Focus the “I OWN IT!” Spirit on Your Own Good Health

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Focus the “I OWN IT!” Spirit on Your
Own Good Health
Looking Ahead to 2013
In our business we know that regular car maintenance
helps avoid serious problems and high repair bills. This
means periodically checking the oil, filters, fluids and
tire pressure—even if the car seems to be running fine.
Avis Budget Group believes that a healthy team
delivers better results. If you are healthy, you will be
happier and more productive at home and at work.
When you and your family are well, it keeps your
out-of-pocket medical expenses down and that affects
the Company’s bottom line also.
You and your family also need routine check-ups and
screenings to avoid serious problems and high repair
bills. Even with no visible symptoms, heart disease,
diabetes or another chronic condition may be brewing
‘under the hood.’ The best way to find out if you’re at
risk is to take responsibility for knowing your numbers
and keeping them in a healthy range. These numbers
include your body mass index (BMI), blood pressure,
several cholesterol measures and triglycerides. (Turn to
“Know It to Own It” on page 3 for more about what
these numbers mean.)
That’s why we take a strong stand against unhealthy
habits like using tobacco, and we support healthy
ones, like eating well and exercising regularly. We
provide programs designed to educate you about your
current health status and to motivate you to act now
to avoid health problems in the future.
At the top of the list is the Tobacco Cessation Health
Coaching Program. As in past years, when you enroll
for your 2013 benefits this fall, you’ll need to answer a
series of questions about tobacco use (and, if applicable,
sign up for the Tobacco Cessation Program). If you
don’t, you’ll pay an additional $750 for the year for
your medical coverage.
Small Increase in Contributions
Except for changes required by health care reform
(see next page), your benefits are not changing in 2013.
You’ll have the same choices, deductibles, copays and
coinsurance as in 2012. Although the Company will
continue to pay most of the cost of your coverage, your
contributions for medical and dental coverage will
increase slightly in 2013. Your costs will be included on
the Enrollment Worksheet you’ll receive in October.
We urge you to take the 5-Minute Health Risk
Assessment. If you don’t do this, you won’t have a
choice of Medical plan options; instead, you will be
enrolled automatically in the Aetna Select (Open
Access) Premium Advantage Plan. (Find more details
about the Tobacco Cessation Program and the Health
Risk Assessment on pages 3 and 4.)
Para obtener una copia de esta boletin en espanol, por favor de
llamar a The Answer Place (TAP) al 1-866-827-2347 o envie un
correo electronic con su pedido a [email protected]
IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting with this Annual
Enrollment, you’ll see some new names connected
with our wellness programs. [email protected]
has contracted with Vitality and TrestleTree,
international industry-leading wellness organizations,
to manage our health assessment and other
wellness initiatives. (See “Introducing Vitality and
TrestleTree” on page 2.)
請致電 1-866-827-2347 給問題解答處(TAP)獲得協助。
Rele TAP nan 1-866-827-2347 pou mande èd.
Hu rau TAP ntawm 1-866-827-2347 kom tau kev pab.
‫ینۆفەلەت ەرامژ ەب ەکب یدنەویەپ یتەمرای ینترگرەو ۆب‬
Если вам необходима помощь, позвоните в информационную
службу (TAP) по телефону 1-866-827-2347.
Annual Enrollment Starts October 24
La soo xiriir TAP 1-866-827-2347 wixii caawinaad ah.
Be sure to answer the tobacco use questions and take
the 5-Minute Health Risk Assessment before Annual
Enrollment ends on November 14, 2012.
Benefit Changes for 2013
Medco and Express Scripts Are Now
One Company
The Affordable Care Act (health care reform) requires
certain changes to your health benefits each year.
For 2013, these changes require more preventive care
for women and a lower contribution limit for Health
Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Both are
explained below.
