Jupiter Horsemens Association - Jupiter Horsemen`s Association

Jupiter Horsemens Association
Enclosed is the Proxy for the election of Officers and Board members for the JHA 2015-2016 Club Year.
This proxy must be returned by no later than 5pm March 28, 2015, unless you use option 2.
Family membership is entitled to two (2) votes, all others to one vote per candidate.
Use this proxy only if you are not going to attend the Annual Meeting.
1. You may vote for the candidates listed.
2. You may instruct an agent to vote this proxy in your behalf at the Annual Meeting, if you wish to vote
for candidates other than those listed, that may be nominated at the Annual Meeting.
1a. If you are going to vote for the candidates currently listed.
Place an X next to the candidate’s name that you are voting for. When you have completed your
choices print your name on the form and return it by mail to:
The JHA Election Committee
16301 127th Dr. N.
Jupiter, Fl. 33478
MARCH 27TH, 2015
2. If you are going to assign an agent to act in your behalf, then print the form out, mark any choices you
are going to make. Leave blank the choices that your agent will make at the annual meeting.
Place your name and your agents name in the spaces provided, sign the form where provided. Then
give the form to your agent to bring to the Annual meeting.
Example: You are not able to attend the Annual meeting but, you are not totally happy with some of the
candidates running for Club Officers or Board. You can vote for those candidates that you are satisfied with,
then assign your proxy to an agent with instructions on how to vote for the remaining positions depending on the
nominee's that may or may not be presented at the Annual Meeting.
****Please Note****
1. If you wish to vote by proxy, you must use this official form (a proxy form may be a copy or facsimile of the
official proxy form, but must have an original ink signature in order to be official). The proxy form must be dated
and signed to be valid.
2. The designated proxy holder must be a voting member of the Jupiter Horsemen’s Association in good
standing. Note: Members of the JHA Board of Directors and Officers as well as nominees for the Board of
Directors and Officers are not eligible to serve as proxy holders.
Proxy is contained on next page.
Jupiter Horsemen's Association Official Proxy for Election of
Club Officers and Board Members for the 2015-2016 Club Year.
Club Officers
(write In for use at Annual Meeting only)
___Ray Williams*
___Carol Walter
Vice President
___Michelle Delong
___Linda Shafarow*
Note: *=candidate re-running for current Office.
Board of Directors
There are five (5) Directors that sit on the Board.
Please choose five (5) from the list of candidates below.
__Claudia John*
__Leslie Drury*
__ Lauren Jourgenson*
__Dawn Thryoff
__Jessica Miller
__Robin Johnson
Write in section below for Board Choices for use at Annual Meeting
1.__________________________________ 2._____________________________
3.__________________________________ 4._______________________________
(Option 2) If you are assigning your proxy to an agent to act in your behalf
Your Name______________________________________________________________(Please Print)
Name of the person acting as your agent ______________________________________ (Please Print)
Your Signature __________________________________________________Date ___/_____/__2014.
SPECIAL NOTE: Please vote for the candidates of your choice even if they are unopposed, as they could
be competing against candidates nominated at the annual meeting.
Election committee information only
If you are returning your proxy by regular mail, Please print your name Below.
(Ballots returned by mail without a name will not be counted)
_____________________________________________ Membership Type Family (_____) Single (_____)
Name of authorized proxy______________________Signature__________________________________