Behavioral Health & Social Services Serving Adults, Adolescents, Children and Families

Behavioral Health & Social Services
Serving Adults, Adolescents, Children and Families
All people are capable
of positive change...
NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET) offers a range of mental health, addiction, foster care,
community-based, residential, and in-home social services to adults, adolescents, children
and families.
From its humble beginnings in 1970 as a single center in Lower Kensington, NET has grown
into one of the oldest and largest behavioral health and social service agencies in both
Southeastern Pennsylvania and the state of Delaware. Approximately 800 staff members,
including full-time and part-time employees and independent contractors, provide services
at NET’s 15 sites. Every client is individually assessed and offered services at a level of care
that best meets his or her needs.
NET, a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, generates annual revenue averaging approximately
$38 million a year.
To provide a comprehensive recovery and resiliency-oriented system of behavioral
healthcare services and supportive social services to adults, adolescents, children, and their
families utilizing a quality-driven, cost-effective service provider network.
Policy of Non-Discrimination: NorthEast Treatment Centers is committed to principles of non-discrimination
for personnel and persons served, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual preference, genetic
information, national origin, handicap, disability, disabled veteran status, or any other protected class status.
NET Services
in Pennsylvania
NET Services
in Delaware
PA Children, Youth and
Family Services
DE Youth and
Family Services
NET offers a wide range of resiliencyoriented services for children, youth and
families with programs in all child serving
systems: behavorial health, child welfare,
juvenile justice and school-based services.
Delaware youth between the ages of 12
and 18 with emotional and behavioral
challenges are served through Residential
Treatment Centers, Day Treatment,
Individualized Residential Treatment,
various levels of Foster Care, and an
Independent Living Program.
PA Adult Behavioral
Health Services
At 7 sites in the region, NET provides
residential, intensive outpatient, and
outpatient treatment to adults suffering
from substance dependence problems
alone or in combination with psychiatric
illness. The NETWorks Recovery
Support Center helps NET consumers
transition through the stages of
treatment and recovery.
Medication Assisted
NET Steps provides ambulatory
detoxification, methadone
maintenance, and intensive counseling
to help those suffering from opiate
addiction attain a state of remission
and recovery. NET also runs a
methadone-maintenance program
for inmates in the Philadelphia
Prison System.
“My hope has been restored. Now I know that I can
accomplish just about anything that I am willing
to work for. I’ve learned to be responsible, productive
and a positive role model.” - NET Client
DE Adult Behavioral
Health Services
Medically monitored inpatient
detoxification treatment is provided
at Kirkwood Detoxification Center,
the only such facility in northern
Delaware. The Consumer Engagement
and Transition (CET) program
facilitates early treatment engagement
for consumers who have multiple
detoxification admissions.
NET site locations
NET Children, Youth & Family Behavioral
Health Services in Pennsylvania
Children’s Behavioral Health Services
NET Adult Behavioral Health Services
in Pennsylvania
493 N. 5th Street, Suite D • Philadelphia, PA 19123
• Child/Adolescent/ Family Mental Health Outpatient Services
• Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services or “Wraparound”
• Family-Focused Behavioral Health Services
• Family Assisted Community Treatment (FACT)
• School Therapeutic Services
• School-Based Social Services
NET Foster Care, Permanency and IHPS
Services in Pennsylvania
499 N. 5th Street, Suite C • Philadelphia, PA 19123
In-Home Protective Services
NET Easton Counseling Center
6 South 3rd Street, Suite 508 • Easton, PA 18042
NET Bethlehem Counseling Center
44 East Broad St., Suite 20 • Bethlehem PA 18018
The following services are offered at NET’s six Outpatient
Counseling Centers listed above:
NET Juvenile Justice Services in Pennsylvania
• Addiction Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program
• Women’s Trauma Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program
• Co-Occurring Treatment IOP
• Outpatient Recovery Programs
• NET’s Easton and Bethlehem centers also offer
outpatient services for adolescents
• Spanish language services are offered at designated sites
In-Home Detention
493 N. 5th Street, Suite D • Philadelphia, PA 19123
NET West Counseling Center
5501 Chestnut Street • Philadelphia PA 19139
Rhawn Street Center • Smylie Times Building, Suite 404
8001 Roosevelt Blvd. • Philadelphia, PA 19152
NET North Counseling Center
2701 North Broad Street • Philadelphia PA 19133
458 N. 2nd Street • Philadelphia, PA 19123
NET Frankford Avenue Counseling Center
4625 Frankford Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19124
Foster Care & Permanency Services
• Foster/Kinship Care
• Adoption & Permanency Services
• Post-Permanency Services
NET Spring Garden Counseling Center
Henry House Group Home
154 E. Huntingdon Street • Philadelphia, PA, 19125
• Group Home Intensive for Adolescent Females
NET Affiliate
Best Nest, Inc.