Earlier this year, Express Scripts acquired Medco,
the company that manages prescription drug benefits
under the Copay Advantage Plan, the Premium
Advantage Plan and the CIGNA Open Access Plus
Plan. Except for the name change to Express Scripts,
the acquisition will not change the prescription
drug program under any of these plans. For now, you
may sometimes see the Medco name in pharmacy
communications and on the Web. Continue to refill
your prescriptions as you normally would by using your
current prescription drug ID card, refill order forms,
the website or the toll-free member services telephone
number on your prescription drug ID card.
More Care for Women Covered at 100%
Starting in 2013, many preventive care services for
women that are provided by in-network providers
must be covered in full by medical plans—that is, at
no cost to the patient. Because Avis Budget Group
already acknowledges the importance of checkups,
screenings and other preventive care for maintaining
good health, many of these services are already
available in network at no cost to you. However, due
to health care reform, the list of preventive care
services and products available to women at no cost
will be expanded in 2013 to include:
pregnancy-related physician office visits for routine
preventive care
diabetes tests during pregnancy
breast pumps
visits with a lactation consultant
visits for contraceptive counseling and the
administration of contraceptive devices provided
by a medical provider
female sterilization procedures
certain contraceptives
Buying generic prescription drugs saves money—
for you and the Company. Under our plans, if you
purchase a brand-name drug when a generic is
available, you’ll pay the brand-name copay plus
the cost difference between the brand-name and
the generic drug. What’s more, there will be no
limit on the amount you may have to pay.
Introducing Vitality
and TrestleTree
Starting with Annual Enrollment,
[email protected] will introduce Vitality
as our new wellness partner. Vitality can help
you take your health to the next level by
providing a wide range of programs and services
aimed at improving the health of everyone in
your family. Vitality’s programs are interactive
and personalized to help you lose weight,
get more active, improve your diet or simply
stay healthy. With Vitality, we’ll have a new health
assessment, which may look a little different from the
current version, but asks essentially the same questions.
Even the new name— the 5-Minute Health Risk
Assessment—is similar.
Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer
among women in the United States. October is
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Have
you gotten your annual mammogram? Avis Budget
Group covers this screening at no cost to you.
Go online to and
click on the [email protected] tab to find out what
we are doing to raise Breast Cancer awareness.
Vitality works with other providers to bring you the best
service in the wellness industry. TrestleTree is a great
example of this best-in-class service. TrestleTree Healthy
Lifestyle Coaching administers a wide variety of coaching
activities, including a Tobacco Cessation Program.
New Limit on FSAs
Starting in 2013, annual contributions to a Health
Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) will be limited
to $2,500. However, the limit on the Dependent Day
Care FSA will remain at $5,000.
See “Steps for a Successful Enrollment” on page 3 for
information about how to access Vitality’s 5-Minute
Health Risk Assessment and TrestleTree Healthy
Lifestyle Coaching for the Tobacco Cessation Program.
ABG AE Newsletter
Layout #3, 9/16/12
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Know It to Own It
Steps for a Successful Enrollment
According to the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC), almost one in four deaths in the
United States is caused by heart disease—the leading
cause of death for both men and women. Every year,
close to 800,000 Americans have a first coronary
attack. The total national cost of health care services,
medication and lost productivity is about $110
It is important to take certain actions during Annual
Enrollment—even if you are not changing any of your
Voluntary Benefits. Otherwise, you risk getting
medical coverage you don’t want at a price you don’t
need to pay.
1. Read the Materials
Whether or not you think you may make a change, be
sure to read your Benefit Planner, Medical Overview
and personalized Enrollment Worksheet to understand
your options and costs in 2013.
Maintaining recommended weight, cholesterol and
blood pressure levels reduces the risk for developing
heart disease. If you already have heart disease,
lowering these levels reduces the risk of dying from
heart disease, having a nonfatal heart attack or needing
heart surgery.
2. Log on with a NEW PIN
Go online to (see “Easy
Online Access” on page 4 for more about this benefits
portal) and click on the Benefit Choices Enrollment
Website button. Enter your Worldwide ID (WWID).
