717-831-0070 Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Mazzitti and Sullivan understands how crucial
family involvement can be in assisting with
recovery. Because of this, we emphasize family
services in conjunction with our adolescent
treatment programs. These offerings include
a weekly family program. This is a group
meeting open to parents and family members
of adolescents attending individual and/or
group treatment.
For more information
or to enroll, call
7 17-83 1-0070
Adolescent Intensive
Outpatient Program
If you would like more information, or meeting
times and locations, call 717-831-0070 or visit
Our licensed and experienced staff, in
consultation with our medical director, work
closely with physicians, case managers, and
other referral sources to communicate about
the needs and progress of each client.
Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling Services,
Inc. is licensed through the Pennsylvania
Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.
We have been a leader in drug and alcohol
and mental health treatment in Central
Pennsylvania since 1983.
All of our services are held strictly confidential as
required by state and federal laws. Information will
not be released to anyone, including family, friends, or
employers, without the client’s written consent.
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An intensive drug and alcohol treatment
and education program designed
exclusively for adolescents
Effective treatment
to break free from
the dangerous cycle
of addiction
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Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program
The Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (AIOP) of Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling
Services, Inc. has a mission to deliver outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation therapy
equivalent to existing residential treatment models for young people ages 13 to 18.
The goals of the AIOP are to interrupt the addiction/abuse cycle and to prevent the
progression of addiction by incorporating abstinence, education, family and community
support, as well as therapeutic intervention.
Program Description
G ro u p Re q u i re m e n t s
The trained and licensed clinicians who facilitate
the AIOP integrate key therapeutic models,
• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Motivational interviewing
• Community networking
• Group, individual, and family therapy
As an adolescent is admitted into the AIOP, the
treatment requirements are clearly presented and
adherence to these guidelines is expected. These
requirements include:
• Abstinence (monitored by regular, random
urine screens)
• Prompt attendance
• Attendance of AA and/or NA meetings
• Behavioral compliance in program, at home, in
school, and with probation (if applicable)
• Completion of assignments
• Participation in group
Admission Process
To be enrolled in the program, an adolescent must
receive a drug and alcohol evaluation by a trained
clinician at Mazzitti and Sullivan. This evaluation
will include:
• Psychosocial interview
• Collateral interview of family and other
involved contacts
• American Society of Addictive Medicine
placement criteria for adolescents
• Staffing with treatment team in
consideration of level of care
• Consideration of treatment history
• Urine drug screening
To schedule an assessment, call (717) 831-0070.
Program Progression
The AIOP is based upon a level system. A member
advances based on compliance with his or her
treatment plan and completion and presentation
of assignments.
Once a member has completed all program goals,
he or she graduates from the AIOP, and Mazzitti
and Sullivan Counseling Services, Inc. follows up
with a family session. At this time, an Aftercare
Plan is designed, which may include ongoing
group and/or individual treatment at a lower level
of care.
The length of stay in the program varies, as each
case is unique, and each member’s struggle with
sobriety is different.
If a member is unable to complete treatment at
the AIOP level of care, whether due to multiple
positive drug screens or due to some other issue,
inpatient recommendations may be made.
Mazzitti and Sullivan will work with the patient,
family, and insurance provider to facilitate this
referral. In most cases, our staff will remain
involved in the individual’s treatment
Com m u n i t y Ru l e s
Rules within the group are critical for structure and
success within the program. Some rules are:
1. To prove attendance of mandated AA and/or NA
meetings, a member must bring a signed meeting
slip on Monday. [Pizza is offered as a reward.]
2. Contraband items include cell phones, cigarettes,
lighters, and any items considered as a distraction
by staff. These items will be collected before each
group and stored in a secure location.
3. A member must come to every group prepared to
submit to a urine drug screen. Failure to provide a
specimen will result in the screen being considered
4. Group members are not permitted to wear
clothing or jewelry that is related to drugs or alcohol
or is physically revealing.
5. Confidentiality is expected. What is said in group
stays in group.
We accept most private health insurance, Medical Assistance, and funding from Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services.