COPA Flight 101 Minutes of meeting and TC Seminar (medical

COPA Flight 101
Minutes of meeting and TC Seminar (medical) Wednesday April 1, 2015 Start at 19:05 hrs
Bob Burns welcomed the attendees.
Motion- Bill Fry, to accept minutes of the meeting (Mar 4/15). Seconded by Tom Savage – CARRIED
Bob Burns explained that the WiFi excess bandwidth charges were becoming quite a concern, as normal
usage would only involve pilots looking for weather, etc. A vote was made to determine whether we
should discontinue sponsoring this service or not. The majority voted for discontinuing. CARRIED
Al Darling stated the club was solvent and exact numbers would be supplied to members upon request.
Flavelle Barrett asked for a vote regarding the Christmas dinner/dance planning. We will hire the l’ll Big
Band again to be held at the Admiral Inn-Lindsay on December 12, 2015. Motion to accept by George
Hache. Seconded by Bill Fry. CARRIED
Bruno Luzak will be handling Fly-Outs. Suggestions are to be forwarded to Bruno.
In the absence of Gerry Roque, Sabrina represented FlyCanadian and mentioned that a RedBird flight
simulator is proposed for installation at FlyCanadian.
Tom Savage stated that the management of CNF4, in the future, will be carried out by Loomex Group
(who manage CYPQ). Tom Savage will remain on the Kawartha Lakes Airport Board.
Tom said that the city is undergoing a complete upgrade to their accounting system and the city is
actively pursuing aviation related businesses to locate in Lindsay.
Dr. James (Jim) Pfaff – TC Regional Aviation Medical Officer for Ontario Region was introduced as the
evening’s guest speaker by Bob Burns.
Dr. Pfaff began flying as an air cadet, moved on to the military and then became an MD. His log book
includes many types on up to the Starfighter.
His tours of duty took him to many places. Most of his postings were in Europe.
Dr. Pfaff's slides were fascinating and his talk was received with rapt attention with question period
lasting well beyond closing. Thank you Dr. Pfaff.
Motion for adjournment was made by Ray Plante. Seconded by Rick Carpenter – CARRIED at 20:51hrs
Attendee count = 41
Compiled by Jim Baldwin – Sec. Kawartha Lakes Flying Club (Lindsay) COPA Flight 101