2.6 Map F: Pickering

Map F: Pickering
F1. From Leas Farm down to Barker Stakes there are drainage issues and some potholes which
should preferably be addressed to reduce the dangers to cyclists. Pickering Showground has also
indicated there is potential cycle route out onto Haygate Lane and join the Malton – Pickering route.
The road past Leas Farm is an attractive cycling route especially as is passes the river. Potholes however mean you spend
more time looking at the road surface than you do at the scenery.
F2. Goslipgate and Leas Lane as far as Leas Farm would be fine in good weather but flooding is an
issue after wet weather.
Looking south from the old railway bridge down Gosipgate
F3. The route into Pickering uses quiet residential roads which have traffic calming to reduce vehicle
F4. The main junction in Pickering between Southgate, The Ropery, Hungate and Vivis Lane is large,
busy and not currently suited to the route’s target cyclists. To better accommodate for cyclists the
end of Train Lane should be opened up for cyclists to use. In the north bound direction the
movement of cyclists is straightforward as they will be coming out of Vivis Lane with motor traffic. An
advanced stop line for cyclists going in this direction would be beneficial. For the southbound
direction a new ‘cycle’ phase would have to be introduced in the traffic lights. It would work like the
pedestrian phase as it would be operated by a press button. This is a similar arrangement to that
which exists in Harrogate on the junction of Stray Rein with busy A6040 York Place.
Currently the Traffic Signal Team at County Hall do not support this proposal as they do not want to
introduce more 'red time' onto the motor traffic flows. We looked at alternative routes for a
convenient, safe and comfortable route into Pickering for cyclists and only found two which matched
the standards the route is trying to achieve whilst taking into consideration other road users and
cost. The alternate route is discussed in point F7 but we believe F4 is the most appropriate and
realistic. NYCC Highways did suggest they would support the introduction of Advanced Stop Lines
but we see this only as a minimal advantage and not a large enough improvement at this location for
the route user targeted.
Looking across from Lidl to Train Lane and the proposed cycle traffic light
Cycle Lights in action on the Stray in Harrogate
F5. Potter Hill is a quieter road and offers a better route into the centre of Pickering.
F6. There is some cycle parking in Pickering but more parking should be spread throughout the town.
Cycle parking at the top of Market Place
Cycle parking at the bottom of Market Place
F7. Other routes into Pickering were considered. However only one was seen as a possibility due to
other constraints. If you carry on down Goslipgate into Pickering then cross straight over the A170
and through the car park of the Working Men’s Club you come out on Potter Hill which leads through
to the town centre. This would have to be negotiated with the club and may involve compensation
payments. We see chances of a successful negotiation quite low considering the arrangement of the
car park.