Book Review/Thesis Overview - Journal of Computer Science

JCS&T Vol. 15 No. 1
April 2015
Book Review/Thesis Overview:
Book Title, Vol. (if any)/Thesis Title
Author or Editor/Author
Editorial, Publication Date/University, Department, Date
Book's ISBN/ Author's e-mail
This is an example of a book review or a thesis overview format for the Journal of Computer Science & Technology. The
type and size of the font, sheets and margins are similar to those recommended for the articles:
A4 paper
Margins (top, bottom, left, right): 2.5 cm
Type and size of the font: Times New Roman, 9 or 10 points (this example is in 9 points)
Unlike the Journal's articles, and to establish a clear difference with them, both the Book Reviews and the Thesis Overviews
should be written in a single column (as this example shows). The complete data of the book or thesis should be written in a
bigger font, if possible in bold type, and centered.
Considering the size of the font, sheet, and margins previously stated, the Book Review and Thesis Overview should have an
extension of no less than half a page nor more than two complete pages, though exceptional cases might be accepted (up to
three pages if the review or overview's author considers it necessary). Likewise, publications with more than one volume
should be evaluated together (in a single Book Review) indicating the complete data of all the volumes.
The Book Review's author should identify him/herself at the end, with his/her name (or particulars) and e-mail address to
facilitate the possible interaction with the Journal's readers. The Thesis Overview should be written by the author or,
otherwise, by the director of the thesis since they are both thoroughly acquainted with its content.
Book Review Author
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