No. 9. 27 03 15 - Kingsville Primary School

Issue No. 09 – 27 March 2015
Dates to
Term 2
Mon 13 Apr
Mon 27 Apr
Tues 28 Apr
Wed 6 May
12 – 14
Tues 2 June
Mon 8 June
Mon 15 June
Fri 26 June
Term 2 begins
School Council meeting 6.30p.m.
2016 Prep Information Night
PYP Parent Information Night
NAPLAN testing grades 3 and 5
School Photos
Public Holiday – Queen’s
School Council meeting 6.30p.m.
 Casual Clothes Day (fundraising)
 Last Day Term 2 – 2.30p.m.
Term dates 2015
Term 2 - 13 April to 26 June
Term 3 - 13 July to 18 September
Term 4 - 5 October to 18 December
Well, it’s the last week of Term 1 and just like the
past 8 weeks it has been busy and productive. Like
every week at Kingsville, there is a great deal to be
proud of. Teachers, students, support staff and
parents have worked together to ensure a positive
start for all our students. The preps have settled into
the routine of school life and our grade one to five
students have taken on the challenges of their new
year level. The grade six students have begun their
final year of primary school which involves many
opportunities to synthesize the essential elements
of the PYP.
Through collaborative work by teachers and
students the 26 individual learning environments
are set up with essential agreements, classroom
libraries, numeracy centres and a range of anchor
charts and displays that support student learning.
The Kingsville program of instruction is well and
truly embedded and our specialist programs have
enhanced the learning on a weekly basis.
There have been many highlights in our first term
including the information night sessions, parent
teacher meetings, prep picnic, swimming, cross
country, gala day events, a ‘share and connect’,
secondary school visits by the grade 5 and 6
students and also our student leaders being
acknowledged. There have also been many more
individual, group or whole class achievements
occurring on a regular basis in the learning
environments around the school.
We had a wonderful finish to the term with our
traditional Easter Hat Parade. We saw an amazing
collection of designs and creations that drew on and
demonstrated the attitude of enthusiasm being
General Guidelines for Parents when making any Payments to the school:
End of Terms 1, 2 & 3
End of Term 4
Cash Payments
All payments need to be made prior to 10:00am on the last day of term.
All payments must be made 2 days prior to the end of term.
Correct money is requested, as change cannot always be provided.
School Council President Leah Young 0418 369 039
OSHC Camp Australia 0401 054 261
School Uniform Primary School Wear 9363 8458
Program Manager Asi Malu
willing to put in the effort to the process and the
ability to enjoy the opportunity.
Well done everyone, enjoy the break and Easter
and we will see you in second term which begins on
Monday April 13 .
Jeff McDonald
Assistant Principal
Kingsville Primary School has been a
SunSmart School for many years. SunSmart
recommends that all schools implement a SunSmart
policy to ensure a healthy UV exposure balance. As
part of this balance children at Kingsville are required
to wear a school approved hat during school hours
from the beginning of September to the end of April.
This means that our hat and play policy will
remain in place until the end of the third week of
Term 2.
SunSmart, encourages everyone to get some sun
exposure to help with Vitamin D levels between May
and August. “UV below three – Safe to get some
Vitamin D.” Whenever UV index levels reach three
and above sun protection is required. At that level,
UV radiation is intense enough to damage the skin
and contribute to the risk of skin cancer. In Victoria,
average UV levels are below three between May and
August, making it a great time to get outside for some
sun to help with vitamin D levels.
On Thursday the 26 March 2015 the temperature
reached a maximum of 18 degrees and was partly
cloudy. The Sun Smart website indicated that even
on this type of day the UV index would be above 3
between 10a.m. and 4p.m. and at some point the UV
index would reach 7. The idea that even on a cool
and partly cloudy day the UV radiation is intense
enough to damage the skin and contribute to the risk
of skin cancer is a hard concept for children to
understand, but it is precisely the reason we expect
students to wear a hat even on these days.
No dogs are
permitted in
school grounds
A reminder to all families that schools are a ‘no go
zone’ for dogs. We ask all parents to cooperate with
this safety requirement.
New smoking bans
to apply on school grounds and at
school entrances
You may be aware through the media that
from 13 April 2015, smoking will be banned within
four metres of an entrance to all primary and
secondary schools in Victoria, and within the school
grounds, under an amendment to the Tobacco Act
1987. Officers from councils will be responsible for
enforcing the bans, and will take an education
approach, making sure smokers understand the new
laws. However, an infringement penalty of $147 could
apply to adults caught wilfully breaking the law.
