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"Sizzling Summer Sessions ”
Small Group Sign-ups
April 26 - May 17: Signup sheets and information will be available in the
church narthex. Facilitators will be available on a rotating basis to answer
You may also sign up online at
Mother’s Day Mayhem
May 10: All-purpose room in church basement from 9:00-10:00 AM.
The men of the church under the leadership of Jeff Ballard will prepare breakfast for all.
MEN – Plan to help when Jeff puts out the call!
LADIES – Plan to be served!
Come Mingle – Grab a chair and sit with someone you have wanted to have a
conversation with – catch up with an old friend, chat with a person in your
current small group you have never had time to get to know, or stretch yourself
and meet someone new.
Refer questions to Jeff Ballard. (717-334-9771)
Corporate Prayer
May 17: Church sanctuary from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Led by Pastor Jade
Join us as we pray for our church and Summer Trimester Adult Small Groups.
Frequently Asked Questions
Keymar Evangelical Wesleyan Church
What is a Small Group?
A Small Group is 12 or so people that meet in a convenient location to learn more about the
Bible, grow in their faith and meet some great new friends. You will have fun!
It is a short term commitment – but the positive impact on your life will be long term.
How do I get more information about the Summer Trimester Small Groups?
Request more info on the bulletin tear-off.
E-mail your choices to [email protected]
Talk to a member of the SG Team – Deanna Mikesell, Maria Amoss, Allyson Lethbridge, Jeff
and Meghan Ballard, John and Roni Tate.
Talk to the facilitator that is listed with each group.
How do I sign up?
In the narthex April 26 - May 1 signup sheets will be available.
Online (
E-mail your choices to [email protected]
Adult Small Groups
Summer Trimester 2015
May 24 - August 30
Should I sign up for a Small Group if I know that I will have to miss a session or two?
YES. We have designed the summer trimester groups knowing that you will be away this summer and have to miss from time to time.
I want to signup for a group that has a book with a cost for which I cannot reimburse the
church? So I guess I will sign-up for a group with NO additional materials - one that used the
Bible only!
Keymar Evangelical Wesleyan Church
1011 Francis Scott Key Hwy., Keymar, MD 21757
We never want anyone to miss out on a small group study because they feel that they cannot
reimburse the church for the cost of additional materials. The reimbursement is a suggested
3/25/2015not a requirement.
Adult Small Group Director: Deanna Mikesell
[email protected]
Bible Topics Buffet
In this session, we will discuss a variety of topics including: the Dead
Sea Scrolls, the search for Mt Sinai, and the book Why Men Hate Going
to Church. Each week we’ll explore something different using DVD
presentations and class discussions. For more information talk to
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by Henry Thorpe
 Open to all Adults
Know Your Enemy
Do you know your enemy? Do you know what he's capable of doing
in your life? We are going to walk through the Bible to look at the
havoc he has created in some people's lives and see how God
turned his work around for good.
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by Elaine and Jim Beacom
 Open to all Adults
Twelve Extraordinary Women
Get to know Twelve Extraordinary Women of the Bible who God used to build
up his kingdom and what He wants to do with you.
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by Allyson Lethbridge, Trinity Dodson, Gabrielle Schott
 Open to all Women
Twelve Ordinary Men
Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to be perfect to do God's work. Look
no further than the twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are forever preserved throughout the pages of the New Testament. Jesus chose ordinary men fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots - and turned their weakness into
strength, producing greatness from utter uselessness. Join us as we look at principles from Christ's careful, hands-on training of the original twelve disciples for
today's modern disciple - you!
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by David Dodson, Mike Mikesell, John Tate
 Open to all Men
James is a “how to book” for the Christian Life. It is one of the
most practical books in the New Testament. For Christians, it
offers instructions and exhortations on how to live a Godly life.
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by Dale Thurman
 Open to all Adults
More Than Moms Stay at home moms - Here is an opportunity to “get out” at
least twice a month with other moms and their small children
to have fun doing a planned activity. Watch the bulletin and
newsletter for announcements of when and where.
 Facilitated by Whitney Kramer
 Open to any lady who has small children at home
Men’s Growth Group
We meet to share our lives, grow in our faith and become more effective providers, encouragers, protectors of those around us. Come check it out - you'll be
glad you did.
 First Tuesday of each month at Scott Marsh’s home at 6:30pm
 Third Tuesday of each month at Tony’s in Taneytown at 5:30pm
 Facilitated by Scott Marsh
 Open to all Men
Play the game of softball or just come out and cheer the team on.
 Schedule to be determined
 Coached by Bryan Gonnella
 Open to interested players or spectators
June 14 - Booth Brothers July 12 - The Isaacs
Aug 9 - Triumphant Quartet
June 28 - The Taylors
July 26 - Karen Peck and New River Aug 30 - Gold City
Spend a Sunday evening in the outdoors listening to sacred music from your lawn chair.
You may want to travel with friends to Coleman Park, Lebanon, PA. Concerts are free.
There will be a fee for transportation. If interested in learning more, speak with Ed, Doris,
Deanna, or Dave Mikesell.
Realities of Holiness - Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians
Through the study of I and II Corinthians Paul addresses the
church, worship, your body – the temple of God, Christ’s ambassadors with grace filled generosity who draw on His strength.
 Sunday morning 9am
 Facilitated by Charles Lethbridge
 Open to all Adults
Women’s Theme Night
Snooze in the Pews - July 31
Mark you calendar and watch for details.
 Facilitated by Michelle Rogers
 Open to all Women