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January/February 2013
Vol. 3, Issue 1
In This Issue
Motivated for Motorization
Somfy Motors & Controls
Tip of the Month-How to Winterize
Your Home with Window Treatments
Thank You!
A Client Reviews MWT
MWT-Monthly Savings
Happy New Year! Welcome to our first edition of 2013! In this issue, we
will discuss Somfy motors and controls, a client's review of MWT and
more! Be sure to also check out our "Tip of the Month!" and take
advantage of the current promotions!
As you bundle-up this Winter, we would like to say "thank you" to all of our
customers for your business and support throughout the year. Feel free to
contact us with any questions regarding your new or motorized window
treatments. Remember we are always here to help and our concern for
you doesn't end when we leave the job site.
We would also like to thank you for your referrals and remind you that any
referrals given to us will be treated like royalty! Whenever your friends,
family members or neighbors compliment your new window treatments,
please feel free to send them our way! Thank you again.
We appreciate your business.
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Thank you for taking the time to read. Enjoy!
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MWT's Jan. Savings
(1 MWT savings per customer)
10% off any TaHomA Home
Automation system by Somfy
$200.00 BONUS
Get Motivated for Motorization!
Join us for our first training class of 2013 at the new
MWT Training Facility on Wednesday, March 13th!
8am-12noon & 2pm-4pm
Introduction to Motorization, Motorizing Graber Products,
Retrofitting & TaHomA Home Automation System by Somfy
1521 Bourbon Parkway, Streamwood, IL 60107
Jan Opat at [email protected]
or 847-830-4799
(Tax not included in total)
$300 - $449 & Save $25
$450 - $599 & Save $50
$600 - $999 & Save $75
$1000 - $1499 & Save $125
$1500 - $2499 & Save $150
$2500 or More & Save $200
National Jan. Rebates
(Can be used with above promos)
Crystal Pleat Cellular
Tradewinds Natural Shades
Pleated Shades
Fresco Roman Shades
FREE Bottom Up/Top Down
Horizon's Natural Woven Shades
(including Nature's Creations)
10% off Natural Woven Shades,
10% off Premium Woven
Top Treatments
(Discounts on product only)
Horizon's Natural Woven Shades
10% Elance Panel Track
(Discount on product only)
Discover Somfy
Motors & Controls...
Envision Roller Shade $10 off per
Shangri La Sheer Window Shadings
$15 off per Shade
(Discount on product only)
Discover Somfy....the world's leading manufacturer of specialized motors
and control systems for retractable awnings, rolling shutters, interior
shades, blinds, projection screens and other lift-up applications for the
home! Motorize your home to not only create a more comfortable life but
to also save energy and lower your utility bills!
Below are just some of the Somfy motors
& controls available to you!
"Serving the Greater
Chicagoland area since 2009"
If you live in or around...
Somfy Power Options
Northwest Suburbs
(Schaumburg, Palatine,
Barrington, Arlington Heights)
North Shore
(Libertyville, Northbrook,
Lake Forest, Highland Park)
DC Power Transformer
Features a motor power port plug, regulated switching power supply, and plugs
into standard duplex wall outlet.
(Bucktown, Lincoln Park,
Wrigleyville, Old Town, Gold Coast)
Downtown Chicago
(600 N. Lake Shore Drive,
55 E. Monroe, Trump Tower)
Somfy Battery Wand
Provides power when hard-wiring is not available or desired.
Southwest Suburbs
(Western Springs, Hinsdale,
Downers Grove, Burr Ridge,
Clarendon Hills)
We would love to work with you
on your next window treatment,
retrofit, or motorization project!
Solar Battery Pack
Uses sunlight to power window coverings. Photovoltaics produce solar energy by
converting solar radiation (sunlight) into direct electricity (DC). The Wire-Free
Solar Pack's PV panel is mounted on the inside of the window opening and
converts the sun's light into electrical energy to power the window blind motor. It
is the ideal solution for hard to reach battery tube locations such as second story
windows where battery replacement can be challenging.