Your personal identification number (PIN) is your
eight-digit birth date (MMDDYYYY)—even if you set
up a different PIN in the past. When you log on, you
will be asked to choose a new PIN. If you need help,
contact The Answer Place by phone (1-866-827-2347)
or email ([email protected]).
Here are some of the things you need to know to be
able to claim “I own it!” when it comes to
understanding and managing your health risks.
Your body mass index (BMI) indicates whether
you are in a weight category that can lead to serious
health problems. Calculating your BMI requires your
height and weight (and, for some calculations, your
waist circumference). An ideal BMI for an adult is
generally between 18.5 and 24.9. A BMI of less than
18.5 indicates that you are underweight; more than
24.9, overweight. A BMI of 30 or higher is associated
with obesity. Many BMI calculators are available
online. You can find one by linking to Vitality’s website
when you go to to
3. Answer the Tobacco Use Questions
The tobacco use questions will appear on the Benefit
Choices Enrollment Website, and they apply to you and
your spouse or domestic partner. After you answer the
questions, the next step will depend on your answers:
Blood pressure is actually two measures—systolic
(the maximum pressure in your arteries when your
heart beats) and diastolic (the minimum pressure
when your heart is at rest between beats). They’re
reported together as a “top” number and a “bottom”
number—for example, 110 over 70 (written as
110/70). In adults, the top number should be less than
120 and the bottom, less than 80. If either or both
numbers are higher, you may have or be developing
high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. You
can check your blood pressure at no cost in many
pharmacies, including most CVS/pharmacies.
If your cholesterol or triglycerides are at
unhealthy levels, you may be at risk for heart disease.
A lipid profile can measure your total cholesterol, LDL
(“bad” cholesterol), HDL (“good” cholesterol) and
triglycerides. You should try to keep your total
cholesterol under 200, LDL under 100, triglycerides
under 150 and HDL at 60 or above.
If neither you nor your spouse or domestic partner
has used tobacco for the past three months, your
2013 contributions for medical coverage will be
reduced by $750. (If you’ve both been tobacco free
for at least 12 months, your life insurance rates
will also be discounted.)
If you and/or your spouse or domestic partner
has used tobacco within the last three months,
further action is required to save the $750.
The tobacco user(s) must register for Tobacco
Cessation Health Coaching by November 14, 2012
by calling TrestleTree at 1-866-856-4629 (but not
before mid-October) or linking to the TrestleTree
website from the
homepage. (The passcode is AvisBudget.) Then
you’ll need to complete six counseling sessions
with a TrestleTree coach by March 31, 2013.
Note: Contributions for employees in Hawaii, Puerto Rico
and the U.S. Virgin Islands are already discounted for
non-tobacco use.
ABG AE Newsletter
Layout #3, 9/16/12
Segal Communications
4. Make Your Elections
Follow the online instructions to choose your benefits
for 2013. Make your decisions carefully. Unless you
have a qualified life status change in 2013, you will
not be able to change your benefits options during
the year
5. Take the 5-Minute Health Risk Assessment
At any time during Annual Enrollment, go online
to and click on “Take
5-Minute Health Risk Assessment,” which will link
you to Vitality’s website. You’ll need to register the first
time by providing your name, date of birth and the
last four digits of your Social Security number.
Then go to “My Profile—Health Risk Assessment”
to complete the assessment. When you finish, you’ll
receive your Vitality Age and Personalized Health
Easy Online Access is your easy-to-use online
resource for benefits information and enrollment.
If you need a refresher about how your benefits work
or have a specific question, you’ll find an overview
of all your benefit plans. In addition, once you
access the site, you can link to the Benefit Choices
Enrollment Website to enroll, find forms or download
a summary plan description. You can also link to
other websites you may need—for example, Vitality
(to access the 5-Minute Health Risk Assessment),
TrestleTree (to sign up for Tobacco Cessation Health
Coaching), ActiveHealth for your ActivePHR, Aetna
(including a direct link to the Aetna Plan Selector
& Cost Estimator tool), CIGNA and Express Scripts
(formerly Medco).
