MAY 2015 - The Anglican Parish of Kingsley North

The Anglican Parish of
Kingsley North – Woodvale
- St Anselm of Canterbury -
MAY 2015
Dear faithful Anselmians
May holds a magnificent montage of feasts and festivals, high days and holy days.
Thursday 14th May marks Ascension Day. Ascension Day is one of the earliest Christian festivals dating back
to the year 68. According to the New Testament in the Bible, Jesus Christ met several times with his disciples
during the forty days after his resurrection to instruct them how to carry out his teachings. It is believed that
on the 40th day he took them to the Mount of Olives, where they witnessed Jesus’ ascension to heaven.
Ascension Day marks the end of the Easter season. It occurs ten days before Pentecost. We will
commemorate Ascension Day at our Thursday morning Eucharist. Please join us if you are able.
Sunday 24th May is Pentecost Sunday. According to the Bible, it was on the fiftieth day after Easter when
the apostles prayed together and the Holy Spirit descended on them. They received the “gift of tongues” –
the ability to speak in other languages – and immediately began to preach about Jesus Christ to Jewish
people from all over the world, who flocked to Jerusalem for the Feast of Shavuot. Pentecost also marks the
birth of the Christian Church. It is always a festive, jubilant day of worship – join us for the feast!
Sunday 31st May is set as Trinity Sunday, the day on which the Church specifically honours the Holy Trinity
(Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The concept of the trinity can never be completely understood or rationalized,
but it is clearly taught in Scripture. Understanding of all scriptural doctrine is by faith which comes through
the work of the Holy Spirit; therefore, it is appropriate that this mystery is celebrated the first Sunday after
Pentecost, when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit first occurred.
Bishop Tom will be with us. Some of our members will be confirmed, others will be re-affirming their
confirmation vows, and some from other Christian traditions will be received into the Anglican Church.
Usually (and cheekily) the rector delegates the sermon on this day to the curate, and following this trajectory
the bishop has on this occasion allocated it to me! Oh well, best I start pondering this greatest mystery once
more …
Many blessings! Gill
St Anselm’s is a vibrant and welcoming parish reaching out to the community and offering a place of
belonging where all can experience and respond to the living Gospel.
To be a vibrant and welcoming Parish we will:
Quickly acknowledge, connect with and integrate newcomers.
Prepare individuals and families to receive the sacraments of the Church.
Facilitate use of our buildings by community groups.
Maintain our buildings and grounds in a clean and inviting state.
To reach out to the community we will:
Support local, national and international mission agencies.
Provide pastoral care and practical support to parishioners and local families in need.
Provide ministry to local aged care facilities.
Model and promote sustainable living practices.
To offer a place of belonging we will:
Be open to a diverse and inclusive congregation where all are welcome regardless of ability, ethnic
or cultural background, and stage of faith development, political persuasion or sexual orientation.
Provide spiritual education opportunities for different stages of life and faith in a non-judgmental
Generate activities for fellowship across different age groups and interests
Encourage parishioners to discern and use their time and talents in the life and work of the parish
and broader church
To help all to experience and respond to the living Gospel, we will:
Use scripture, tradition and reason to challenge all to a deeper understanding of the Gospel.
Promote and facilitate an active prayer life for all parishioners.
Be open to and develop creative expressions of worship.
Share our faith journeys with others.
Cursillo is a 3-day (Thursday evening – Sunday evening) “experience”.
‘Cursillo’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘a short course’ in Christian
The time away is spent in Christian community. Each day begins with
Morning Prayer, followed by breakfast. The days are filled with talks,
discussion, creative activities, music, fun and seriousness, relaxation,
conversation, private prayer and reflection.
Eucharist is celebrated each afternoon.
The 2015 Cursillo dates are: 17 – 20 September.
Speak to Gill for more information.
Guilds and Teams
Rosters for June – August
are due to be collated.
If anyone has dates they
are not available please
let Bronya know by 12th
[email protected]
or phone 0403540842.
Holy Communion with Children’s Story Club and ‘Teenalites’ (during school terms)
Meditation Group
Holy Communion
Meditation Group
Thursday Eucharist
The Meditation Groups meets
A Eucharist is held each Thursday morning at St Anselm’s at
each Wednesday in the Prayer
9.00am. A quiet, reflective service, without hymns, for those
Room from 8.00am – 8.30am.
seeking some sacred space in their week. The time has been
changed by an hour allowing busy parents to join us after school
drop off. It will be followed by a cuppa for those who wish to
stay and fellowship afterwards.