To Schedule your FREE
In-home Appointment:
Somfy Motors
[email protected]
Sonesse ST30 Radio Frequency Motor
Somfy's quietest DC motor for interior window coverings. You can use this with
small or medium: roller shades, roman shades, horizontal blinds (for lift and tilt),
sheer shades and pleated/cellular shades. This motor is available with built-in
Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), Dry Contact (for low voltage wall switch
operation) or RS485 (for home automation integration).
Sonesse ST40 Radio Frequency Motor
Somfy's quietest AC motor for interior window coverings. You can use this with:
medium or large: roller shades, roman shades, horizontal blinds (for lift and tilt),
sheer shades and pleated/cellular shades. This motor is available with built-in
Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) or can be ordered as a "dumb" motor for hard
wired wall switch applications, used with the Somfy Digital Network or integrated
in to a home automation system.
Connect with us!
Somfy Controls
Telis 4 Pure Remote
Clean neutral color to blend in with most interior decor, channel button to select
any one of 5 independent radio channels for multiple motorized blinds control and
"my" button can recall a favorite position.
Telis 4 Modulis RTS Silver Remote
Open/Close buttons, scroll wheel for incremental tilt control of horizontal blinds
and sheer horizontal products, "my" button for a favorite blind position, LED
identifies active channel and channel Selector Button. Uses Radio Technology
Somfy® (RTS), so there's no need to aim the transmitter to operate motorized
applications as the signal travels through the walls.
Visit us at:
16 Channel Remote
Has 16 channels and can control all motorized applications including interior
window coverings, patio awnings, exterior screens and rolling shutters. Features
on-screen display, ability to assign each channel with a name, icon or number and
uses Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), so there's no need to aim the transmitter
to operate motorized applications as the signal travels through the walls.
Somfy Chronis Comfort Timer RTS
Individual or group control possible with 4 timed functions per day, secure rolling
code to minimize interference with other radio products in the home. Features onscreen menu for simplified date and time configuration. Communicates with all
Radio Technology Somfy® (Somfy RTS) RF devices and is battery operated with
no wires to connect.
DecoFlex WireFree™ RTS 5 Wall Switch
Control five window coverings or five groups of window coverings to go up,
down and/or stop, features a "my" favorite position on each channel. May be
installed independently or next to an existing light switch. Uses built in Radio
Technology Somfy® (RTS) that may be personalized for intuitive control.
Standard Hard-Wired Somfy Wall Switch
Controlled by wall switch or relay, uses standard 120 VAC that requires a four
conductor home run from each motor to switch or relay location.
Somfy Sunis Wirefree RTS Sun Sensor
100% self-contained (no wires or battery). Automatically lowers the blind or
extends the awning depending on sunshine intensity. Discreet and compact.
Somfy Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS Wind Sensor
Battery powered wind sensor that provides automatic wind protection for
retractable awnings.
For more information, please visit:
MWT Tip of the Month
How to...
Winterize Your
Home with
Winter is here! Prepare now for the
long, frigid nights!
One of the best ways you can
prepare for winter is to prevent heat from escaping. Nearly 5% of the heat
pumped through your home each year is lost through tiny holes and
cracks in the walls, especially the ones between windows and walls.
The good news is that the right window treatments can prevent this from
happening! In fact, by winterizing your home with the right shades and
draperies to act as insulators, you can cut detrimental energy loss by
nearly 50%! So, if you really want to protect your home and your bank
account this year, upgrade your window treatments!
Here's how...
● Use an inside mount. (Make sure you choose a blind or shade that fits
snugly in your window frame. You'll block more heat from escaping and
cold air from creeping in.)
● If using an outside mount, add top treatments like thermal draperies or
cotton drapery panels. (These treatments will act as an additional barrier
between your home and the elements.)
● Keep window treatments raised during the day to pull in natural heat
from the sun.
● Lower window treatments at night to trap heat in.
● Use Shutters. (Shutters are an excellent winterizing solution! They
virtually prevent all heat from escaping while keeping out cold winter air.)
● Install thick blinds (Look for "blackout" or "energy-efficient". The thicker
the blinds, the better barrier provided at keeping the cold out and the
heated, interior air inside.)
