Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP)

Classification, Labelling and Packaging
Regulation (CLP)
• The CLP Regulation (EC1272/2008) comes into
force fully on 1st June 2015
• It replaces Dangerous Substances Directive
67/548/EEC and Dangerous Preparations Directive
• For users, the main difference is a change in the
symbols/pictograms – from the orange boxes we are
used to seeing, to new red-bordered diamonds
What do the new pictograms look like?
From these…
…to these
Hazard and Precautionary Statements
• The ‘Risk and Safety’ phrases will now be ‘Hazard and
Precautionary’ statements – however, they have exactly the
same function – telling users about the product and what
precautions to take when using it.
Impact on labelling and Safety Data Sheets
• Kilco will be updating all our labels and Safety Data Sheets for
our Biocidal and Detergent products to ensure compliance
with the CLP regulation and the continued safe use of our
products by our customers.
What about current stock that has DSD/DPD labels?
• All stock of existing mixtures placed on the market
before 1st June 2015 must be used by 1st June 2017
Classification of products
• The way in which products are classified has also changed – for example, a
product which might have had no hazard under DSD/DPD might now be
classified as ‘Causes serious eye irritation’, or ‘Causes serious eye damage’
and will be have an Exclamation Mark or Corrosive pictogram like the
ones below. This doesn’t mean that’s its more dangerous than before –
it’s just a different way of communicating risk.
Causes Serious
Eye Irritation gives;
Causes Serious
Eye Damage gives;
These classifications are supported with
appropriate Precautionary Statements – for
example, ‘Wear eye protection’ or ‘IF IN EYES:
Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do.
Continue rinsing.’
Classification of products
Example; How will the new labels look?
Current DPD label
New CLP label
As can be seen on the CLP label, the new classification system means that this
product has additional pictograms to communicate the hazards. These
pictograms are diamonds with a red border, rather than the orange boxes.