a Network of expertise: Behind the Scenes With the IT Department

A Newsletter For NET Staff, Clients, and Friends
A Newsletter For NET Staff, Clients, and Friends
January 2012
A Network of Expertise:
Behind the Scenes With the IT Department
The Information Technology Department is a dedicated team
of professionals who come into contact with almost every NET
employee. While they do not deal directly with consumers, their
efforts enable clinical and administrative tasks to be completed
as efficiently as possible at each of NET’s sites.
“As a group, we are responsible for everything that plugs in,”
says Jake Margerum, Director of IT. The team consists of nine
people, mostly based out of the Spring Garden location, and
team members circulate throughout sites regularly to ensure
that everyone sees them routinely.
“The IT Department plays a large part in our daily activities,”
says Meredith Moore, “but we don’t see their staff when they are
working on weekends or at 3 a.m. fixing issues so that we can
function day to day.” Margerum explains that those hours are vital
ones: “Because NET has programs that run 24/7, maintenance
is sometimes scheduled late at night or overnight, and our cell
phones are on 99 percent of the time. Although we try to provide
as much remote support as possible, we do travel to sites to
resolve issues.”
The IT Department maintains a Help Desk that allows employees
to call or email with tech issues. “We are constantly monitoring
the health and well-being of network resources to avoid
problems,” says Margerum, who has been at NET for 14 years.
“Unfortunately, people tend to think of us like the electric
company. They call when the lights go out.”
Recently, department members have been working on a large-scale
project that will bring NET’s technological capabilities to a whole
new level: February 1 is the “Go Live” date for several programs
with new enterprise-wide applications from Credible Software.
The electronic health software application from Credible will
replace a mixture of Microsoft Office products and homegrown
applications, offering a full clinical software package across
the organization. The intention of these improvements is to
heighten efficiency and quality of service at NET. “We can
hardly contain our excitement,” said IT staff member Chris
Haynes. “It is replacing a wide assortment of programs
with a streamlined system.”
30-plus years:
Terence McSherry,
NET President and CEO
20 years:
Catherine Birch, Housekeeper
Margaret Parks, Housekeeper
Annemarie Stinson,
Accounts Receivable Manager
15 years:
Tracey Boyd, Billing Clerk
Patricia Malizia, Case Manager
Carl Williams, Site Supervisor
It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions, a time when we promise ourselves to
give up a habit or take up a healthy activity. No matter what Top-10 list you consult,
you’ll likely find “Quit Smoking,” “Get Fit,” and “Save Money” toward the top.
If any of these resolutions are on your list, check out the following ways that NET
can help you reach your goals.
Quit Smoking
Although they do not work directly with consumers, IT staff
members feel a strong connection and sense of pride with the
work NET is doing. As IT staff member Karl Gordon says, “The
mission of NET has become more meaningful to me over my
four years here. We provide a service in the background of very
meaningful services, and I make a significant contribution to
helping people overcome obstacles in their lives.”
10 years:
Brenda Flock,
In-House Counsel,
Director of Risk Management
Syreeta Jones, Case Manager
Allan Lehrman, Therapist
Thomas Murphy, Maintenance worker
Toye Ross, Youth Worker
Korinne Yannone,
Adminstrative Coordinator
5 years:
Joyce Bilski, Registered Nurse
Thomas Brown, Licensed Practical Nurse
Agnes Butler, Court Representative
Kellyann Campbell, Care Manager
Robert Catalano, Clinical Director
Gerda Crowley, Registered Nurse
Nicole Fenstermacher,
Administrative Assistant
Julie Jacobson, Therapist
Jenelle Jones, Therapist
Sean Kellam-Brown,
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Kinard, Peer Specialist
Letitia Kouvatas,
Program Director, Family-Focused
William Pounds, Case Manager
Sheila Sanders,
Peer Specialist Supervisor
Shonique Pedro, Clinical Team Leader
Yolanda Taylor, HR Support Specialist
Free & Clear’s Quit For Life® Program,
a smoking cessation program offered in
collaboration with the American Cancer Society,
has helped more than 1 million smokers make
a plan to quit smoking. Since last summer, NET
has made the program available to employees
who participate in our medical plan; we cover
the full cost for those who enroll.
