sciences
d. Something else
2. Would you say about yourself:
a. I am majoring in a scientific discipline
b. I am not majoring in a scientific discipline
c. I am uncertain
3. Why did you join the Kentucky Academy of Science? (multiple answers ok) If you are
not a member choose N/A and continue.
a. To present my research at the KAS Annual meeting
b. To be eligible for research grants, or to access the Journal of the Kentucky Academy of
c. To meet and network with other scientists and find out about events, jobs, internships, and
other science opportunities
d. For the prestige or honor of a scientific society
e. N/A I am not a member
2. Someday I hope to have a job…. (multiple answers ok)
a. Doing science in the private (corporate or nonprofit) sector
b. Doing science in the public sector
c. Doing science in an academic setting
d. Not doing science at all
e. Using science in some way
What could the Kentucky Academy of Science offer students that would be most
helpful? Please rate the following on a scale from 1 (a) (least helpful) to 5 (c) (most
3. Research opportunities
4. Research funding
5. Scientific Publishing opportunities
6. Career development (panels, site visits, shadowing, etc.)
7. Networking with peers
8. Networking with other academics or graduate schools
9. Networking with professionals outside of academia
10. Training and professional development (suggest a topic in the box at the bottom) such as
Writing tips, publishing tips, keeping up with trends in your field, etc.
11. Webinars (suggest a topic in the box at the bottom)
12. Field trips or open houses
13. Volunteer opportunities (teaching, mentoring, citizen science, etc)
14. How do you think Science & science education are changing in the 21st century?
What will science and science education look like in the future?
a. More people will be doing science and science literacy will be higher
b. Fewer people will be doing science and science literacy will be lower
c. Research will be more important
d. Research will be less important
e. Methods and media for communicating science will change dramatically
15. What role do you think a scientific society like KAS should play in the 21st century?
a. Connecting scientists to each other & fostering scientific communication
b. Preparing the next generation of scientists
c. Funding or otherwise supporting meaningful scientific research in Kentucky
d. Promoting and communicating science to the general public
e. Connecting scientists to jobs, civic sector organizations, media outlets, volunteerism, etc.
16. If you are not a member, would you consider joining? Find a link to join at kyscience.org (look at the bottom of the homepage.) a. Yes I am interested in joining the KY Academy of Science
b. No I am not interested
c. Maybe
d. I'm already a member
17. Would you be interested in recruiting more members?
a. Yes
b. No
c. maybe
18. Please tell us any ideas you have for programs, services, or anything else, at the
bottom of this survey (if applicable) or by email at [email protected]
with the subject line “KAS Student Survey”