2015: Vision & Values - Just Living Foundation

Vision & Values
Our Story
The Just Living Foundation,
established by the Walker
Family in 2015, aims to support
essential human needs and
the rights of individuals and
communities across the World.
Walker Family
Through financial and non-financial resources,
the Foundation aims to deliver sustainable and
lasting change to those who need it most.
Our grant scheme focuses on the areas of
Clean Water, Meal-A-Day and Essential
Medicines provision. We hold the values of
Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Impact and
Sustainability central to all aspects of our
support and operation.
“We want to ensure the causes we support
as well as the fund itself, are sustainable.
We wish to create a lasting charitable trust,
which will continue beyond our lifetimes”.
The Walker Family
The Just Living Foundation was set
up to create a living fund, supporting
causes we felt passionate about as
a family, focusing on human needs
and rights.
Impact and Sustainability are key motivations
for our Foundation’s grant strategy, we aim to
support grassroot partners, and hope to achieve
change in an effective and efficient way.
Stuart, along with his two sons, Julian and
Mel were keen to combine and employ their
expertise in business, organisation and ethics
to support developments in small charities as
well as providing financial aid.
The Family are committed to engaging with
charity partners personally as well as through
financial support to maximise their partner’s
capacity and growth.
The Foundation began as a trust fund from the
sale of Stuart’s business. The foundation came
about through the family’s wish to increase
their philanthropic activtity in an ethical and
sustainable way.
“The last piece of the puzzle fell into place
through our work with Alex. Her passion for
supporting small charities, whilst maximising
the impact of financial contributions meant
a strong alignment with our objectives; so
we asked her to work alongside us to achieve
our vision and values”.
The Walker Family
Previous Support
The Walker family have previously supported water
projects in Kenya and Zambia, contributing to the
provision of clean water in the semi-arid part of
central Kenya, and providing a well in Zambia.
This transformed the village, reducing waterborne
diseases and increasing local crops. In addition to
reducing hunger the increase in produce, provided
further income from selling vegetables.
Previously supporting
We have supported various projects for the charity
Future Support
Previous Support
We have made contributions to the charity that
provides weekly meals to the people living in
poverty, in the township of Tembisa, South Africa.
We have provided educational support to creche
teachers in poor townships to enable them to make
the best use of limited resources, to feed under 5s.
Previously supporting
We have sponsored various other programmes
through the charity Community Outreach
Programme Trust, www.coptrust.org.za
Future Support
Previous Support
• UK medics in overseas missions
• Search & Rescue, First Response teams
in disasters
• Medical students on overseas electives
• Children in refugee camps with
OTC product.
To further Essential Medicines we have provided
Doctor’s Travel Packs & Student Travel Packs,
distributed across 56 Countries.
Future Support
We have proudly supported the charity
International Health Partners
Helping small organisations
with BIG ideas
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Furthering human needs and rights
of individuals and communities across
the world. Our support towards the
provision for clean water, meal a day
and essential medicines is directed to:
100% of the donations we receive is
directed to the partners we support.
It’s always a pleasure to hear from
applicants, beneficiaries or friends
of the Foundation.
• Small organisations facing difficulty
in accessing funding
• individual people struggling to
access the very basic needs and
rights we support.
The Foundation offers nonfinancial support in
the form of business development guidance
for organisations, aligned to the ethos of the
Our support is driven by the values of
compassion, justice, integrity, impact and
If you would like to support the work of the
Foundation, you may do so via our website,
by cheque or by BACs payment.
The Foundation’s bank details are as follows:
The Just Living Foundation
CAF account
Sort Code:
Account Number:
As a UK charity, donations by UK tax payers,
are eligible for gift aid. Please contact the
Foundation for more information.
Please direct any correspondence including
funding enquiries to:
Alexandra Taliadoros
The Just Living Foundation
Foundation Director
23 Widegate Street
London E1 7HX
[email protected]
The Just Living Foundation
Registered UK Charity No: 1160451
23 Widegate Street, London E1 7HX
Foundation Chair: Dr Stuart Walker
Trustees: Dr Julian Walker & Dr Mel Walker
Director: Alexandra Taliadoros
[email protected]
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