Based on 25 years of research and experience, the
program teaches people how to become experts
in living without tobacco. The program utilizes
“The 4 Essential Practices to Quit for Life”:
Quit at your own pace.
Conquer your urges to smoke.
Use medications so they really work.
Don’t just quit; become a non-smoker.
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Get Fit
That’s Commitment!
Congratulations to these NET employees
who marked significant employment
milestones as 2011 drew to a close:
To Your Health!
In the past year, Adam Zion has taken more than
2.8 million steps. He’s not a postal worker or a
waiter; Zion works at NET in IT Support. He’s
chalked up all those steps since he attached a
SmartMeter to his shoe and started walking. He’s
one of more than 100 NET employees who have
signed up for Destination: You since it was
launched one year ago.
“I use it every day,” said Zion, who is based at the
Frankford Avenue Counseling Center. “I take a
walk at lunch; I walk to Bridge Street or to the
new Second Street site. You can integrate walking into your day as part of what you already do
without taking extra time out for exercise.”
Zion was delighted to add up his miles: “I’ve
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Save Money
College Savings: If college is in your family’s
future, you can start saving for it now with
a minimum payroll deduction of $25 per
paycheck. NET has partnered with
John Hancock to offer Freedom 529,
a tax-deferred vehicle designed specifically
to save for higher education. John Hancock
professionals manage each account; you can
choose to invest in any of 22 investment options,
each consisting of a variety of mutual funds.
The account holder can be the beneficiary or
can designate another beneficiary. Money from
a 529 plan can be used for tuition, fees, books,
supplies and equipment required for study
at any accredited college, university or
vocational school in the United States and
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A Newsletter For NET Staff, Clients, and Friends
Employee News
To Your Health!
Quit Smoking (continued from page 1)
Save Money (continued from page 1)
To establish and accomplish your goals, you will be matched with
a highly trained Quit Coach, a former smoker who will provide
personal one-on-one coaching support by phone. The treatment
staff speaks English and Spanish; translation services are available
for other languages. You will also have access to Web Coach, a private
online community where you can complete activities, watch videos,
track your progress, and talk to others in the program. A free eightweek supply of nicotine replacement products (patches or gum), if
appropriate, will be mailed directly to your home.
at some foreign universities.
Enrollment is open year-round. To register, or for more information,
call 1.866.QUIT.4.LIFE (1.866.784.8454) or sign up online at www.
quitnow.net. Quit for Life is totally confidential; NET does not have
access to the names of the participants enrolled in the program.
The money can also be used for room and board as long as the
fund beneficiary is at least a half-time student. In the future,
unused amounts can be transferred to other members of the
current beneficiary’s family.
For more information about the program or to enroll, contact
Meredith Moore, NET’s HR Team Leader, at 215.451.7118
or [email protected]
Financial Fitness
Take the first step toward financial heath and attend
a free, hour-long
Living Well Financially Fit Seminar
Get Fit (continued from page 1)
always walked a good deal, but I never knew how far until I got the
SmartMeter. It’s pretty cool to know that I’ve walked 2.8 million steps,
or about 1,400 miles.” (2,000 steps equal about 1 mile.)
Judy Durnall, Data Coordinator at Kirkwood Detoxification Center,
is not far behind. She’s been involved in the program since the start as
a “champion,” one of a dozen NET employees who tested out the device, and she’s close to the 2 million-step mark herself. She’s enjoyed
the program and is proud that she won an individual challenge earlier
in the year.
The SmartMeter can be worn on practically any shoe. It is not a GPS;
it is a sophisticated pedometer than records every step you take – not
your location. When you come into the office, your data is wirelessly
uploaded to your personal home page. The Destination: You servers
are secure, and your information is not released to anyone, including
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 10 a.m.
Delaware - Kirkwood Detoxification Center
In the Detox Dining Area
Thursday, Jan. 26, 10 a.m.
Philadelphia – Spring Garden Street
In the Patricia Henry Training Room
NET has partnered with Secure Employee Planning, LLC
to offer an Employee Financially Fit Program. Participants
who enroll will have one-on-one meetings with a financial
planner to set long-term financial goals and to formulate
financial strategies. Services include asset allocation, cash
flow management, investments, insurance, college
planning, and retirement and estate planning.
