June Newsletter

June 3, 2015
Summer Tips | New Recipe | Best of June
Thai Chicken
Cabbage Salad:
• Shredded Napa Cabbage
• Shredded Carrot
• Chopped Radish
• Chopped Cucumber
• Chopped Red Onion
• Fresh Cilantro
• Fresh Basil
• Fresh Mint
• Sliced Almonds
• Grilled Chicken
For the Dressing:
• 1/2 mashed avocado
• Sesame Oil
• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Lime Juice
• Sriracha
• Grated Fresh Ginger
• Grated Fresh Garlic
• Pinch of Salt, if needed
• Drizzle of Honey, if needed
Toss ingredients together in a
big bowl. Make dressing to
desired taste. Voila!
Hello Friends...
Hello June! Right now is a beautiful time to enjoy life! We are
surrounded by green, the sun is warm, the food is fresh and
everyone is out and about. Many of you have your travel plans
booked, your concert tickets bought, and your BBQ's all
planned. It's funny how this time seems to go by so fast, like the
blink of an eye, sometimes leaving us feeling like we just went
through a whirlwind of a season! So here are some tips to have a
healthy, grounding & mindful Summer:
1. Disconnect. This is especially important for those who are
still stuck in their offices for the majority of the day. Be sure to
take 15 minutes to get outside each day, without a cell phone or
tablet, turn your face towards the sun and breath. Also, dedicate
some time on the weekends to step away from technology!
Feel Healthy, Happy, Strong, Beautiful....
June 3, 2015
Special Dates in June:
June 2nd: Full Moon in Sagittarius.
"This Full Moon is here calling us to
see through the fog of illusion to
pierce the truth within. There is lots
of electric and creative energy, but
we must meet it with grounding
June 11th: Mercury comes out of
retrograde. Although it may take a
few days for communications to
become clear again, anything we
revisited, reevaluated, reassessed,
revamped, etc. the past 3 weeks can
now be expressed and acted on
2. Travel Healthy. It's important your vacation actually relaxes
you and you don't have to spend a week recovering from the
stress. Be sure to wash your hands regularly, arrive on time,
check for local food restaurants, take a probiotic, get adequate
rest while you're away and HYDRATE. Traveling can be stressful
on our bodies already, so if travel plans get a little dicey, delayed
flights, hotel slip ups, etc. remember to breath.
3. Booze Smart. Baseball games, BBQ's, Concerts, or even just
hanging out on your patio, it's pretty easy to find yourself
consuming a little too much alcohol this time of year. It's FUN!
But there's a smart way to do this. Drink 1 glass of water after
every alcoholic drink. Spread each drink out over an extended
period of time. Avoid sugary cocktails. And... If you know your
night is going to steer that direction, be sure to eat exceptionally
well the day of! (Asparagus has also been known to ward off
some hangover symptoms!) For the day after: Pop a B-Complex
supplement, and cleanse with lemon water or dandelion tea!
June 14th: Flag Day.
June 16th: New Moon in Gemini.
This starts a fresh new cycle in the
area of learning, communication,
logic, social ease, positive daily
interactions, and mental activity. Be
sure to write down 10 wishes
pertaining to those topics within
48hrs of the New Moon.
June 18th: International Picnic Day
June 21st: Fathers Day. Give your
Dad the gift of Health by cooking up
something fresh and tasty!
Summer Solstice: First Day of
4. Grow Something. This is a great way to ground yourself and
to connect to earth. Whether this is just a few potted herbs, or
Feel Healthy, Happy, Strong, Beautiful....
June 3, 2015
an entire garden of vegetables, make this an event where the
whole family gets involved. It's so rewarding watching them
grow and being able to reap the benefits of having fresh herbs
and vegetables to add to all your dishes!
5. Walk Barefoot. Another way to ground yourself and to
connect to nature is going barefoot. It allows us to absorb
energy from the earth. One study found that it changed the
electrical activity in the brain, as measured by
electroencephalograms. Other research found that grounding
benefitted skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability,
improved glucose regulation, reduced stress, depression, anxiety
and boosted immunity.
Mix equal parts
baking soda and
water to form a
paste and apply
to acne on chest,
back, shoulders
or face. Once dry,
wash off with
wash cloth to
6. Adjust to The Season. To maintain balance, it's time to switch
to raw, fresh, juicy "cooling" foods. Good examples of this
include watermelon, cucumbers, mint, peaches, cilantro, etc.
Avoid hot beverages, eat fresh salads for lunch/dinner, or shred
veggies and wrap in collard greens or rice paper. Wear light
fabrics, exercise in the A.M. and mellow out your evenings by
going for an after-dinner walk and taking a few moments to
connect with the moon every night.
I hope this helps and you all have a wonderful start to the
Summer. With all my Love...
Xoxo, Jaycee
reduce redness!
Summer Dresses
and Tanks,
here we
Feel Healthy, Happy, Strong, Beautiful....
June 3, 2015
Hi, I'm Jaycee Waters.
I'm a Board Certified Health Coach,
Licensed Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur and
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Feel Healthy, Happy, Strong, Beautiful....