2205 Bridge Street • Philadelphia, PA 19137
1709 Washington Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19146
• Foster Care and Adoption
• In-Home Protective Services
• Focus on Children With Special Needs
• Parent Education and Support
Child Abuse Prevention Effort (CAPE)
Rhawn Street Center • Smylie Times Building, Suite 404
8001 Roosevelt Blvd. • Philadelphia, PA 19152
• Community Education Program
• Emergency Family Fund
• Parenting Collaborative
NET Wharton Residential Center
• Residential Recovery Program for Chemically
Dependent Men
• Co-occurring Disorders Program
NETWorks Recovery Support Center
4625 Frankford Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19124
• Peer Mentoring and Case Management Support
• Social and Recreational Programs
• Vocational Training and Career Counseling
• Emergency Supports
• GED Attainment Assistance
NET Medication Assisted Recovery
in Pennsylvania
NET Steps
2205 Bridge Street • Philadelphia, PA 19137
harmacotherapy Services
• S ubstance Abuse Services
• I ntensive Outpatient Programs
• S ervices to Philadelphia Prison System
NET Youth & Family Services
in Delaware
Kacy Church Day Treatment Program
287 Christiana Road, Suite 8
New Castle, DE 19720
acy Church Day Treatment Program
oster Care/Treatment Foster Care
• I ndividualized Residential Treatment
• I ndependent Living Program
Iron Hill Residential Treatment Center
For information about becoming a
Foster Parent, please call 215.408.4967
Lehigh Valley, PA
2 Locations
1318 Whitaker Road • Newark, DE 19702
esidential Treatment Centers for Adolescents
Red Lion Residential Treatment Center
3560 Wrangle Hill Road • Bear, DE 19701
esidential Treatment Centers for Adolescents
NET Adult Behavioral Health Services
in Delaware
Kirkwood Detoxification Center
3315 Kirkwood Highway • Wilmington, DE 19804
• 2 4/7 Medically Monitored Inpatient
Detoxification Treatment
• Individual and Group Counseling
onsumer Engagement and Transition Program
Philadelphia, PA
1 2
9 Locations
4 Locations 15
NET Administrative Offices
499 N. 5th Street, Suite A
Philadelphia, PA 19123
NET has 15 behavioral health and
social services program sites that
serve adults, adolescents, children,
and their families.
making a difference
for over 40 years...
At NET, we understand that each client’s personal journey has
a profound impact on his or her family and community. We
believe that each person deserves a chance and we are proud
to have served close to 9,000 people in Delaware, Southeastern
Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley in 2011.
Within NET’s Adult Behavioral Health Programs, we helped 6,500 adults make the transition
into treatment for substance dependence and through the recovery process. Whether clients
needed intensive outpatient services, residential treatment, a medication-assisted recovery
program, or medically monitored inpatient detoxification treatment services, we were able to
offer expertise, compassion and support.
Approximately 2,500 children, adolescents and families found a lifeline through NET’s Children,
Youth & Family Services. Along with outpatient mental health services and residential and day
treatment, we provided social and therapeutic services to students in Philadelphia schools and
to families in their homes, schools and community settings.
Thanks to our Foster Care and Adoption Services, children were placed in safe, loving homes,
while others benefitted from the intensive intervention offered by In-Home Protective Services.
And in our Juvenile Justice and Prevention Programs, young men and women received
education, counseling and supervision.
Licenses and Accreditation
The Commission on Accreditation
of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
NET is licensed by:
The Pennsylvania Department of Health
The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
The City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services
The Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
The Delaware Department of Services to Children, Youth and Families
Corporate Offices:
499 N. 5th Street, Suite A
Philadelphia, Pa 19123
PH: 215.451.7000