U.S. Government (12th Grade) Honors Summer Project Kemp High

U.S. Government
(12th Grade)
Honors Summer Project
Kemp High School
Requirements for all U.S. Government Honors Students – The following projects are a mandatory
requirement for any student who wishes to participate in the honors U.S. Government class. These
projects are due on July 29, 2015. You may email these assignments to
[email protected] Missing, late, or incomplete work are all grounds for a student and
parent mandatory Academic Progress Meeting to determine reassignment to a regular Social
Studies class. These projects will be graded and used for the first nine week grading period. Students are
encouraged to complete their assignments and turn them in on time, as this would be grounds to be
rescheduled in a regular U.S. history class.
The Honors program is geared toward the self motivated student who has a good work ethic and
understands the importance of being challenged academically. Honors students are being prepared for
college and further post secondary education. The course work will be rigorous and relevant to the
Project Assignments
* Research the platform of a current political party in the United States. Write a letter to the editor
endorsing or opposing that party's point of view on important issues. Support your arguments with
specific details that support your position. Student's letter will provide evidence that the student has
researched and understands the platform and historical perspectives of at least two political parties. The
student's examples and supporting evidence are accurate, and there are no faulty generalizations
included. Student has mastery of details. The letter to the editor should be typed, 3 pages long, Times
New Roman font in size 12pt., double spaced with one inch margins.
* Write a position paper answering the following question: “Is the U.S. Congress truly 'The People's
Branch?' ” To support the position, include an analysis comparing the House of Representatives and the
Senate in the following areas: qualifications, leadership qualities, responsibilities, and election process.
Your position paper will be typed, 3 pages long, includes specific examples, Times New Roman font in size
12pt., double spaced with one inch margins.
*Create a power point presentation about a Supreme Court case that raised issues pertaining to the first
amendment. The power point will include the title of the case, the year it was heard in the Supreme Court,
a summary of relevant facts of the case, the Constitutional question or issue in the case, arguments for
each side, and the Court's opinion and reasoning as well as any dissenting opinions if applicable, and a
bibliography. The power point should be at least 10 slides.