Please chat to Gray Castledine for
more information – 0409 101 131.
3 May
Acts 8: 26 - 40
(Fifth Sunday of Easter)
Psalm 22: 26 - 32
1 John 4: 7 - 21
John 15: 1 - 8
10 May
Acts 10: 44 48
(Sixth Sunday of Easter)
Psalm 98
1 John 5: 1 - 12
John 15: 9 - 17
17 May
(Seventh Sunday of Easter; Sunday after the Ascension)
Acts 1: 15 – 17; 21 - 26
Psalm 1
1 John 5: 9 - 13
24 May
Acts 2: 1 – 21
(Pentecost) – All are invited to wear something RED to church!
Psalm 104: 26 - 36
Romans 8: 22 - 27
31 May
Isaiah 6: 1 – 8
(Trinity Sunday) – 5pm service.
Ps 29
John 17: 6 - 19
John 15: 26 – 27;
16: 4b - 15
Bishop Tom Wilmot presiding.
Romans 8: 12 – 17
John 3: 1 - 17
Episcopal (Bishop) Visit – 31st May
Bishop Tom Wilmot will be with us on Sunday 31st May for our 5pm service.
At this service some of our members will be confirmed, others will re-affirm
their confirmation vows and others will be formally welcomed into the
Anglican Church.
Please save the-date and join us for this momentous service!
baptism dates
for children:
7 June
23 August
15 November
Speak to Mandy for
more information. 3
An Evening with St Anselm
Wednesday 9th September 2015
Come and hear about the life, teaching and prayer of
St Anselm of Canterbury – our patron saint - as part of our
20th anniversary celebrations. Archbishop Roger Herft, with
the new Warden of Wollaston College - Gregory Seach – will
be with us to share their knowledge and wisdom.
Our next 6 week PILGRIM COURSE –
The Lord’s Prayer - begins in the
week starting 25th May.
Please add your name to the list
on the noticeboard if you intend
joining a group.
$8 per book
7pm – 9pm at St Anselm’s
$15pp per workshop
Childcare available on request.
23rd July
Bookings essential.
Call 9409 1387 or email
[email protected]
Faith Sharing Opportunity
All are invited for a time of sharing,
encouragement and fellowship on the
4th Sunday of each month, from
10.30am – 12.30pm.
Those who wish will have the
opportunity to share with each other
about their faith and discipleship
(prayer, study and action) and to pray
with and for one another.
This is an open invitation hosted by the
Cursillistas in the parish.
Fri 1 May
Sat 2 May
Acts 13: 26 - 33
Acts 13: 44 - 52
John 14: 1 - 6
John 14: 7 - 14
Mon 4 May
Tues 5 May
Wed 6 May
Thurs 7 May
Fri 8 May
Sat 9 May
Acts 14: 5 - 18
Acts 14: 19 - 28
Acts 15: 1 - 6
Acts 15: 7 - 21
Acts 15: 22 - 31
Acts 16: 1 - 10
John 14: 21 - 26
John 14: 27 - 31
John 15: 1 - 8
John 15: 8 - 11
John 15: 12 - 17
John 15: 18 - 21
Mon 11 May
Tues 12 May
Wed 13 May
Thurs 14 May
Ascension Day
Fri 15 May
Sat 16 May
Acts 16: 11 - 15
Acts 16: 22 - 34
Acts 17: 15 – 18: 1
Acts 1: 1 - 11
John 15: 26 – 16: 4
John 16: 5 - 11
John 16: 12 - 15
Mark 16: 15 - 20
Acts 18: 9 - 18
Acts 18: 23 - 28
John 16: 20 - 23
John 16: 23 - 28
Mon 18 May
Tues 19 May
Wed 20 May
Thurs 21 May
Fri 22 May
Sat 23 May
Acts 19: 1 - 8
Acts 20: 17 - 27
Acts 20: 28 - 38
Acts 22: 30, 23: 6 - 11
Acts 25: 13 - 21
Rom 8: 22 - 27
John 16: 29 - 33
John 17: 1 - 11
John 17: 11 - 19
John 17: 20 - 26
John 21: 15 - 19
John 7: 37 - 39
Mon 25 May
Tues 26 May
Wed 27 May
Thurs 28 May
Fri 29 May
Sat 30 May
Sirach 17: 24 - 29
Sirach 35: 1 - 12
Sirach 36: 1 - 17
Sirach 42: 15 - 25
Sirach 44: 1 - 13
Sirach 51: 12 - 20
Mark 10: 17 - 27
Mark 10: 28-31
Mark 10: 35 - 42
Mark 10: 46 - 52
Mark 11: 11 - 26
Mark 11: 27 - 33
The Book of Sirach is a work of ethical teachings from approximately
200 to 175 BCE. Sirach is part of what is considered the Apocrypha, and
is accepted as part of the Christian biblical canons by Roman Catholics,
Eastern Orthodox, and most of Oriental Orthodox. The Anglican Church
does not accept Sirach as canonical but should be read "for example of
life and instruction of manners; but yet doth not apply them to establish
any doctrine." (Canon VI. Of the Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures for salvation. The
Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion".)
