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 Karlmax Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Bülowstraße 66
10783 Berlin
[email protected]
Tel: +49 (0)30 555 795 10
Fax : +49 (0)30 555 795 110
Karlmax Berlin develops demanding app projects for Android and iOS. We conceive and
implement software products with thoroughly analyzed use cases and high-quality interfaces.
We are growing and are building a standard-setting team for software projects. Our clientele
ranges from startups and niche providers to well-established international mid-sized
We are seeking
(Junior/Senior) Mobile Android Developer
...are excited about well-thought-out apps and are well-versed in Android development?
...write software with attention to detail, take responsibility and are ready to get your hands
dirty from the early idea phase all the way into production? You are looking for complex tasks
and can keep an overview of a multi-layered architecture with many interfaces? You can work
independently as well as cooperating in a team?
If you have already been part of a successful agile project team and are ready to take on new
client projects with us, then we would like to get to know you.
...implement diverse projects and solutions for our clients based on their projects’ needs. Our
clients’ satisfaction is as important to us as the quality of our apps.
Keeping this goal in mind, we work with cross-functional and agile teams, customizing
project implementations based on the unique needs of individual clients. In larger projects,
we reinforce the team with a project manager, QA and designers as necessary.
For organizational purposes, we use Scrum and Kanban lean processes. We rely on
Continuous Integration and automated tests for quality and flexibility.
As a company, we offer...
exciting projects and the opportunity to master technical challenges.
room for your own ideas and opportunities for advancement, for example time for
orientation in new APIs and tools or participation in conferences.
MacBooks for work, although you may also work with Linux or Windows on request.
an easy-to-reach centrally located office in Berlin. Coffee, water, fruit and comfort food
are available for moments when only sugar can get you through.
We highly value a healthy work-life balance. 30-40 hour workweek contracts are possible.
We expect from you...
expert knowledge of Android frameworks, Java development, OOP and a desire to
„stay on the ball.“
solid knowledge of your development environment and the usual tools (Android
Studio, gradle or maven, git).
the ability to quickly learn new frameworks and tools.
a structured work style and analytical thinking.
a high level of communication in English and (at least) active learning of the german
listening skills and the ability to put yourself in the place of the user.
a Computer Science degree or equivalent experience.
(desired, but not required) experience with software development for other platforms
(iOS, web, desktop).
(also desired, but not required) experience as a team leader and contact with clients.
Please apply by email with attachments in PDF format.
We would also be happy to see salary requirements, starting date and expectations in your
cover letter.
Natalie Sy
[email protected]!
+49 30 555 795 111