new traffic signal arrangements at queen street and vernon avenue

Figure A
Figure B
On May 31, 2015, the traffic signals at the intersection of Queen Street and Vernon Avenue will have a new look
similar to the ones pictured in Figure A above. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has scheduled
the existing vertically hung traffic signals to be removed and replaced by horizontal traffic signals attached to the
span wire. This change is being made not only to maintain the height requirement established for traffic signals
by the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices), but also as an alternative to the more costly options
of raising all the existing utility lines (i.e. phone, cable, electric) or installing higher poles.
The horizontal and vertical traffic signals work the same, but have a different placement of the red, yellow, and
green indications. Instead of a top-to-bottom arrangement, the horizontal traffic signal has a left-to-right
arrangement with the red ball on the left, yellow in the middle, and green on the right end of the signal. Several
of the new traffic signals to be installed at this location will look similar to Figure B above, with an arrow in one of
the indications for the protected left turning phases off of Queen Street and Vernon Avenue. The traffic signals
will operate the same as they have in the past.
The installation of these new traffic signals is scheduled to start in the morning hours of May 31st. It is anticipated that this work will take most of the day to complete. The intersection will be completely closed to all traffic
and detours will be in place. Upon completion of the work, the Queen Street and Vernon Avenue intersection will
re-open for traffic.