Has your child been baptised, but is
not yet admitted to receive Holy
Gill and Mandy will be conducting
the next Admission to Holy
Communion preparation classes on
Friday 5th June in the evening and
Saturday 6th June in the morning.
Please let Gill or Mandy know if you
and your child would like to
participate. Attendance on both
days is compulsory. The service of
admission to Holy Communion will
take place on Sunday 7th June at
9am. Children should at least be
turning 6 this year to participate.
(Children who are not yet
baptised but are ready to
receive Holy Communion
can be prepared for
baptism. This would
involve a few extra sessions
with Mandy. The baptisms would take
place the same day as the admission to
Holy Communion.
Nineteen suggestions were received as
possible names for our boat.
Those present at church on Sunday
19th April – our Patronal Festival –
voted for their preference, and The
Canterbury Belle was chosen!
The Canterbury Belle was Margaret
Fraser’s suggestion. She drew her
inspiration from Canterbury Bells, also
known as the bell flower. These are an
annual or biennial flowering plant of
the genus Campanula.
In floriography,
it represents
gratitude, or faith
and constancy.
(from Larissa Chatwin)
Falling Upward by Richard Rohr. An easy to read short narrative,
this book offers some simple truths about getting older and wiser.
Illustrating how challenges and hardships are a necessary component
of the journey of life Might be helpful at times when you are facing an
uphill battle in life.
Moment of Christ by John Main. A collection of talks by the world’s
pre-eminent exponent of Christian meditation given shortly before his
death. It provides a scriptural context for meditation, pointing to the
Christian meditator’s goal of experiencing God and living a prayerful
life. This book helped me to distinguish Christian meditation from
Eastern traditions, and provides a simple and sensible introduction to
a concept that may be unfamiliar to some.
Christian Mystics by Matthew Fox. Fox provides lengthy quotes
from Christian mystics and more recent thinkers in the mystic
tradition, adding his own commentary and questions to stimulate
further enquiry by the reader. Fox is a controversial figure and I
certainly didn’t agree with all his opinions. But you don’t need to see
eye-to-eye to learn from someone, and many of Fox’s inclusions
helped me understand scripture and Christian concepts in new ways,
which provide scope for further thought and application.
The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis. This author needs no introduction,
but I must admit that apart from the Narnia series this is the only CS
Lewis I have read. The subject matter jumped out at me – why is there
suffering in the world? I didn’t agree with everything Lewis said – his
theory of the “fall from grace” in the context of human evolution was
way too speculative – but his conclusions provide a foundation for
understanding our life and world.
On Sight and Insight by John M. Hull (other editions have the title
Touching the Rock). Possibly the most important book I have ever
read. Anglican theologian John Hull, who is blind, has written widely
on religion, disability, and the interactions between the two. In this
book he talks in great depth about his journey into physical blindness,
the daily challenges of life as a blind person, and most crucially, the
understanding he has reached about life and religion as both Christian
academic and person with disability. Hull goes far beyond the massmarket paperbacks of the “inspiration” industry, and does not engage
in the aggressive fundamentalism of some other disabled Christian
authors. Instead, he offers wisdom and insight from his personal
experience and contemplation of a life that is both profoundly difficult
and intensely meaningful.
