Dear Kentfield School District parents, It is with great honor and

601 Taylor way, San Carlos, CA 94070
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Dear Kentfield School District parents,
It is with great honor and enthusiasm that we will be servicing Kentfield Schools for the 2015-2016 school
As a thought leader in our industry, The LunchMaster has been providing food services for schools and
districts throughout California. Our mission is simple and one we have diligently followed for over 20
years; to prepare and deliver healthy and affordable scratched cooked meals that kids love, using the best
Everything is made fresh daily in our nut-free, state of the art facility located in San Rafael, CA. We use
only the finest all natural and minimally processed ingredients, and purchase local and organic products
based on market availability.
At The LunchMaster, we care about the health and well-being of your child and understand that eating
healthy and exercising are conducive towards their development and academic success.
We work closely with our Registered Dietitian to ensure that all menu items are healthy, contain no
transfat, have reduced sugars, and are low in sodium.
Highlights of our philosophy include:
 In-depth HACCP Plan and allergen management to ensure your child’s food is safe
 Meat is all natural, hormone, steroid, nitrate and antibiotic free
 Whole grains, whole wheat and white wheat items are always emphasized in our tortillas, breads,
and pastas
 Organic fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are provided, based on market availability
 Milk is organic, hormone and rBST-free
 We also care about social end environment responsibility so look out for our carbon footprint and
impact on the environment. Our entrée plates are all ecofriendly, either biodegradable or recycled
We also believe in educating families and students on making healthier choices and strive towards this
goal each and every day:
 We always offer at least two new menu items each month and keep them in rotation throughout
the year; this helps develop the various taste palettes
 Make food and nutrition fun
 Nutritional education lessons for all ages and grade levels which include, but are not limited to:
 School based farmer’s markets
How to read a nutrition label
601 Taylor way, San Carlos, CA 94070
855-LM-LUNCH (855-565-8624)
Main: (650) 596-8008/Fax: (650) 596-8006
The importance of having a healthy heart rate
Creating a Healthy Plate
Understanding the importance of exercise
The importance of drinking water
Limiting fried foods, soda, and sweets
You can order meals as early as one month in advance and as late as same day delivery through our userfriendly online platform. The order deadline is 10:00AM the previous business day from delivery. For same
day “late orders”, the deadline is 6:45AM with a convenience extra charge of $1.50.
We are very excited to be servicing Kentfield Schools and will work hard to ensure that the staff and your
students are provided with elite service.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our dedicated customer service
representatives will be happy to assist you.
On behalf of The LunchMaster team, Thank you!
Best Regards,
Mike Marques
Director of Sales – Nor Cal