● Use black-out curtains. (Blackout curtains are one of the thickest
curtains available to use as an energy-efficient barrier on your window/s.
The thickness of the curtain prevents any cold air from getting into your
home, creating a double barrier to keep your home warm.)
Keep the above in mind and you should make the most out of using
window treatments to winterize your home!
A Client Reviews MWT....
Dear Friends,
My reason for writing is because I was told that
Motorized Window Treatments (MWT) is offering
special discount rates in January & February for
those interested in the TaHomA Home Automation System
by Somfy. I have this system in my home and I'd like EVERYONE to
share in its benefits. The feeling of security, the sense of having control,
and being on the cutting-edge of future technology for the home,
is something I truly value.
Today much is being said about convenience and safety. Whether it be
for the young child, young adult, mature adult, and/or seniors, the
messages are sent loud and clear. In the world we live in, technology has
made tremendous gains in providing convenience and safety. However,
rugs, doors, windows, etc. are on the caution list for safety reasons. Also,
messages to never give out information over the phone, not let anyone
you don't know into your home, etc. are heard loud and clear.
Fortunately, I recently worked with a company called MOTORIZED
WINDOW TREATMENTS, based in Schaumburg, IL. They were able to
provide me with both convenience and safety through a complete and
affordable HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM called TaHomA (by Somfy).
Now, when I come home in the evening, I open the door and lights guide
me where I want to go. When I am away, the lights go on and off at
various times, and a programed security radio goes on and off to alert
people that: "Someone may be home." As I leave my home, or retire for
the night, I press one button and it shuts off all the lights in the house. If I
hear a noise, I press another button and EVERY light in the house goes
on. Also, a sensor lights the way to the bathroom, if nature calls at night,
and shuts off automatically after a short while.
The easiest part of the entire TaHomA system is: IT CAN BE
TABLET! You do not have to be on the premises! If you have internet
access, you can control your home!
Individual switches can override any programed timer if needed and
the switches are rocker-based making it easy for arthritic fingers to
control. The TaHomA System also has the ability to control all your
ceiling lights, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, thermostats and motorized
window treatments!
If Mom or Dad find it difficult to program, a son, daughter, or designated
other, can make changes electronically from wherever they are as long as
there is internet access!
Take a look at this video of my home having the TaHomA Home
Automation System by Somfy installed:
Lori's TaHomA Home System
Here is a magazine article I found about TaHomA and MWT:
Here's the contact information I found:
For more information or to schedule an
in-home consultation,
please call 847-732-4104,
send an e-mail to:
[email protected]
or visit MWT's website at:
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
I remain,
Services and Products Offered
(Questions? Please contact us! 847-732-4104)
We Measure...Install...Re-Install:
All treatments retrofitted by MWT
New or Existing (Manual or Motorized) Blinds & Shades
Drapery Treatments...When installing a motorized drapery track
We Motorized Window Treatments:
Roman Shades
Woven Woods
Roller Shades
Honeycomb Shades
Wood/Faux Blinds
Drapery Tracks
Hunter Douglas/Comfortex/Graber brands & more
We Control or Integrate all treatments by:
Hand-held or Table-top Remote Control/Remote Control
Wired and/or Wireless Wall Switches
Timers and/or Sun Sensors
Custom Built Shade Control Boxes
(These boxes integrate with home automation systems such as
Crestron, Lutron, Control 4, Elan, Universal Remote Control &
(Somfy's Total Home Automation System...allows you to control your
shades, lights and HVAC from anywhere in the world through a
computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone & more!)
Products Offered:
TaHomA (Somfy's Total Home Automation System)
Hunter Douglas window treatments (Motorized or manual window
Graber window treatments (All motorized or manual window
Lutron window treatments (All motorized or manual window
Somfy motors and controls
We customize all ESI window treatment control boxes to your specific
control needs
Custom drapery treatments and roman shades
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter! We hope
that you stay warm during the cold, Winter days! Be sure to take
advantage of the current promotions!
Matthew Kandl &
the Motorized Window Treatments Team
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