Prayer Chain: Christine Hetherington [email protected] 9309 1805
Kate Castledine
Sue Cunningham
Mark McCracken, Alecia Payne, Lillian Stevens
and Kaye Jorgenson
Jason Keay
Mya and Cody Harold
Cheryl and Peter Marriott’s anniversary
Paula Moss
Ian Beevers
Margaret Carter
St Anselm’s is growing!
How can we best pastorally care for each other?
The apostle Barnabas was a first century missionary companion
of St Paul. The Hebrew name meaning of Barnabas is SON Of
ENCOURAGEMENT. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5: 11
“Therefore ENCOURAGE one another and build each other up”
All parish members are being divided into Barnabas Groups.
Each BARNABAS GROUP will be have a Pastoral Area Leader
(PAL). Their role is to provide COMPANIONSHIP and
Each PAL will report back to the Pastoral Care Team any pastoral
care needs that arise for the members in their group.
The Pastoral Care Team will then endeavour to offer care and
support in whatever way is needed.
A big thank you to my parish
family for prayers, cards, phone
calls, meals provided and
transport to worship services. I
feel very blessed to be part of a
caring and loving community.
To all my dear St Anselm’s family
and friends.
When I first came to St Anselm’s
I really didn’t know what to
expect. What I found on that
first day was incredible warmth,
acceptance, and lots of friendly
faces. Nobody judged me,
everybody made me feel
I want to thank you all for your
support, love, and friendship
over this last year or so. You
truly live up to the real definition
of a church family.
It is such a privilege to be part of
this community.
I thank God every day for you all.
Please pray that God will richly bless
this new ministry as we launch our
Blessings and love,
Thank you.
Christine Hetherington (Pastoral Care Facilitator).
Emergency Relief donations for May:
3 May
Cereals, milk, tinned fruit, spreads
10 May
Rice, tinned tomatoes, pasta, pasta sauce, noodles, tinned veg
17 May
Tinned casseroles/meals, spam, tuna, soups, tinned spaghetti, tinned veg
24 May
Goodies for school lunches (e.g.: muesli bars, small packet sultanas),
sweet biscuits, crackers, coffee, tea, milo, toilet paper
31 May
Cereals, milk, tinned fruit, spreads
At the meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 14 th May, it was decided to offer the balance of our 2014
– 2015 Mission Giving budget to a parish in our Diocese which has considerable financial needs.
In consultation with the Archbishop and Bishops, it was decided that the parish of North Midlands would
be the recipient. Bishop Jeremy wrote ‘thank you for your sacrificial giving’.
North Midlands is a shared ministry; a collaboration between the Anglican and Uniting Churches.
They have three worship centres - All Saints (Coorow), Holy Apostles (Carnamah) and Trinity (Three
Springs). There are monthly Anglican and Uniting Communion services in all three centres, all conducted
by The Reverend Jill Gleeson, their Parish Priest. Her ministry is also shared with Morawa-Perenjori parish.
Jill writes: “Our congregation sizes are very small and made up of Christians of many denominations. Most
other denominations are not meeting any longer in the towns, so we come together and rejoice in our
common love of God and commitment to spreading the Gospel to the towns and farms in the area.
We see ourselves as a sign of hope, where there is much isolation and loss. We are there to assist people
in any way they need, and provide support to North Midlands District Health campus, and provide financial
assistance when asked. A major role we play is in pastoral care support, especially in providing funeral and
memorial services. We are currently hoping to establish a Men’s Shed and possibly a Community Garden
onsite at Carnamah and to continue growing in faith, hope and love and learning how to best share that
with the towns that we worship in.”
All Saints, Coorow
Holy Apostles, Carnamah
Trinity Three Springs
YOUTH GROUP at St Anselm’s
8th May and 22nd May
6 pm – 8 pm
1st May 2015.
20 Anniversary Platinum Ball
Join us on Friday 7th August 2015 at the Moon & Sixpence
(Woodvale Reception Centre) for a splendid evening of
exquisite food, fine fellowship and delightful company at our
Platinum Ball.
Three course meal, cash bar.
Tickets from Cecil and Elizabeth Aaron $50pp ($45 seniors)
$5 per child (with food available for
purchase from the Bistro menu).
All members of the fellowship team,
morning tea team, those who have
offered to bake for special occasions
and anyone interested in the
fellowship / hospitality / catering
ministry are invited to join Gill for a
brief 2015 – 2016 planning session on
Sunday 10th May after the 9am
service for about 30 minutes.
