This Impossibly Light Electric Bike Is Gonna Set You Back

This Impossibly Light Electric Bike Is Gonna Set You Back
Titanium bikes are really expensive, and many of them actually expect you to do all the pedaling yourself.
The ProdecoTech Titanio 29er won’t save you any money, but this pedal-assist electric bike will save you
some energy. Most electric bikes are made explicitly for rolling on pavement, but this is a real trail-ready
29er, complete with a brushed-titanium frame, a traditional mountain bike drivetrain, and disc brakes.
Looking at the photo, you may be thinking, “OK, it’s an electric bike, so where the hell is the battery
pack?” Well, you see that water bottle? That’s actually the a 33V/9.3Ah battery, which is rated for up to
30 miles per charge and kicks the bike up to a top speed of 18mph. The motor is a front-wheel 250W rig
that offers five levels of motorized assist giddy-up. Max output is 420 watts—more than enough to get
you up and over your local muur.
At just under 33 pounds, it’s a little heavy for a bike with 29-inch rims, which are usually in the mid-20pound range. But in the realm of electric bikes, it’s impossibly light—even fold-up electric bikes meant
for easy carrying usually weigh 7 to 15 pounds more than this one. You can ride this thing around without
anyone knowing that it’s an expensive titanium electric bike. They’ll just think it’s an expensive normal
titanium bike.
It’s pricey: $5,000.
(Source: Accessed March 30, 3015)