L u x u r y is
bec oming
p r i vat e &
Newsha was originally the collection of a small
international group of hair specialists, a selection of special products conceived with the united
expertise of these idealists and their highest
demands in mind.
This private dream developed quickly into a
sought-after collection, and demand continued
to rise, so that we finally made the decision to
distribute Newsha to special people.
Newsha gives a pure form of personal luxury combined with nature and exquisite materials. Professional hair couture emphasises the stylish, enviably casual image of Newsha clients.
You are about to fall in love with this collection too.
Maybe you don’t even know it yet, but you have
become part of this very special private circle.
tHe NeWsHa
NeWsHa sHaMPoo
daiLY rituaL sHaMPoo
gentle cleansing shampoo for daily use. Precious rosemary extracts help balance hair and scalp. Provides moisture balance,
nutures and vitalizes.
deeP cLeaNsiNg sHaMPoo
shampoo for deep and gentle cleansing. grape seed extracts cleanse hair and scalp deep down and get rid of styling build-up.
coLor Protect sHaMPoo
gentle cleansing shampoo for daily use with colored hair.
aloe vera extracts protect the hair color from fading and intensifies sheen.
NeWsHa sHaMPoo
all Newsha shampoos clean the hair thanks to
an exceptional and gentle formula. the Newsha
customer can select their own shampoo depending on their requirements.
tHe NeWsHa coLLectioN
NeWsHa coNditioNer &
NeWsHa stYLer
deeP treatMeNt MasQue
sMootHiNg bLoWout sPraY
deep-penetrating hair masque. Precious shea butter and olive
leaf extracts vitalise hair and moisturise.
blow-dry lotion that provides sheen for smooth, full and manageable hair. Linseed oil provides a light hold and protection
during heat styling.
HigH PerForMaNce Leave-iN coNditioNer
Highly effective leave-in spray conditioner for hair vitality, protection and smoothness. Marula extracts strengthen hair. the
conditioner reduces frizz and gives hair a luxurious sheen.
daiLY WeigHtLess coNditioNer
Weightless conditioner for daily care. Jojoba seed extracts provide perfect manageability and enrich the hair with moisture.
Luxe treatMeNt oiL
rich care and styling oil. an all-rounder with argan oil that provides smoothness and definition, shortens styling time and gives
a brilliant sheen.
NaturaL toucH Mousse (NoN aerosoL)
styling mousse with the perfect composition for a natural look.
Maca root extracts ensure a light hold.
voLuMe LiFt FoaM
dependable foam for extra volume and a flexible hold from the
roots to the tips. Precious acai berry extracts protect and nurture
hair and provide elasticity.
NeWsHa coNditioNer & treatMeNts
NeWsHa stYLer
Newsha conditioners and treatments offer luxurious care. they supply the hair of Newsha customers with essential, natural ingredients.
High quality styling products that possess intensive caring properties, are easy to use and
ensure an exquisite, cared for look.
tHe NeWsHa
NeWsHa FiNisHer
texturiZiNg creaM
cream that provides sheen and structure. rich, passion flower
oil moisturises and helps create a defined, supple look.
LigHt HoLd geL
Long-lasting styling gel. Precious agave nectar provides a dependable hold and endless styling variations.
extreMe HoLd geL
gel with firm hold. rich grapeseed extract provides comprehensive antioxidant protection.
NaturaL HoLd HairsPraY (NoN aerosoL)
Weightless hairspray with a reliable hold. Pomegranate extracts
provide antioxidizing protection and moisture to hair.
FLexibLe voLuMe HairsPraY
Hairspray for volume, sheen and a flexible hold. Hydrolysed wheat proteins help strengthen and protect hair. gives hair a beautiful
sheen and dependable, flexible volume.
NeWsHa FiNisHer
the finishers refine the self-confident and elegant
look of our Newsha clients. they are the simple,
perfect finishing touch to any style you desire.
at oNe WitH
the »tri-compose shield complex« is an important part of the whole Newsha collection. all
styling and finishing products benefit from this
natural complex and possess caring, protecting
properties. the combination of essential botanical oils: hazelnut, walnut and cranberry seed
oil protect and care for the hair. in the professional hair cosmetics industry, the caring properties of hazelnuts are particularly valued.
Hazelnut oil is particularly rich in minerals and vitamin e. the effective omega fatty acids support
the hair’s antioxidant protection. the moisturising
properties help to stop the hair from drying out
and offer protection from heated styling tools.
Walnut oil – which originates from Persia – is a
natural source of omega-9-fatty acids, which are
responsible for an intensive shine, among other
things. it strengthens the hair, and it and its caring
substances are easily absorbed by the hair.
Cranberry seed oil has a good balance of omega-3-,-6-&-9-fatty acids. in conjunction with
hazelnut and walnut oils, the individual positive
properties are optimally supported.
a botaNicaL treasure
agave nectar, Palm kernel oil, aloe vera extracts –
all this sounds like a magical formula that becomes a work of art with rich textures. this natural
materials are a small sample of the varied ingredients that make the formula of all Newsha
products so valuable. the sensitive handling in
the production preserves the precious properties of the selected ingredients best possible.
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