Many thanks 
Bring along a meal to
share, and your own
refreshments, and
join us for an
evening of food and
Speak to Cathy
Slaughter for more
Join Claudi
on Saturday
23 May for a
Thermomix demo and
afternoon tea.
More details on the
noticeboard, or call
0434 686 709
Dessert Extravaganza!
The 31st May will be a Spirit-filled feast as members of
our parish family are confirmed, re-affirmed, and
received into the Anglican Church.
Then … ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Ps34: 8)!
Bring along your signature dessert to share as we
partake in a dessert extravaganza!
Sweet and savoury desserts welcome.
BYO drinks.
From Lauren Lawson
When Gill started her sermon about prayer and focus I was thrilled at
the prospect of having somewhere to direct my attention as it had
resonated with me the whole year before when Gill would talk about
'intentional' - her word from the year before.
But when I read my star at first I was a little perplexed - 'Peacefulness'. Did God not know my current
household, it is the antithesis of peaceful! I am constantly surrounded by the gorgeous chaos of my two
small boys and all that loud joy and spirit they bring, peace is something I often pray for but not something
I think I receive.
I mulled this over and tried to work out what God was telling me and it was in a moment of utter mayhem
when I felt I had lost control of the reins and nothing was getting done that it hit me. In a moment where I
stopped amidst the chaos of my house, messy, dinner not cooked, children not bathed, Eli squealing and
attempting to ride the poor dog like she was a horse and Chaz dancing to music and then loudly chastising
Eli that I said out loud 'Where on Earth can I find peace in this!'.
But I realised God was not saying that I needed for my environment to be peaceful but for ME to be peaceful.
Inner peace. Peace with myself. It doesn't matter what is happening around me, or anyone, if we stop and
find inner peace we can hear God and feel God and know that through what feels like chaos there is order
and there is life and most of all there is love - and what could be more important that love.
So if you, like me, ever feel overwhelmed by life, stop and listen and you too will feel God's inner peace. It
isn't always easy to hear as our own anxieties and emotions try to cloud it but he is always there, ready to
help, when we are ready to listen.
The 2015 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer
A heartfelt request to help me reach my target of
raising $2,500 for the 2 day, 200km Ride to Conquer
Cancer in October.
I'll be out training really hard, out on the road sometimes as
early as 4am, rain or sun because, we all know of someone who had or
is suffering from cancer and I want to do my bit to assist this groundbreaking research. It's hard asking my friends for money, but this
cause and this event are very important to me, I really hope you'll help
me reach my target & even beat it.
Donate now! It is for such a tremendously worthy cause and get your
tax deductible receipt for your 2015 year-end tax return.
Thank you all so very much.
A new church banner is
being made for our 20th
We would like donations of
brown, blue and white
fabrics to be used in the
design. Over the next few
weeks plastic boxes will be
in the foyer where your
donations can be placed.
For further information see
pg 10, or speak to Mandy or
Last month on the 19th April, we celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint Anselm. St Anselm was an
Archbishop of Canterbury and is a great saint to have as our patron. His symbol is the boat or ship – twice
he was exiled from England and travelled by sea to Rome because he refused to compromise on issues of
faith. The ship also represents the ‘spiritual independence’ of the church. The name ‘Anselm’ has its roots in
the German language and means ‘protected by God’. Anselm was a great intellectual and deep thinker and
is widely respected through generations for his writings and theological works. The Canterbury cross is also
associated with Anselm.
20th Anniversary Banner: To help commemorate the 20th Anniversary of St. Anselm’s
Anglican Parish building, we are going to create a new banner. But we need your help! Story
Club and Teenalites are encouraged to submit a drawing of how they would like the new
banner to look. It must include a boat with a sail and a ‘Canterbury Cross’.
Drawings will be submitted to the ‘Banner Team’ for consideration. We would love as many drawings as
Adult members of the congregation are asked to participate in the creation of the new banner by offering a
piece of fabric in any of the following three colours – blue, brown or white. It could be a piece of fabric from
a significant source or a piece of fabric that you may already have at home. We want to make our banner a
true collaborative effort from the whole congregation. Please bring your fabrics and place them in the basket
COLOUR YOUR WORLD: In May, we remain in Eastertide but also celebrate three very
important Festivals – Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. The colour for Eastertide
is ‘white’ and remains white for Ascension Day (14th May) and Trinity Sunday (31st May).