The information you provide in the 5-Minute
Health Risk Assessment will be kept confidential
(as required by federal law). No one at
Avis Budget Group, Vitality or any other
organization will have access to your
answers without your permission.
If you don’t take the 5-Minute
Health Risk Assessment by
November 14, 2012, you will be
enrolled automatically in the
Aetna Select (Open Access)
Premium Advantage Plan for 2013.
(This automatic enrollment does not
apply to employees in Hawaii, Puerto Rico
and the U.S. Virgin Islands.)
A significant portion of is
devoted to wellness education and information. The
homepage features current wellness-related articles
with feeds from WebMD, CNN and other reputable
sites as well as a direct link to [email protected] on
Twitter. A section of the website is devoted entirely to
wellness initiatives and activities at Avis Budget. For
easy access, simply click on the [email protected]
tab at the top of any page.
In addition, if you’re currently enrolled in the CIGNA
Open Access Plan, you won’t be able to enroll in this
option in the future. Or, if you’re currently enrolled in
the Aetna HealthFund, you’ll forfeit any balance in
your account at the end of 2012.
Scan this code with a QR reader app on your
smartphone to go to
2013 Annual Enrollment materials will be available on
the site in late October.
Enrollment Reminders
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) do not roll
over from one year to the next. If you want a
Health Care Spending Account and/or a
Dependent Day Care Spending Account in 2013,
you must make an active election during Annual
If you enroll in the Aetna Select (Open Access)
Premium Advantage Plan, the Aetna Select (Open
Access) Copay Advantage Plan or the CIGNA
Open Access Plus Plan, you can save up to 50%
off your copay or deductible on prescription drugs
purchased at a retail CVS pharmacy.
Choose your 2013 benefits carefully. You
will not be able to make any changes after
November 14, 2012 unless you have a qualified
life status change (such as getting married or
divorced or having a baby).
Be sure to answer the tobacco use questions
honestly. Failure to do so could result in
disciplinary action and/or a loss of benefits.
If you want to enroll for the first time or increase
your coverage in Employee and/or Spouse
Life Insurance or Long Term Disability Insurance,
you may be required to provide Evidence of
Insurability (EOI).
For More Information
You will receive a 2013 Benefit Planner,
Medical Overview and personalized Enrollment
Worksheet before Annual Enrollment begins.
In addition, enrollment information will be
posted on as it
becomes available. In the meantime, if you have
questions, contact The Answer Place (TAP)
for help. You can call TAP at 1-866-827-2347
or email [email protected]
If You Do Not Take Certain Actions
Here’s what will happen in 2013 if you do not take certain actions during Annual Enrollment:
If you choose benefits, but you do not take the
5-Minute Health Risk Assessment
Regardless of which medical plan you choose, you will be
enrolled for 2013 in the Aetna Select (Open Access) Premium
Advantage Plan
If you take the 5-Minute Health Risk Assessment, but
you do not choose benefits
Except for FSAs, your 2012 benefit elections will continue
in 2013
If you do not choose your benefits, and you do not
take the 5-Minute Health Risk Assessment
You will be enrolled for 2013 in the Aetna Select
(Open Access) Premium Advantage Plan; except for FSAs,
your other 2012 benefit elections will continue in 2013
If you do not answer the tobacco use questions
You’ll pay $750 more in 2013 for medical coverage
(and more for Voluntary Life Insurance)
If you and/or your spouse or domestic partner has used
tobacco in the last three months and do not enroll in and
complete on time the Tobacco Cessation Program
You’ll pay $750 more in 2013 for medical coverage
This newsletter includes a brief summary of some of the provisions of the Avis Budget Group Benefit Program effective
January 1, 2013. Eligibility and plan provisions are governed by the respective plan documents. If there is any discrepancy
between this information and the official plan documents, the plan documents will always govern. You can find additional
information about the Avis Budget Group Benefit Program in the Summary Plan Descriptions, available online at or from TAP.
The Answer Place
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