The 90 Day Challenge for…

The 90 Day Challenge for…
Rosacea is a common, yet often misunderstood, inflammatory skin disease that may cause facial redness,
sensitive skin, burning, stinging, swelling, papules, pustules, broken red capillary veins, red gritty eyes,
and in more advanced cases, a disfiguring bulbous nose. Often misdiagnosed as adult acne, allergy or
eczema, Rosacea, if left untreated, tends to worsen over time. A susceptibility to Rosacea, called prerosacea, can be detected in teens or early 20’s. It is even reported in children; however, men and women
of all ages can be affected, with over 45 million estimated sufferers of Rosacea worldwide.
According to medical research, there is no proven cause for Rosacea; yet, many believe it may be a
vascular disorder because of its association with flushing, redness and visible blood vessels. Others feel
it is aggravated by the nervous system, triggered by emotional stress, or even caused by the presence
of a microscopic mite! Whatever your opinion, there is no disagreement that there is a correlation to
inflammation and should be addressed in treatment and daily care.
Home Care Pre-Treat One Week Prior to First Treatment
Sensitive Skin Complex
Sallix Alva
This highly specialized serum contains Sallix Alba and Totarol, supporting
inflammation, infection prone skin and other skin irritations while providing
a high degree of environmental protection from such things as UV rays,
pollution, and stress. Many incredible components go into this very unique
formula to make it a superior product for not just Rosacea prone skin, but
sensitive, reactive skin as well – compatible with any skin type!.
Gentle Rejuvenator
A blend of amino acids, antioxidant and AHA that takes skin through a gentle corrective process
working universally for all skin types. The natural acidity of phytic acid makes it a perfect addition to
peels providing the necessary acidity and preventing the formation of damaging radicals that follows
cell disruption caused by the peel.
Salicylic Retinol Serum
Beta A Conditioner will rejuvenate and strengthen skin in general, and will assist in softening fine
lines, minimizing pores, and suppressing flare-ups. It smoothes and freshens skin, and is especially
beneficial for combating rosacea. It improves the skin’s water barrier, stimulates the growth of tiny
blood vessels, inhibits melanasomes within melanocytes and speeds up the production of collagen; in
Rosacea 90 Day Program consists of doing…
3 Corrective Facials, 3 Peels, and 3 Post Peel Treatments
within 3 months
Start the month with - Rhonda Allison Corrective Facial
1 week later - Rhonda Allison Peel
7 to 10 days later - Rhonda Allison Post Peel Treatment
Repeat steps the following 2 months
Naturally Soothing Facial (Facial Recipe eBook pg. 41)
This soothing facial is an excellent treatment for rosacea/sensitive skin. As a mild treatment room
exfoliant, Bromelain Enzyme Paste gives the skin antioxidant benefits while dissolving keratin and
aiding in the removal of cells from the stratum corneum.
“A” Youthful Source (Art of Skin Peels eBook pg. 68)
For a quick, easy series program, this treatment is very effective for many skin conditions. Strengthens
the integrity of the skin, subdues the fragility of capillaries, and reduces fine lines and wrinkle formation.
Good for most all skin types, this peel will also help to minimize acne.
Rosacea Peel (Art of Skin Peels eBook pg. 130)
Rejuvenation for sensitive skin, the Rosacea Peel reduces inflammation and provides supportive,
soothing properties to rosacea prone skin. With antibacterial support, this progressive peel creates a
mild exfoliation for a smoother texture and healthier appearance.
Four Layer Beta Peel (Art of Skin Peels eBook pg. 140)
Strengthening skin and improving hydration, this deep peel minimizes skin sensitivities and is especially
good for clients with dry skin that could benefit from a rejuvenating treatment.
The Essential Post Peel Follow-Up (Facial Recipe eBook pg. 44)
Post care following any corrective procedure is essential - assuring proper cell renewal, aiding with
wound repair, and reducing skin irritations. Fortified with oligo elements, The Essential Post Peel
Follow Up inspires healthy DNA and enhances mitochondrial ability, providing skin with the natural
healing elements of papaya and aloe vera.
Rosacea Home Care
All skins are unique and require individual, customized attention to determine the most appropriate
path to take toward healthier skin and relieve the signs and symptoms of Rosacea.
Home Care
Citrus Gel Cleanser, Purifying Lotion, Sea Gems, Exotica Rhodiola Cream,
and Daytime Defense SPF 30
Citrus Gel Cleanser, Rosacea Serum or Mandelic/Arginine Serum, Sea Gems, and Growth Factor
NOTE: Always monitor the use of any home care corrective before and after any peeling treatment.