Between these two important festivals in the Church Calendar falls Pentecost (24th May).
The colour for Pentecost is ‘red’. Red symbolizes the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit
and people are encouraged to wear red to church on Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday falls 50 days after
Easter Day and is considered to be the ‘birth’ day of the early church.
The symbols we read in the Bible for the Holy Spirit include: fire, wind, breath, dove, whisper, oil,
water, cloud and the image of light.
In your sacred corner, change the colour of the tablecloth from white to red for Pentecost Sunday. Set
a red candle to burn at your meals on that day. You may like to add a red flower to your special place
as a reminder of the power and beauty of the Holy Spirit. Encourage your children to write a prayer on
a red edged card or strip of red paper. Share these with one another at the dinner table at the end of
the day.
If you have small children you may wish to make a red ribbon wind sock or wind chime that will catch
the wind. It is a wonderful way to demonstrate the presence of the Spirit in our lives – even though we
cannot see the wind we can see how the wind affects things in the world. Here is a link to show you
how to make one!
If you are feeling adventurous, you may like to fly a red kite in the park on Pentecost Sunday.
We look forward to seeing you in church on Pentecost Sunday in all your glorious RED!!
Mandy Herriman
Annual Meeting of Enrolled Members (AMEM) – 10.30am on Sunday 7th June
The AMEM is an important event in the life of our parish community.
We take great care in the preparation and running of our AMEM; it will be timely and well organised.
Only Enrolled Members may participate in the AMEM. If you are not yet an enrolled member of the parish,
please see Bruce Herriman for a form (these are different from the little yellow cards you filled in when
you joined). To be an enrolled member, you must have attended the parish for at least 6 months.
Please put the date in your diary and pray about who might lead our parish.
Nominations for wardens, councillors, nominators and synod reps close on Sunday 31 st May.
Any items of business for the agenda must be submitted to the secretary – Bruce Herriman – by Sunday
31st May.
Updated roster duties for May 2015
Prayer Room
Story Club
Morning Tea
Audio Visual
LA * - in training |
3 May
10 May
17 May
24 May
Ken W
Ken C
Ken W*
Joy, Sandra,
Jenny V
Ken C
Lynn C
Ken C
Margaret P
John P
Sam and Phil
Sam and Phil
Ken W*
Margaret P
Mark and Bev
Ken W
31 May
In church
John C
Joy, Sandra,
Morning Tea * - help to set up, serve and clean only; no need to bring food!
Gill will be on leave from Friday 15th May – Monday
18th May, resuming work on Tuesday 19th May.
She will also be away Friday 22nd May – Monday 25th
May as she leads the retreat for the ordinands to the
priesthood and preaches at the ordination service. She
will resume parish work on Tuesday 26th May.
The Revd Lindsay Hore will lead worship on Sunday
17th May.
The Revd Mark McCracken will lead worship on
Sunday 24th May.
Reconnecting with country
An Anglican EcoCare Commission event
Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 May
Cost: $350 (waged) or $300 (unwaged) includes
vegetarian meals (plus some kangaroo!)
Reconnecting with Country is an opportunity to
participate in an experience of Nyoongar culture,
spirituality and connection to country first-hand,
under the guidance of a Nyoongar elder.
The experience is open to everybody. For more
information please contact Melanie Hare at Diocesan
Office on 9325 7455 or [email protected]
The Anglican Messenger is the official
monthly magazine of the Anglican Diocese
of Perth with a printed circulation of 4000
copies. The Anglican Messenger covers
local, national and international Anglican
Each month our parish purchases 20 copies
of the Messenger for our parishioners to
read and share – please make use of this
Donations towards the cost of purchasing
these magazines can be placed in the
offertory plate.
Personal subscriptions to the Messenger
can be bought for $30 per year (11 editions
delivered to your door!)
Email [email protected] or call
9325 5766.
Postal Address
Parish website
19 Forest Hill Drive, Kingsley WA 6026
PO Box 3110, Kingsley, WA 6026
(08) 9409 1387
[email protected]
The Revd Gill Rookyard
0499 161 550
[email protected]
The Revd Mandy Herriman
0417 090 839
[email protected]
Mr John Cunningham
0434 848 670
[email protected]
Mrs Vicki Shepherd
0427 745 004
[email protected]