To be presented on Friday, 17 April
1/2 A
1/2 C
1/2 D
1/2 E
1/2 F
3/4 A
3/4 B
3/4 C
3/4 E
3/4 F
Ruby Masterton
Eva Willis
Lucia Morton
Stella George
William Jaffray
Griff Ward
Matilda Lester
Xavier Singleton
Hawii Abdu
Jasper Wisdom
Giancarlo Gangl
Yasmine Lester
Lily Furnari
Kiara Ciancio - Knauer
Knate Fieldhouse - Monaghan
Neo Panitheng
Happy Birthday
26 March to 15 April
Happy birthday to Jack Reinoga,
Evelyn Jaffray, Liam Craig, Ines
Morgan, Brodie Clutterbuck, Devmina
Ratnasekara, Syed Naqvi, Maya De
Graaf, Nujhat Tabassum, Willow McIntyre, Cassius
Cole, Angus Norton, Yasmine Lester, Alison Rae,
Ava Artavilla, Ayub Naghar, Jaydan Lunt, Harriet
Gould, Haider Naqvi, William Calleja, Julian Lau, Isla
Stembridge, Alexandra Gould, Joe Perry, Aspen
Santoro, Gabrielle Long, Floyd Usher, Veronika
Puohotaua, Maddison Budlender, Heidi Junge, Mark
Kazoglou, Finn Carrodus, Nicholas Tu, Mischa
Zakharov, Joel Loverso, Phoenix Horne and Taylor
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Fundraising Update
I’m pleased to announce that KPS parents have
rallied, as they always seem to do, and we now have
a Fundraising Convenor and fairly robust subcommittee. Thank you to the 26 people who provided
feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism on
KPS fundraising. All the feedback forms will be
passed onto our new fundraising team for their
I’d like to thank Max Grarock for taking on the role of
Convenor, (as well as School Councilor), and to
those who volunteered to join or assist the
fundraising sub-committee.
The new team will be getting together in the first
week of Term 2 to plan events for March 2015 March 2016.
And, finally, a big thank you to Tanya Hill for
organising the Hot Cross Buns event. I’m sure the
students are extremely grateful!
Leah Young
School Council President
Hot Cross Buns
We hope the students enjoyed
their hot cross bun morning
tea on Wednesday. We had
orders of 425 buns and 345
drinks! Many thanks to the six mums and one dad
who helped to pack the orders and deliver them to
the classrooms. We even managed to find the two
students who forgot to put their names and grades on
their order forms.
Thanks also to Bakers Delight at Yarraville Coles for
supporting our fundraising. We raised just over $700
to help support activities for the school.
Tanya Merchant
Sports News
Congratulations to Amelie Le Grand
who took first place in 50 metre
breaststroke for her age group at the
Regional Swimming Carnival. Amelie
will now go onto swim at the State Swimming
Competition on April 15 .
Cross Country
Congratulations to all children who participated in the
school cross country last week. It was an amazing
effort for all children who ‘had a go’ at this!
The following children have made it through to the
District Cross Country which will be held in Yarraville
Gardens on May 1 :
9/10 Girls:
Essie Houghton
Lulu Greer
Tessa Millington
Sasha Nelson
Carla Vallejos
Gaby Furnari
Tessa Crawford
Evie Jaffray
Scarlett Gunn
Alyssa Reinoga
9/10 Boys:
Sam Heinnen
Charlie Doucas
Mackenzie Leith
James Ward
Phoenix Horne
Austin Baker
Oscar Marks
James Kalpenos
Stefan Holmes
Lawlor Dummett
11 Girls:
Orla Grenfell-Fox
Amelie Le Grand
Lily Kynion
Lily Furnari
Charlotte Whiteside
Grace Atherton
Corrie Sawicki-Bennett
Chelsea Davies
Alex Mozjerin
Grace Sim
11 Boys:
Joe Perry
Roberto Salas-Miles
Ronney Tang
Leo Marshall
Alek Jankovic
Harry Sidney
Olly Greenshields
Elliot McCarthy
Harley Lumsden
Jack Dodds
12 Girls:
Bella Stringfellow
Saskia Junge
Marissa Vallejos
Coco Knowles
Kiara Ciancio-Knauer
Cecilia Karlovic
Charlotte Coghlan
Odessa McNamara
Veronika Puohotaua
Ella McConnell
12 Boys:
Gus Greer
Angus Dart
Finn Craig
Iliya Zakharov
Lucas Van Merkestein
Corben Shirreff
Austin Nelson
Louis Houghton
Fergus Browning
James Calleja
Well done to you all.
Lorey Bentley
PE and Sport Coordinator
[email protected]
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