JT Interiors – Window Treatments – Blinds product guide

JT Interiors – Window Treatments – Blinds product guide
Made to Measure Service
Roman blinds create a clean, sophisticated line and are one of the most popular and stylish ways to
simply dress a window.
They can be used in isolation inside the window recess, outside with the addition of a pelmet, or with
dress curtains for a more opulent look.
They are ideal with stripes and small patterns, alternatively they can be made with two plain fabrics
and have outer edge or base borders added.
Waterfall Roman Blinds
Sometimes you may want to create a little more interest
that a regular Roman Blind, in which case you could
choose a Waterfall Blind.
They operate in the same way as a regular Roman Blind,
but instead of the folds gathering up one behind the other,
they cascade down one below the other to give a waterfall
These blinds hang down the window further than regular
Roman Blinds, so are not as suitable where these is little
wall space above the window, and therefore the blind will
cut out too much light.
Roller Blinds
These are probably the most simple and cost effective way
to provide privacy at a window. They are ideal for kitchen &
bathrooms as they come in moisture resistant fabrics too.
Choose from a wide range of fabrics from the blind
manufacturers, or if the fabric has high cotton content, we
can have them to co-ordinate with the rest of the fabrics in
your room.
We regularly use them in semi sheer fabrics as a more
contemporary alternative to voiles, and a great
contemporary way to provide privacy behind a Roman Blind.
Venetian Blinds
Another simple way to provide privacy, Venetian blinds
allow you to control the degree of light coming through by
tilting the slats – ideal for a study or TV room that may
suffer from sunlight on the screen.
Choose from wood or metal in hundreds of colours and
slat widths.
Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are often used at patio doors or full length
windows. They provide a simple look that is ideal for
offices and conservatories, or clean contemporary
They come in many fabrics and shades, and also in wider
panels for a truly oriental look.
Roof light Blinds
These blinds tend to be made for specific windows by
specific manufacturers. Each blind fits an exact window
which is identified by a code in the shut of the frame.
They come in standard fabrics and blackouts for
bedrooms, and are also available in venetian in some