About Us
KUARIX is a FinTech company based in Barcelona &
Brussels established in early 2014. Our objective is to
provide small & medium size companies with better
exchange rates than banks. The KUARIX online platform
has been developed to deliver state-of-the art technology
that facilitate access to real time mid-market rates through
web-based tools including FX alerts & trading access.
We serve clients across the globe and operate in over 55
currencies in more than 200 countries. We deliver a clear,
simple, easy-to-use and safe payment platform that
changes the way businesses transfer money around the
world. We provide a Peer-to-Peer Online Payment
Platform, mid-market exchange rates, hedging of currency
transactions for businesses and private individuals.
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Why to choose KUARIX? Transparency
As opposed to traditional
financial institutions, we
never apply any hidden
commissions. We quote
the real mid-market
exchange rate.
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Secure Platform
Experienced Team
Our client’s funds are
segregated within escrow
accounts. We provide a
completely controlled
transaction process within
a regulatory framework.
Our expert team have
wide-ranging FOREX
knowledge, having worked
in top financial institutions
and companies. We excel
in offering the highest
levels of service.
Online Platform
K U A R I X o ff e r s a l l t h e
services & tools you need,
integrated into a single
platform to ensure success
in managing multi-currency
The Process
KUARIX offers all the services & tools you need integrated into a single
platform to ensure success in managing multi-currency transactions. Our
powerful technology allows access to currency markets in real time,
detailed reports for your multi-currency accounting with the ultimate goal
of converting currencies at the very best rate.
1 Make / Receive
payments to third
party accounts
worldwide [email protected]
2 Convert currencies at the best rate thus avoiding rate fluctua6on 3 Funds held in
escrow accounts INCREASE
+55 Available currencies
EUR (Euro) USD (US Dollar) GBP (Bri6sh Pound) CHF (Swiss Franc) AUD (Australia) CAD (Canada) JPY (Japan) MXN (Mexico) SEK (Sweden) TRY (Turkey) DKK (Denmark) 1
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HKD (Hong Kong) HUF (Hungary) CZK (Czech Rep) NOK (Norway) NZD (New Zealand) PLN (Poland) THB (Thailand) ZAR (South Africa) RON (Romania) LTL (Lithuania) RUB (Russia) Etc. The best rates available on the market
KUARIX´S plaAorm allows you to perform foreign exchange transac6ons at a cheaper rate than your bank. CuIng‐edge technology specialised in F O R E X & i n t e r n a 6 o n a l payments allow you to avoid tradi6onal high & opaque bank commissions. Conver6ng currencies and transferring money abroad can be expensive. KUARIX guarantees cheaper rates each and every 6me. SPOT TRANSACTIONS // The exchange rate is set immediately online and you receive the funds on the same day. 2
FORWARD CONTRACTS // Edge FX risk by seIng the FX rate now for a future transac6on. Note that we also offer flexible forwards (also known as FX op6on forwards). Compliance & Regulation
A Controlled transaction process within a regulatory framework
KUARIX is powered by FX4Biz, licensed to operate by the Na/onal Bank of Belgium (BNB) Monitored
All our transac6ons are subject to strict IT & fraud preven6on controls laid down by BNB
We are regularly inspected by external auditors such as Mazars and Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° [email protected]
Our Portfolio
We predict a steady growth in 2015 An ever growing network of clients
Since the creation of KUARIX in early 2014 we have developed
an ever-growing portfolio of corporate clients. We predict a
steady growth in 2015 to reach our targets of $200 million in
KUARIX is a Boutique foreign exchange specialist
offering tailor-made solutions to corporates and
high net-worth individuals.
Our clients choose KUARIX because we offer the
very best rates available. For every 1 Million USD
on average our clients save 20.000 USD
compared to banks or brokers.
A handful of our trusted clients [email protected]
Client Testimonials
CFO // Controller
High‐Tech Consultancy “Finding KUARIX has been a very posi8ve change for our company as we have experienced currency vola8lity that has greatly affected our revenue. I am pleased with the fast and efficient service and I would highly recommend KUARIX”. [email protected]
Finance Director
Gaming Developer “I was pleasantly surprised with the service. The team is helpful and provide a personalised advice & service based on our currency needs. We have also introduced KUARIX to our partners abroad”. CFO
Import / Export “KUARIX has given us an easy way to fund our transac8ons, everything runs very smoothly”. Team Kuarix
Let’s us do the work, then we do our best
Foreign Exchange (FX)
P2P Finance
Financial Planning
Strategic Vision
Samuel Barbieux
CEO & Founder Benoit Gimbert
CMO & Co‐founder Jonathan Garcia
Sales Director
Mathieu Decroix
CFO The KUARIX team is made-up
of individuals from a range of
backgrounds. We believe that
diversity helps us deliver our
service, by drawing on the
experience of our team across
disciplines. We excel in offering
the highest levels of service.
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We look forward to hearing from you…
Contact us!
Kuarix is fully supported. You can reach us via telephone or email. We offer a personalised service to each client. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any query regarding our service. BARCELONA
HQ: Paseo De Gracia, 61, 3.1 - 08007 - Barcelona, Spain
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Contact one of our Foreign Exchange Experts
at KUARIX. We will be pleased to answer any
questions you may have.
Try one our demos to experience the KUARIX
online platform for yourself, one of our
consultants will guide you through the platform.
KUARIX specializes in Foreign Exchange and
international currency transfer. As an expert, KUARIX
will help minimize the risk associated with international
transactions, saving you time and money.