Enrollment is open throughout the year.
For information, go to www.SEPlanning.net.
If you are interested in signing up for Destination: You
or getting more information about the program, contact contact
Meredith Moore, HR Team Leader, at 215.451.7118 or
[email protected]
Express Scripts’ Home Delivery Program
If you have not yet signed up for the
Express Scripts Home Delivery Program,
go to http://starthomedelivery.com/ for
a direct link to enrollment. With this
prescription drug program, you can
receive up to two fills of a clinically
appropriate maintenance medication
at your participating retail pharmacy,
which gives you ample time to become
stable on the medication. After that,
your prescriptions will be filled through
the Express Scripts Pharmacy. The
cost-savings program allows you to
order up to a 90-day supply, which will
be shipped to your home.
If you choose not to participate in
Home Delivery, you’ll be responsible
for paying the full retail cost of your
medication. Don’t be hit with
unexpected retail charges. The
registration process is quick and easy.
A Well-Earned Retirement
Judith Bright, Nurse Manager of NET Steps, retired in November
after eight years of working in the Medication Assisted Recovery
Program. A member of the original team, she helped develop the
nurses’ station from scratch in 2003. She also made a significant
impact on how the program evolved by organizing, planning and
assisting Director John T. Carroll in developing NET Steps into
a viable, spiritually based opiate treatment center of excellence.
Carroll explained that as a qualified RN, Counselor and Supervisor, Bright contributed on both a professional and a personal level.
“Judi was always able to put things into a spiritual perspective,
which is truly unique and extraordinarily helpful. Her firm commitment, like sleeping over at the program during snow emergencies so patients would not be forced to miss their medication, is
one true demonstration of her dedication,” Carroll said.
A professional in the nursing and counseling fields since 1964,
Bright began working with drug and alcohol rehabilitation
more than 40 years ago. “Over the years I saw a lot of change
in the way we deal with patients and consumers,” she says. One
momentous accomplishment NET Steps marked during Bright’s
tenure was securing a grant to go to prisons, where guard-assisted
nurses began administering medication to the incarcerated.
Although Bright admittedly “tiptoed out the door,” trying to
avoid any fanfare or recognition of her retirement, friends
Sucheta Vyas and Annette Carroll managed to commemorate
the day with a card, a cake and a parting gift. “I didn’t want
anything fancy or to upset the peace with patients,” she says,
“but of course I had already told the individuals I was
counseling, and that was most important.”
Judith’s husband, Henry (Butch), retired in June after many years
as a Senior Operations Support Analyst at SunGuard in Systems
Technology at Temple University. The two plan to travel, visiting
friends in Jamaica, Africa and California. Despite these exciting
plans, Bright says she misses “the
people, the staff and the
patient interaction. The job could
be challenging, but I had such
strong professional relationships
and friendships, many lasting
over 40 years.” Her colleagues and
(From left) Terence McSherry,
patients will surely miss her, too.
President and CEO and Judith Bright.
Connecting Youth
to the Community
Adam Serlin, Program Manager of In-Home Detention, and
Dawn Roberts, a Youth Worker in the program, were honored
with Performance Improvement Awards at NET’s December
Board Meeting.
The award recognized their contribution and commitment to
the Soup Kitchen initiative, a project in which youth in NET’s
In-Home Detention Program collect donations and then prepare
and distribute meals each Saturday morning to the homeless
who gather near 18th and Vine Streets. Besides benefitting the
homeless, the initiative gives the youth a chance to cultivate
a sense of connection to the community and to develop their
own compassion and self-esteem.
Regan Kelly, Division Director, Children, Youth and Family
Services, presented the two awards. She praised Serlin as a great
asset to the organization. “Adam has shown inspiring creativity.
He is one of the many managers who started as a line worker
and has demonstrated tremendous skills and initiative since
joining NET.”
“Dawn took it to the next level and really went above and beyond
by connecting with St. Joseph’s University, who had adopted this
project,” Kelly said. St. Joe’s will be collecting donations for the
initiative at their games, and some university athletes will interact
with the youth.
Youth in NET’s
In-Home Detention
Program participate
in the Soup Kitchen
NorthEast Treatment Centers • 215.451.7000 • www.net-centers.org