Kaveri Kalavardhini Prayogshala 14-15

The name ‘Kaveri’ in Kaveri Group of Institutes is inspired by the sanctity and revered status of the
River Kaveri, from the state of Karnataka. Kalakshetra literally means a holy place of arts. At the
Kannada Sangha and Kaveri Group of Institutes, Art and Culture have always played a central and key
Vision Statement
To ensure that the Arts, in all their diversity and plurality, are nurtured and valued because they enrich
individual and public life and are critical to envisioning the future of our society.
Mission Statement
To enrich the practice and knowledge of, widen public access to, and strengthen capacities in the arts
in India, through arts education, research and innovative performance.
The broad purpose of Kaveri Kalakshetra is to create profound opportunities for connecting the
community to artists, in both education and performance, so that all may share life-long opportunities
to deepen their cultural knowledge, enrich their lives, and expand their understanding and compassion
for the world through the universal language of the Arts.
Beliefs and Values:
The Arts are indispensable to individual and social well being. Arts play an important role in shaping
the beliefs and values of individuals and society as a whole. We believe that the access to arts should
be easily available to anyone without prejudice to class, language, caste, religion or gender since Arts
are truly liberating and encourage the flowering of the human spirit. The role of Arts becomes even
more vital in an increasingly technological world in which our mind space is crowded by intelligent
gadgets, electronic and social media and a self centered ‘modern’ world offering a plethora of
personalized entertainment options. We see the significance and value of Arts as a de-stressing
therapeutic activity/medium for the future generations who shall inhabit an increasingly lonely world.
At Kaveri Kalakshetra, we believe that every child/individual has an inherent potential and a dormant
artistic bent of mind since birth. However in today’s competitive academic/career rat-race, such
hidden talent for the arts and aesthetic faculties lie mostly suppressed, unexplored and unexpressed
due to lack of interest and/or time on the part of educators, parents as well as the lack of opportunities
and safe creative spaces. The emerging generations are intelligent, curious, creative and sharp. We feel
it is our duty to provide them with a safe and free-thinking atmosphere enriched by artistic
To create an understanding and appreciation of Indian traditional arts and culture; but of the
world as a whole
To support, nurture and nourish emerging artists, performers and creative individuals and
encourage reflective performance practices that extend beyond prevailing idioms and forms
To perpetuate and strengthen the cultural roots of the emerging generation of India
To increase the appreciation of Indian performing as well as fine arts and heritage through
education and participatory activities among young people
To create a reflective space for the arts and an environment for the preservation and
development of the artistic and cultural expressions
Create profound opportunities for connecting youngsters to artists, in both education and
To enrich education through the arts by organizing workshops for school teachers, children and
to strengthen advocacy for arts education through well-thought modules.
To conduct research activities in the Arts
Annual Fee: Rs. 1000/- (for students/Individuals)
Rs. 1500/- (one student + one parent)
All events of Kaveri Kalakshetra are included in this fee. Membership is open for all. People who are
interested in any particular events from the ones listed below, are free to join them for a modest
fee. Please send an email to [email protected] to join our mailing list.
Date: 3rd April, 2015
Dear Parents,
Sub: “ Kaveri Kalavardhini Prayogshala”, Full day workshop for high school students.
(Std 5th to Std 10th)
“Kaveri Kalavardhini Prayogshala” is a small initiative by “Kaveri Kalakshetra”, the Arts
organization of Kaveri Group of Institutes in association with Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School,
Ganesh nagar to bring the students closer to the world of performing and fine arts. We provide a
peaceful and engaging atmosphere conducive for imbibing the various art forms. Participants get
an opportunity to closely interact and learn from our eminent panel of resource persons through
inspirations, dreams and exploration. The children will be sensitized through a contact session
with the distinguished personalities and emulate the sheer hard work, consistency and discipline
of the artists. We shall be providing nutritious and wholesome vegetarian meals during all the
days of the workshop.
The eminent panalists are as follows:Hindustani Vocal
Theatre (Drama)
Clay Modeling
Jal Tarang,
Artificial Stainglass painting
Contemporary Dance
Artwork from Bamboo
Dr.Revati Bharat Kamat
Shachi Pradip Vaidya
Shri.Vinod Yelarpurkar
Shri. Milind Tulankar
Shri. Vaijanath Dulange
Shri. Bhimsen Mahagaonkar
Shri. Hrishikesh Pawar
Mr. Bachal and team
We hope to get an enthusiastic response from your students. Please enroll by 3rd April 2015.
Mrs. Kamini Saxena
Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School
Details of the workshop
Dates :- 13thApril 2015 to 17th April 2015
Time :- 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (All five days)
Venue :- Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Secondary section, S. No. 36, Near CDSS,
Ganesh nagar, Erandwane, Pune- 411038
Workshop Finale:- At Smt. Shakuntala Jagannath Shetty Auditorium, S. No. 36, Near CDSS,
Ganesh nagar, Erandwane, Pune- 411038. (Date and time will be informed later)
The programme will feature select performances of the participants.
Fees:- Rs. 2,500/- per student (Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks and work material/kit)
Registration fees should be paid in the Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High Office, along with duly filled
form., S. No. 36, Near CDSS, Ganesh nagar, Erandwane, Pune- 411038 and directly submit it there
anytime between 11 am to 3 pm (Mon-Fri) and 10 am to 2 pm (Sat). Payments can be made in Cash.
No cancellations would be allowed and payments once made would not be refunded.
The detail schedule for all five days will be sent through e-mail after registration.
The schedule includes Yoga, Intensive specific training, short film screening as well as game sessions &
relaxation activities for all the participants.
Special feature: ‘Varun Venkit’- A Very famous Djembe (drums) player is going to teach ‘Djembe’to all
the participants.
(Students enrolling for Vocal, Dance should have been undergoing some training in their respective
Students should bring their Fee receipt on the first day of the workshop.
For more details contact: Mrs. Aparna Lele (Co-ordinator, Kaveri Kalakshetra)(Music teacherDr.Kalmadi Shamarao High school)
+91- 7588 340 398 (between 1.45 p.m. to 6.30 p.m)
Name of the Student:_________________________________________________________________
Name of the School: __________________________________________________________________
Address of the School:________________________________________________________________
Phone no. & e-mail of participant:______________________________________________________
Name and phone no. of the contact person (in case of emergency):____________________________
Any allergies/special requirements:_______________________________________________________
Participants should select any one of the following intensive courses (morning session)
Tick against the selected course
Hindustani Vocal Music:
Theatre (Drama):
Clay Modeling :
Artificial Stainglass painting:
Contemporary Dance :
Jal Tarang:
Name & Signature
(Parent / Principal)
Artwork from Bamboo: